Flicks Inflict Fashion II

It’s time for another post documenting movies with noteworthy fashion! I am making “Flicks Inflict Fashion” into a series. The first FIF was posted last August. I’m going to try to make this a regular deal, since my husband and I watch movies a lot and I am also currently in a fun film class. Since I for one hate plot spoilers and dislike  distasteful critic reviews, I have determined to keep this strictly for style observance. Alright, shall we?

Changeling (2008) -Set in the late 20s, this film starring Angelina Jolie (Christine Collins) and all the other women working as telephone operators wore earth-toned colors, furs, brooches, and detailed head pieces (or as my husband repeatedly referred to them during the movie, “heeyatsssss”). You’ll notice that almost every woman in this movie wore some kind of hat, and it made me realize how much more people in general used to accessorize in detail back in the day and how that trend has just kind of gotten lost through the decades. I commend the fact that public and private (e.g., lingerie) clothes were distinctly separate. Sadly, what used to be worn only in the bedroom can now be seen worn in public in today’s fashions. What ever happened to this boundary?

An Education (2009)
– How adorable was Carrie Mulligan in this movie? Her character Jenny and Rosamund Pike’s character Helen in this scene are wearing matching coats and hats, making this a nice visual foil. I like Helen’s clothes a lot more then Jenny’s, even though Jenny’s clothes are generally more conservative. I think it’s because Helen puts more effort into her outfits (probably because she has the money for it), and young Jenny admires that about her. Helen though was a bit of a ditz—a common fashionista stereotype. For a long time, I denied how much I liked and thought about style and fashion because of that very stereotype. To defend my brain, which also processed non-fashion-related things, I avoided associating myself with the fashion community until recently. I guess that’s partly why I started this blog—to redefine fashion by adding more intelligence and sense to it.

Mary Poppins (1964) – Since most people have their eyes on Julie Andrews’ array of dresses, I want to pay special attention to Glynis Johns’ (Mrs. Banks) gorgeous outfits of pastels and beads. Although Mrs. Banks isn’t as young and slender as Mary Poppins, she is able to pull off some amazing looks! You really don’t have to be young and slender to be good at styling yourself. Mrs. Banks’ outfits definitely catch my eye more than Mary’s. I would love to replicate that updo from this screen shot!

Babes in Arms (1939) – Before anything else, does anyone else see that Mickey Rooney looks like a “cuter” Rupert Grint? Anyway, teenage Judy Garland (Patsy Barton) and the other young gals in this movie had pretty casual dresses on. I rarely see casual full-length dresses and skirts worn by high school students and adult women now. We mostly see preschoolers wear dresses on regular days, but older girls rarely do except for special occasions. Do girls wear dresses less now because dresses are more expensive and impractical? Whenever I wear a dress out on a weekday, there is sure to be at least one person who asks me what party I’m on my way to (even the people who should know me better!). What I often see more of nowadays are skinny jeans and short skirts on teenagers and older women alike. How about adding some variety to the wardrobe with some maxi skirts? Maxi skirts are a great deal more versatile compared to dresses—if lack of versatility is the problem. I really am surprised at how attractive maxi skirts can look despite their conservative nature. I should have more of them.

The Fall (2006) – This film looks incredible. Everything in this is highly saturated in color, and the costumes are superb. Justine Waddell (Nurse Evelyn) has such gorgeous dresses on, and I also love how they did her makeup. I even tried to replicate it with some pink and brown eyeshadow, and I liked how that turned out. The visuals in this film are just breathtaking and beautiful. I highly recommend this film to anyone and everyone who hasn’t seen it (and even those who have seen it should watch it again!). This film is eye candy. You will know what a rainbow tastes like after watching this (HAH), but the story is quite entertaining too. You will just die when you see the little girl with the adorable accent in this!

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22 thoughts on “Flicks Inflict Fashion II

  1. I’ve had The Fall in my que for MONTHS on end but haven’t touched it because I was scared to since it is rated R. Now because you recommend it too I will try to watch it this week. I love Babes in Arms. I also love Mrs. Banks clothes in Mary Poppins! Her character is so great in that film.

    I love all the fashion from periodical movies and such. ugh. a lot.

    1. It doesn’t have sexual content, which is great! The director did The Cell (which I didn’t like), and that had a lot of bizarre sexuality in it. The Fall is rated R for violence. It does have a lot of violence, but it’s so surreal and far from reality.

  2. goodness I really need to email you back and am so sorry that I haven’t responded to the three questions you had asked me. I only remember one of them and have to dig through my posts to find it haha. I will though! i think I know which one you left it at!!

    Anyway that is sad about your husband’s band member. It is good that it doesn’t cause a problem for your husband to get dragged into that. At times I think that my husband was easily influenced by his band-mates yet he was very much different from them and stood out that way so maybe I’m just being flighty in a way. A lot of Christians I know find no problem with a lot of things that are clearly wrong. Everyone’s got different stages of when conviction hits them and I’m one who has constant convictions and works on them and I think God has convicted me for certain reasons. I probably sound absurd to a lot of CHristians because of it but I don’t tell them that they have to be the same way. I think the idol of materialism has captured most Christians hearts unfortunately.

    We have an issue in our church right now with a guy who constantly makes excuses for his sinfulness and many people have talked to him, but he’s so set in his ways that it is sad and is driving his family apart.

    I didn’t like the movie The Cell either. A girl from high school whom was one of my best friends in those days is still obsessed with it and she made me see it when it came out on DVD – I must have been about 17. Haven’t seen it since because I told her even afterwards, “why do you like this horrible movie again?” haha.

  3. Mark and I love “An Education”! When I found out last year that you were into vintage clothes, I meant to suggest that you watch “An Education”, but I never got around to it. The clothes they wore were so beautiful. And don’t you think that Rosamund Pike is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses around?. :)

    About “The Fall” : Justin Waddell, along with Rosamund Pike, etc. is also one of my favorites! If you like her too, then I suggest you watch “Wives and Daughters” and “Tess of the D’Urbervilles.” Both are period dramas so they’re quite long, but absolutely worth every hour. :) Take note that Rosamund Pike acted with Justin Waddel in “Wives and Daughter”.

    -Ate Gayle

    P.S. By the way, I just remembered that in 2005, Rosamund Pike and Carey Mulligan played sisters Jane and Kitty Bennet in the film, Pride and Prejudice.

  4. The costumes in the first two just blows my mind away! I would definitely wear them all in a heartbeat!!

    The fall looks pretty interesting, must look it up:)


  5. The Changeling was amazing, both the clothes and the message. My favourite fashion era. And Jolie and Eastwood, what a combination.
    I have to rent an Education. The clothes give me one more reason. Thanks!

  6. I love, love that you included Mrs. Banks! She did have an impeccable taste for fashion, and who can forget her marching around the house shouting/singing “VOTES FOR WOMEN!?”

  7. I haven’t seen an Education but for me Changeling has incorporated good fashion styles and it should be depicted also in the setting of the film. I remember the movie Rosario last Decemeber, it was scrutinize by the publics eye because the stylist for the movie did not do his/her job well, they just simply settle on what is available which is such a bad decision considering they have a big budget for the Filipino film.

    The hats being used are wrong unlike here Angelina Jolie really showed and make us feel the fashion in those days. I wish we can go back and wear hats like that and accessorize more….


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