Frolic Friday

Despite the frolic nature of these photos, I’ve been feeling blah-nd. It’s probably because I couldn’t get the black dye on my hair to fade, so the result of my color in a box turned out choppy. Once in a while, I dye my hair jet black. Because of my ethnicity, people think it’s my natural color. It really does just make me look Northeast Asian, which I am not. Believe it or not, I am Pacific Islander from Southeast Asia… but an American.

The pin below was from a missions banquet I attended about a year ago at my former church. The event was called “Everyone” promoting not diversity but the spreading of the gospel to all nations. I haven’t done global missions, but I hope that I get to encourage, if not influence, women to dress modestly. There are many reasons as to why women adopt this value, but I believe that merely being told how to dress will not fly with most. It’s human nature to be selfish and stubborn. I know because I was that way with my clothes. My story came from a personal, ongoing, but life changing realization. I’ve never turned back since I made this stand to modesty and will never plan on going back. I hope that through these snippets of encouragement (as opposed to a mouthful) will be a seed in your life. It may not sprout until later, but I myself was a late bloomer even when I had already been a Christian since childhood. Modesty is just not easy to swallow. It’s a sacrifice worth doing and also a joy worth sharing.

4 thoughts on “Frolic Friday

  1. I totally agree that just telling people they should dress modestly usually doesn’t fly. I appreciate the teaching and positive example I received from ladies in my life as a young person regarding modest dress, but the fact that it was a totally unpressured, personal decision is what made my choice to be modest “stick.”

    Also, I love your headband! Too cute!

    Also-also, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog the other day. I appreciate the encouraging words!

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