Fun Times, Fun Tights

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This outfit is inspired by the track with the “animal lunges” from my Les Mills Bodyflow 63 class! If you don’t know what that is, it’s a fun class that combines Tai Chi, Pilates, and yoga set to modern pop music which was all pre-selected by the company and not me (sorry, ya’ll).

I was wearing a vintage bathing suit as a top that had a mesh chest, so I wore a tan cami underneath! It may look like my chest but it isn’t. I should pick a different color next time!

These leopard print leggings are from Grayson. They have very reasonable prices on almost everything. I usually don’t wear leggings with prints at all, because they do emphasize the derriere and thick calves if you have them *ahem*! We are blessed that we are strong! I usually stick to black or solid dark colors. However, I decided to have fun with it at least while teaching and wear some printed tights to my class! 

Whenever I teach, I usually wear red streaks on a high pony tail and a beaded choker around my neck. Who says you can’t have fun with your clothes when you work out?

Below, you’ll find a video of me teaching wearing Grayson’s diamond print leggings. On time 11:38 of the video, you’ll see the first “animal lunge.”


This morning while I was searching for a nice devotional to spend my early mornings with, I stumbled upon this book called Made to Crave, which you can get on Amazon. I haven’t done devotionals in a long time or books that appear to be “self help” with just snippets of Bible verses in them. I noticed that I stopped reading the Bible as is when I turned to books like that, but it’s really better than no gospel at all. I tend to like more philosophical interpretations of the Bible versus practical and self help type stuff, so it’s hard for me to like typical devotionals… unless we’re talking about Oswald Chambers and the like.

Anyway, Made to Crave is a devotional.  It’s a devotional about helping people stop craving bad food and start craving the Word of God. However, it doesn’t just take your attention away from eating, it promotes healthy eating. Awesome. I hear so many Christians especially that will allow and even encourage unhealthy eating and lifestyles, because these aren’t “sins.” Sure, they may not be things that will lead our souls to eternal damnation, but they are things that most people are addicted with (without even knowing it), won’t let go of, and are controlled by. Sugar and gluten are always addictive and harmful no matter what you say about them. I’m happy that a devotional like this exists, even if the health advice in this book may not be the best… it’s still a great start!


6 thoughts on “Fun Times, Fun Tights

  1. Cute outfit! Those boots look super comfy and perfect for the snow.
    I checked out the video and I expected your voice to be more girly for some reason- haha. It’s always interesting to listen to bloggers voices because you always just see their picture but not their voice!
    I will have to try this workout sometime when I have a full hour to do it! You are a great instructor btw. :)

    1. Hi Heidi,

      Thank you! :-D

      Haha. I do get surprised and delighted at the same time when I hear other bloggers’ voices in a video. It’s so surreal!

      This isn’t the best angle or quality for the workout, but I’m sure you can make out most of the movements!

  2. WOOHOOOO, Congrats on being certified!!!! And your leopard printed tights are amazing!! Haha, such a silly similarity we have: shopping for workout clothes in the men’s department! I’ve got that shirt in size S and XS, since I thought size s was the smallest size they sell when I purchased my first one. However, size S has got a tight fit too. The only thing is that the sleeves are A LITTLE less tight than in size xs.

    We’ll keep in touch girl. You rock!


    1. Hi Rachella,

      Thank you! <3 <3 <3 I just got put on the substitute list currently (I belong to a really large gym with different locations called Brick Bodies). so it might take a while to get a permanent class. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though. I know it'll come soon. One instructor offered me her summer classes, so I'm psyched about that.

      Oh, and I'll keep in mind XS at the men's department when they have it! Hilarity! :)

      Definitely will keep in touch!

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