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French Maid Slacker

April 4th, 2013

lauren gabrielson rachel dahl lauren gabrielson rachel dahl lauren gabrielson rachel dahl lauren gabrielson rachel dahl Dress: “Frenchie Dress” by Lauren Gabrielson

Bag: Vintage,  “Miss America” by Smartaire

Shoes: Oasap

What it would’ve been. The top I am wearing is actually a dress made by Lauren Gabrielson, a couturier from New York. I decided that I was going to dress it down a little and wear it daringly casual. About a year ago, my then very feminine self would’ve probably paired this dress with some yellow tights, black oxfords, and a beret. As I was thinking about how to style it, I thought well that’s how everyone else would wear this dress. It would’ve been straightforward, expected, and proper.

What I did with it. Without going over the edge, I tucked in the front part of the dress to show off the buttons of my high-waist jeans, while covering the unflattering parts “mom jeans” tend to exaggerate (namely, hips and butt).  I’ve seen a girl wear a big white tee this way, and it looked pretty cool. Wearing the dress this way also made me somewhat look like I had slender legs! To match the dainty “blouse,” I chose an equally feminine and truly vintage purse whose design looked like oxfords. So the irony of this outfit put together like this gave birth to the French maid slacker!

What you’re getting. Lauren Gabrielson not only sent me this gift but also chose to give away another Frenchie Dress in black and white to you all! Take a look at what it looks like as is in the photo below or on their website. Yes, another giveaway back to back, but hey it’s a lot of fun :)

laurengabrielsonfrenchiedress The results of this giveaway are based on random drawing. Remember, the more entries you have, the more chances of winning. Good luck! Open to all (US and international) and will end on Sunday, April 21st at 12 am EST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner is…. HEIDI ERICKSON!

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80 Responses to “French Maid Slacker”

  1. Sana Hadj Salah

    First comment (^_^)
    I hope to get the chance to win this great giveaway! :))
    Good luck everyone!
    Kisses from Tunisia xoxo

  2. Roxy

    so cute and edgy!

  3. Renee Grandinetti

    I love wearing black and white. It always looks so crisp.

  4. Katie Roch

    Color blocking is so on trend right now and I think this dress is an easy way for someone to start wearing the trend.

  5. Jc Loh

    How versatile!

  6. Robert Brown

    My wife thinks this is soo cute

  7. you beautiful

    love the statement “Trendy is Over”

  8. you beautiful

    cardigans under $50, different icon

  9. rierie11

    Black & white is always in style.

  10. Danizilla

    I love the look in black and white!

  11. Anna Van

    Gorgeous dress! I love retro dresses.

  12. ivy arrington

    I love this dress super cute and love how it looks paired with jeans.

  13. Sheilah Restall

    YAY! A contest!!!

  14. Heidi Erickson

    You styled the dress in a great way! I love the jacket you wore. Great outfit. :)

  15. Irina Gnatiuk

    Beautiful dress! Thanks for another giveaway!)

  16. Irina Gnatiuk

    Commented on “Westwood’s Anglomania and Other National Symbols in Fashion?” post.

  17. Love3570

    The dress is super cute. Looks light and airy.


  18. Sumera Mahmood

    The dress looks ethereal!


  19. Marianne P.

    Um regarding your latest giveaway (designed by mermaids) i’ve already sent you a response via email with my contact info but didn’t get a reply email so i wonder if you got it or not just let me know so that i stop stressing out over it.
    (My name is Marianne P )

  20. Savannah Green

    I adore this dress!

  21. Rachel

    I have replied just today, because I couldn’t get to it on the weekend. Please be patient.

  22. Lauren Gabrielson Frenchie Dress giveaway

    […] to win a 60s retro style Lauren Gabrielson Frenchie Dress!! Visit a la Mode St. for complete details on how to enter to win. Contest ends April 21, 2013. Open […]

  23. Agnė Čepukavičiūtė


  24. Dace Kristberga

    I’m in love with that dress!

  25. Lieschen

    these dresses are really stylish! thanks :)

  26. Joana Bento

    Wow these dresses are amazing!

  27. Patti LeBlanc

    I love that outfit on you. Wish I was younger so that I could wear it! lebl9077@bellsouth.net

  28. Solena Peatfield

    I am SO in love with the pop of the color and the lil bow detail. Both the Black and White classic and the Fun Summer pop of the color dress is so cute and so productive, wether it be for a night out with the girls or for a job interview.

  29. Nola G.

    Not sure which one I love more the black and white or the yellow and blue! They’re both really beautiful!

