Get yourself some Trendy Legs with graphic print tights! (CLOSED)

I remembered obsessing over getting newspaper print tights last summer, but I never really found a lot of choices for different prints on fashion tights until I found Trendy Legs. They are a bit expensive, but one pair is enough to make your day or night really memorable. :) I’ve seen a lot of girls with colored tights, but I haven’t really seen many with prints on them. Designs on TL’s tights include feathers, words, birds, Marilyn Monroe, Einstein, Buddha, flowers, and trees—definitely a whole lot of prints and fun colors to choose from!

Now on to the good news! Trendy Legs is giving away 3 PAIRS OF PRINT TIGHTS to 3 lucky winners (all random). The tights’ designs will be chosen based on availability.

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This giveaway is based on random drawing. Remember, the more entries you have, the more chances of winning. Good luck! The giveaway is open to all (US and international) and will end on Sunday, December 16th at 12 am EST.

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Winners: monicamezaa – yumihamano – lunrei

40 thoughts on “Get yourself some Trendy Legs with graphic print tights! (CLOSED)

  1. I love how tights provide a fun way to cover your legs and can work in fall, spring, or even winter. I can see myself wearing these with shorts and boots. :)

  2. I love how incredibly cute and quirky they can be. It helps me wear my favorite spring/summer clothing in the colder seasons and they’re super comfy! I wear tights everywhere and all the time, usually with my skirts, shorts, or dresses..

  3. I think they’re fun and adorable – and I’d give them to my granddaughter in college to wear with a cute dress for special evenings out.

  4. I love how different prints can totally change an outfit. I’d wear tights with a grey sweater dress–different patterns and different accessories will make this basic look like a whole different outfit.

  5. I love how print tights can completely change your outfit with bold and unique styles. Every outfit feels special and I would incorporate them with cute skirts and spice up my little black dress.

  6. I love how printed tights make any look a lot more fun without looking too over the top. I’d wear them with a work outfit: flats, short skirt, mismatched blazer, silk tee.

  7. I love ther uniqueness and outstanding essence and most importantly my legs look incredible in them ;)- I usually wear a plain skirt/short, (similar shade of)shirt or dress with them.


  8. I love how eye catching they are that you don’t have to go out of your way to find anything too “out there” to pair with them. They’re gorgeous. I’d wear them with a little black dress :)

  9. I like them bcuz they will lighten up any outfit, plus they look comfy as well. I would pair them with a short skirt & high heels.

  10. I have actually never worn printed tights but I love them because they are so different and unique. I have a few solid coloured dresses I could wear them with, or my black sweater dress!

  11. Print Tights are very unique in design and i will wear it with my new black dress i ordered few days back on internet .. Thanks for giveaway <3

  12. What I love about printed tights is how they can really elevate a seemingly casual outfit into something more elegant and chic. I would wear them with a short dress or a nice pair of shorts.

  13. I love how unique they are! I’d wear them with my black spandex American Apparel mini dress, an oversized blazer, and a colourful belt and/or necklace.

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