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cocoroselondonI keep my flats or sneakers in the backseat of my car ready to be switched with painful heels at the end of the day or night. Don’t you wish there was a way to stuff your shoes in your tiny purse when you want to do a quick switcheroo mid day? Solution: FOLDABLE FLATS! Cocorose is kindly giving away ANY of their innovative foldable flats pictured  above to two À LA MODEST readers! Contest ends 2/16.



Required:  Simply follow them on their social accounts: 1) Facebook, 2) Twitter, and 3) Instagram. Leave a comment here with each of your social accounts’ usernames once you’ve completed the job. Don’t forget to write your choice of flats!

Optional/extra entries: 1) Add À LA MODEST as a favorite on Etsy and/or like items, 2) Tweet the giveaway “WIN foldable flats @CocoroseLondon on @alamodest #StrikeACocopose #giveaway  http://alamodest.com/foldable-flats-cocorose” 3) Follow À LA MODEST on Instagram (or leave a comment), Bloglovin, Twitter, Google+, or Facebook.

Cocorose also has Youtube channel with their very own video productions called “London Unfolded.” Watch one episode below on the life of a ballerina.

Enjoy & good luck on winning a pretty pair!

 WINNERS: Caitlyn Stone & Leigh-Ann Murphy!

34 Responses to “Foldable “Keep in Purse” Cocorose London Flats Giveaway”

  1. Melody

    FB: Melody Camp
    Twitter: @melodycamp
    Instagram: @juyahna

    I’d love to win the Hoston Leopard flats!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Melody Camp

  2. Loris Ayoub

    These are amazing shoes, OMG I am drooling right now.
    I would love to win, so please count me in
    Facebook Loris AYoub
    Twitter @rafucholoro
    INstagram @lorisayoub

    My favorite shoes


    EXTRA ENTRY I twitted


  3. Christine

    I would love to win Liberty Collection Muswell Hill Cream and Floral Red!

    FB: Christine Mae Factor
    Twitter: @Rein_lee97
    Instagram: topgel_18

  4. Christine

    Extra entry:

    I added À LA MODEST as a favorite shop on Etsy. My Etsy username is Christine Mae Factor

  5. Christine

    Extra entry:

    I posted a tweet! Here’s the link: https://twitter.com/Rein_lee97/status/427827514392600578

  6. Nikki

    FB: Nikki McCain
    Twitter: @nikkimccain
    Instagram: @itsmenikkimc

    Favorite pair: Brixton Turquoise – http://www.cocoroselondon.com/shop/brixton-turquoise.html

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Nikki

    Extra Entry:

    Added to favorites on Etsy – Nikki McCain

  8. Nikki

    Extra Entry:

    Tweeted about giveaway: https://twitter.com/nikkimccain/status/427860247747653633

  9. heta s

    belham cerise is my choice
    fb:heta s

  10. HilLesha

    I’m following them via all social media accounts –

    Facebook: Lesha O’Nan
    Instagram: RareElegance
    Twitter: HilLesha

    Choice: Brixton Turquoise

  11. Caitlyn

    Liked on Facebook and Twitter, followed bot of you.
    And followed all your social media
    Bloglovin cstone412
    Facebook Caitlyn stone
    Insta cstone412cs
    Twitter CaitlynS412
    Google plus Caitlyn S.

  12. Caitlyn

    Also I liked your etsy shop and liked their Instagram acct…. I had. Even following all your accounts already :) follow back if you’d like

  13. nuronerd

    Farringdon Black is my choice
    Facebook:H.E. DeLuna

  14. Grace Scammell

    This is a great idea and cute too.

  15. Nina Im

    I added facebook, twitter, instagram and tweetedhttps://twitter.com/jovialdream/status/428584804334854144

  16. Rachel Dahl

    Thanks, Grace! Did you mean to enter the contest?

  17. SONYA

    Twitter: @devinlux
    Instagram: @sonja306
    I’d love to win the Hoston Leopard flats!

    I LOVE the Balham black. Would love to win these!!

  18. Grace Scammell

    I love the black ones.

  19. Marlene V. (intensev5)

    I like the Black Rose and I follow on facebook.

  20. Marlene V. (intensev5)

    I favourited easy – user name intensev5

  21. Marlene V. (intensev5)

    I liked À LA MODEST on Facebook

  22. Leigh-Ann Murphy

    Love the Balham Black shoes!!!

    Liked on Facebook, Twitter and favourited on Etsy as well as all other social media. Great contest and sites, thank you!

    Facebook: Leigh-Ann Murphy
    Instagram: Jerricala
    Twitter: @Jerricala
    YouTube: LA Murphy
    Bloglovin: Leigh-Ann Murphy
    Etsy: Leigh-Ann Murphy
    Google+: LA Murphy

  23. sonya

    Twitter: @devinlux
    Instagram: @sonja306
    I’d love to win the Hoston black flats!

    I LOVE the Balham in black. Would love to win these!! They look so comfy!

  24. sonya

    Twitter: @devinlux
    Instagram: @sonja306
    I’d love to win the BALHAM BLACKflats!

  25. Marie-Pier Carpentier

    mariangel007: instagram
    contest1234 twitter
    marie-pier carpentier ; FB

  26. Darlene

    Lovely! I could really use a pair

  27. sonya

    HI!!! Me again,

    Twitter: @devinlux
    Instagram: @sonja306

    I’d love to win the BALHAM BLACKflats! pretty prettyplease!!!
    PLEASE PLEASE I WANNA WIN!!! They’re beautiful!!!

  28. sonya

    Twitter: @devinlux
    Instagram: @sonja306

    Hi! I LOVE the Balham black. I would love to win these!! So cute! So many outfits that I could pair these with!!!

  29. Heather Holmberg

    FB – Heather Holmberg
    Twitter – @boot_lip
    Instagram – @hideouslyheather

    I love many of them .. but the Balham black the most .. they look sooo comfy !

  30. Heather Holmberg

    tweeted https://twitter.com/boot_lip/status/433823029664038913

    Blogluvin – hideouslyheather
    Twitter – boot_lip
    Facebook – heather holmberg

    Thanks so much !

  31. Alison Cowart

    Liked on facebook– Alison Lewis Cowart
    Followed on twitter– @mrsalisoncowart
    …and I don’t have an instagram account.

    I love all of the flats, so ANY of them would be wonderful! I think I would wear the houston leopard ones often, so if I was forced to select just one pair, that would probably be the one.

  32. Muskaan

    These are the awesome shoes shoes, I am gone drooled right now.

  33. susan smoaks

    facebook fan tony l smoaks
    pinterest follower susansmoaks
    @fdp4life on twitter follower

  34. Grace Scammell

    These look so comfortable

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