  30. Carizza Tabobo

    really cute outfit, the dress looks great paired with jeans and a leather jacket! lovely giveaway. x

  31. Lynda Del Castillo

    I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  32. AGI B

    what a great idea to tuck the dress in the jeans. Love

  33. T Ivanisevic

    Great giveaway,thanks!

  34. susan chester

    I love those cute jeans you are wearing. The denim is such a great color! And the dress you ae giving away is gorgeous!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  35. Ilana Prudente

    I loved the dresses. They are beautiful!

  36. Amy Hadra

    I am pregnant so the Frenchie dress would be perfect for me!

    amybelle2001 at gmail dot com

  37. Carizza Tabobo

    I commented on: http://alamodest.com/chambray-y-velvet/

  38. Christina Yang

    Love you outfit!! (: It’s so cute and I’m totally in love with your purse. (:

  39. Amy

    I would keep it prim with a headband, crossbody bag, and mary jane high heels.

  40. Romina muñoz

    First I’ve to say I like this outfit, and those boots are similar to ones I bought last weekend. And second, do you think you have changed your style? Because you mentioned that a year ago, your feminine self would have chosen something different. Sorry if this’s a personal question.

  41. Cathy B

    great outfit!
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoodotcom

  42. Le Emily

    the outfit is lovely for this spring

  43. Kaylie Nguyen

    These outfits are way too cute and it’s all up for spring :D

  44. Denny Quizon

    I love your bag, its cute :)

  45. Kasia G

    I love your shoes! Thanks for the lovely giveaway :)


  46. Jo T

    I love the outfit :)

  47. The Things

    so cute! x

  48. Lyudmila Sizova

    I like dresses

  49. Antonella Togato

    I loved the dresses. They are beautiful!

  50. NiaGlamBabe

    the outfit looks amazinng.!!

  51. NiaGlamBabe

    commented on Corsets: A Transcendental Garment as NiaGlamBabe

  52. Vanesa Protti

    Love color blocking!

  53. Despina T

    the gift of this giveaway is so great.that black and white looks awesome!ovely outfit by the way.incredible jacket and the bag is super cute.

  54. Sara Brosious

    Loving the bright yellow color. The blue bow is adorable and so chic.

  55. Anonymous

    love the shirt

  56. Gintare

    lovely dresses

  57. Samra Softic

    love the outfit :)
    and the dresses are just amazing ^^

  58. Rachel Beltz

    I am in love with your high waisted jeans!

  59. Grace Inman

    This dress is gorgeous!

  60. Kristina Kemešić

    I really like your jeans, thanks for doing this lovely giveaway :)

  61. Cecilia C

    You look awesome! And that dress is amazing.

  62. mariana c

    wow..this dress is amazing and you look beautiful in it!

  63. Elena Rudaya

    I love your outfit, and especially your hair color! I used to color my hair in the same color long, long time ago. Looking on your photos I’m kinda missing it!

    BTW the giveaway prize is just gorgeous! Thanks for the great giveaway! I hope I win! Fingers crossed!

    Elena Rudaya

  64. Elena Rudaya

    I commented on the blog post “Indie Band Goes Mainstream via Runway: Wild Cub @ Rebecca Minkoff Fall ’13″

    Elena Rudaya

  65. Gift Princess Buhman

    Love the dresses and the ribbon accent. Thanks for the chance!


  66. va

    i like the black and white dress the most . thanks for the chance and making it intl .
    tumblemumbo at gmail.com

  67. Ashley Morrissey

    I think that the outfit is amazing. I love it!

  68. Marina Kanukhina

    gosh, I love those high-waist jeans! boots are nice too :)

  69. Julie Gibbings

    I like the ‘dressed down’ look of the top – makes the wardrobe stretch a little farther!
    My rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  70. Michelle B

    I love your outfit!

  71. Alena Belausava

    I love thi casual way you pair the dress! I’d try this look too!

  72. Alesia Flegka

    I love your outfit, the top is awesome! Thanks for the giveaway)

  73. Alesia Flegka

    I am Lulu on Rafflecopter

  74. Sausan Hanifah

    I love the dress so much :)

  75. Jessi Timmermans

    That dress is adorable as a top!

  76. Jessi T

    Really cute as a top!
    Jessi T on rafflecopter :)

  77. gustosa giveaways

    love your jacket

  78. Milagros Gonzalez

    I I love the black dress

  79. Alice L

    i love your bag! and thanks for this!

  80. justicepirate

    I miss this post?? I guess so! I love the outfit though and the top and shoes are really cute.

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