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It’s the weekend! Here are some movies that I thought were worth mentioning both for their quality and their subtle style inspirations. I realized that I had significantly more posts centered around music, and my film category was barren in comparison. Without giving away any of the plot, I’m going to focus more on the noteworthy fashion in each of these films/shows:

Cold Souls (2009)– Next to French looks, I like Russian styles the best. Dina Korzun’s character, Nina (on the right of the photo above) had on the most amazing outfits I had seen in a relatively new film in a while. I honestly don’t actively look around for fashion-filled content in particular when scouting for new movies to see. I just consider it a big plus to see modestly and stylishly dressed women in them. Sveta (not pictured) was another character in the movie that was very stylish, extravagant, but provocative. I liked a lot of what she was wearing, but I would layer her clothes just to cover up some fleshy areas. Sveta was more wealthy, being an actress, so she could afford lots of high-end clothing and improved on her looks regularly. Nina on the other hand was a hard worker, yet she looked so mod and edgy throughout the entire movie with her blonde, angled bob hair and sophisticated clothing. She was generally modest, and I would definitely wear her clothes as-is! This movie is a must-see, for sure. Take note that there is nudity in this.

A Mighty Wind (2003) – Here’s a Christopher Guest movie that had one scene with clothes that were just too cute to pass up! When I don’t wear something with patterns, I like to replace it with bright pops of color. Blue and gold were my alma mater’s official colors, so seeing these mockumentary folk band’s uniforms was a delight.

Flight of the Conchords (2007-2009)– Even though I already like Jemaine and Bret’s dorky indie looks (and funky sounds), I want to especially mention special guest Kristen Wiig’s character, Brabra (spelled that way intentionally… you just have to see it), in one episode. She was so chic and casual in all her clothes (perhaps three or four outfit changes). I particularly paid close attention to the interesting textures and details in what she was wearing. Like the movie Cold Souls, finding more screen caps means making entire separate posts for those two!

The Knack and How to Get it (1965)– Although I wasn’t blown away by Rita Tushingham’s (Nancy’s) so-so outfits, I liked the movie a lot because it was centered around mods and rockers! It was mostly a mod movie, and I am terribly in love with 60’s fashion and music. I liked the plot, the humor, and the way the scenes were shot, so it was altogether a stylized film in terms of cinematography and writing. The scene captured in the above photo was of Nancy being seduced/flattered by a salesman trying to trick her into buying that coat. Haven’t we all been in this situation? Note that the motif of this film is sexual, but I believe it was making fun of it more than anything.

The Box (2009)– Although I am not a huge fan of 70’s fashion, Norma Lewis (Cameron Diaz) wore some nice retro scarves in this film. She wore different ones all throughout the movie. The Box didn’t do too well in the theaters, just barely making back its gross revenue. The basis for this film was taken from a short story called “Button, Button” in the 70’s, which one of The Twilight Zone’s episodes was also based on. Interested enough? I highly recommend seeing this.

I had loads more to cite in the original draft of this post, but I’ll keep film-related fashion inspirations to at most five reviews! Just like music, I don’t write about anything that I don’t personally think is quality, so you’ll be reading a lot about things I like and enjoy that help shape my taste in clothing.

Rob and I are traveling to New Jersey this weekend for some wedding fun from my dad’s side of the family! Loads of photos will be waiting for next week!

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  1. I have never seen those movies :( what a shame. I usually check rotten tomatoes.com to check on the best movies on each year…and just download them.

    will try and check these movies…

    thanks for this one love
    take care

    1. Although it’s alright to look at review sites once in a while in order to save your time and money, I think review sites like Rotten Tomatoes don’t give justice to movies that aren’t all that bad… especially with the cult favorites that most people don’t enjoy but a select group of people with peculiar tastes do. It’s good to form your own opinion at least once in a while :) I really do think these movies are well worth it!

    1. Well, you do have a separate blog for film! That is cool, too.

      The Box: Well, well… hate is such a harsh little word. You must explain your aversion to the film. I don’t think it was given enough credit. I could list a LOT of movies I really do loathe. I could understand a dislike but hate… ah yes, would like to know why.

  2. I haven´t seen yet any of those movies. I´m more of a fantasy/adventure/comedy movie fan actually but I do take note of the costume always! ;)

  3. yah, i can’t believe I haven’t seen it! there is another one that I cannot think of the name of…that is mockumentary that we always watched in HS, like every weekend….of that little town and they are doing a play?

  4. Wow. Amazing thoughtful post!

    You did a WONDERFUL job with it. My favorite is the reference to Cameron Diaz’s scarves. I noticed it too!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  5. These are all really cool, and because I haven’t heard of most of these movies! Thanks for sharing, now I have more movies to watch to add to my list:)


  6. Nice post! I’m almost positive that scarf on Cameron Dias is from Hermes. The ones with multiple designs are super versatile, you can fold them different ways to display different prints. I never would have thought of letting all of them show at once, before that photo. Cool idea.

  7. I am extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a great blog like this one these days.. Bless you,

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