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I decided to make a couple of collages for my retro summer floral inspiration! Often times clothing with floral designs tend to look too girly or cutesie, cheesy, and a bit annoying. These prints however give me a different feeling, which I am not ashamed to wear at all!


 1. SWIMSUITS I’m really glad that I can pretty much go anywhere to find one piece swimsuits with a retro flare. It used to be hard to find cute styles in a one piece that was not a monokini. Of course I prefer shopping actual vintage when I have the choice to, because the treasure you find is unique. Joules is a store you may or may not have heard of, but oh boy… their retro-style womens swimwear are to die for! I put up a few of my favorites on the collage above— Bluposy, Ditsy, and Navlor.

The models above are from vintage swimwear catalogs from Catalina. I think these swimsuits would’ve been enjoyed by women then as much as we do now, don’t you think?



Unbeknownst to me, I realized that a lot of my favorite past outfits on this blog involve floral designs.  I wouldn’t normally admit that, because as much as I don’t like girly things, I tend to dress up that way! So for the more non-girly girls who secretly like florals, here is more eye candy inspiration for floral dresses from Joules. I was inspired to make paper dolls as the theme of this collage, and I found these two Doris Day paper dolls online to top it all off! Isn’t she de-lovely (*ahem* Cole Porter)?

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9 Responses to “Flower Sucker Retro Summer”

  1. ispossibly

    I like the cinched waist look.

  2. Mihaela Druga

    I’m not that much into floral design but the grey dress looks cute.


    Very differemt . I do not think I could pull that off lol

  4. Lisa Garner

    I love floral designs but find it so hard to pick out designs that don’t overwhelm my short height.

  5. Olesia Flegka

    beautiful, bright, and romantic-retro floral motives are always feminine and stylish)

  6. S. Holeman

    Wow, those sure are cute florals! I’d wear at least 2 of the ones in your collage :D (especially the DARCIE dress)

  7. Rebecca Orr

    The floral dresses are adorable. I couldn’t pull off the swimsuits though! I think a floral tank would be a great piece to have this summer with some shorts and a pair of wedges. I am going to star looking!

  8. Richard Hicks

    I think they look great. I love retro stuff of all kinds

  9. Mafalda C.

    Floral designs are amazing throughout the year, but it’s harder to move away from brocades and tweed-like patters in winter so I do agree summer’s bright atmosphere is the best for floral designs <3

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