Femmes et al

Broke out with the fingerless gloves the other day that I got from SoHo. I think these kinds of gloves can make or break your image depending on what you wear them with. If you overdo it, you might end up looking like early 80s Madonna (which I do like). If you’re a bit sloppy, you might end up looking like a hobo (they’re okay). If you play it cool, you might end up looking like Karen O (yes).
I’ve always liked seeing strength in females—either physically, emotionally, spiritually, or mentally. I get turned off seeing Hollywood actresses that are obviously just playing the part. I particularly like the women in Quentin Tarantino’s (a favorite auteur) movies, because they are convincingly women you don’t want to mess with—but they are still wives, mothers, what have you… or in some way emotionally vulnerable. Consider Emmanuelle Mimieux from Inglorious Bastards or Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill, both of whom were strong and faithful to their men. They are not your typical femmes fatale who seduce men to their doom. Instead, they kick butt doing what they do (doesn’t have to be literal), still act feminine, and are driven by an ardent mission. If you’re looking for strong female characters to look up to, look to those who are convincingly dressed to kill. Heroes in scantily clad clothing and heels purely exist for entertainment. What a major faux pax!

I guess you can argue that movies are for entertainment, but the problem is that 1) men tend to build unrealistic expectations of women from seeing too many movies objectifying the opposite sex, 2) women try to be like these impossible characters to please men, and 3) young girls imitate what they see, and there are rarely women out there who actively steer their daughters away from faulty role models

A good mind, even without a good physical build paired with it, is beautiful in a woman. Whoever made the conclusion that men do not like brains in women is sexist. If you consider being “brainy” the same as being a smart alec, then I guess that phrase would be perfectly justified regardless of gender. Having at least a sensible mind—a good balance of logic and emotion—is a strength that women should pursue. Prancing around flirtatiously with no intention of a serious relationship is not proof of a sensible mind.

The image of the dangerous femme fatale is not representative—nor should it be—of femmes et al (all of us women). Our strength does not come from seduction. If this isn’t so, then we are born vile, proving we continue to be the cause of death in that garden of paradise. Our strength should come from our good character—not showing love to men by using them for our own greed, but instead loving them by treating them as we would brothers.

Don’t forget, this Saturday (4/9) is the end of Jesus Couture’s giveaway and also when I’m going to be speaking at Project Redesign. Everyone is invited!

What I Wore: Shirt and beret from Goodwill – Tights from Burlington Coat Factory – Shoes from UrbanOG – Fingerless gloves from SoHo