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Broke out with the fingerless gloves the other day that I got from SoHo. I think these kinds of gloves can make or break your image depending on what you wear them with. If you overdo it, you might end up looking like early 80s Madonna (which I do like). If you’re a bit sloppy, you might end up looking like a hobo (they’re okay). If you play it cool, you might end up looking like Karen O (yes).
I’ve always liked seeing strength in females—either physically, emotionally, spiritually, or mentally. I get turned off seeing Hollywood actresses that are obviously just playing the part. I particularly like the women in Quentin Tarantino’s (a favorite auteur) movies, because they are convincingly women you don’t want to mess with—but they are still wives, mothers, what have you… or in some way emotionally vulnerable. Consider Emmanuelle Mimieux from Inglorious Bastards or Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill, both of whom were strong and faithful to their men. They are not your typical femmes fatale who seduce men to their doom. Instead, they kick butt doing what they do (doesn’t have to be literal), still act feminine, and are driven by an ardent mission. If you’re looking for strong female characters to look up to, look to those who are convincingly dressed to kill. Heroes in scantily clad clothing and heels purely exist for entertainment. What a major faux pax!

I guess you can argue that movies are for entertainment, but the problem is that 1) men tend to build unrealistic expectations of women from seeing too many movies objectifying the opposite sex, 2) women try to be like these impossible characters to please men, and 3) young girls imitate what they see, and there are rarely women out there who actively steer their daughters away from faulty role models

A good mind, even without a good physical build paired with it, is beautiful in a woman. Whoever made the conclusion that men do not like brains in women is sexist. If you consider being “brainy” the same as being a smart alec, then I guess that phrase would be perfectly justified regardless of gender. Having at least a sensible mind—a good balance of logic and emotion—is a strength that women should pursue. Prancing around flirtatiously with no intention of a serious relationship is not proof of a sensible mind.

The image of the dangerous femme fatale is not representative—nor should it be—of femmes et al (all of us women). Our strength does not come from seduction. If this isn’t so, then we are born vile, proving we continue to be the cause of death in that garden of paradise. Our strength should come from our good character—not showing love to men by using them for our own greed, but instead loving them by treating them as we would brothers.

Don’t forget, this Saturday (4/9) is the end of Jesus Couture’s giveaway and also when I’m going to be speaking at Project Redesign. Everyone is invited!

What I Wore: Shirt and beret from Goodwill – Tights from Burlington Coat Factory – Shoes from UrbanOG – Fingerless gloves from SoHo


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    *GRIN* I like the underlying topic of: Girl stop being flirty and get some brains already!

    For some reason a lot of girls think its cool, or cute or whatever to be brainless! Which makes no sense whatsoever!

    On mistmatching socks:
    my mom can top you! She once walked out of the house, into the car and drove off in TWO DIFFERENT PAIRS OF SHOES! ROFL. It was insanely hilarious!

    I agree on fingerless gloves, a fine line to walk.
    I need to go! Setting up for our Rescue mission banquet today!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

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    Cute outfit! Love the fingerless gloves. :)
    I agree too that women are trying too hard to act and look like women in the movies – which is unrealistic. Great post!

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    “Having at least a sensible mind—a good balance of logic and emotion—is a strength that women should pursue. Prancing around flirtatiously with no intention of a serious relationship is not proof of a sensible mind. ” <— this= so so true! Thank you Rachel, for speaking up. Love this post, your honesty, and your outfit, socks and all!

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    Oh yeah, I´ve always wanted women that kick *ss and know how to defend themselves.

    Lovely look, Rach! I´m into black and gray lately too. ;)

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    What a fantastic post and you just reminded me that Kill Bill is another movie that featured a heroine who was fully clothed while she kicked butt (I had written a post thinking Angelina Jolie in Salt was the first). What an accurate commentary, too, on the ways Hollywood pretends to show strength in women by exploiting us. Such a shame. I’ve always loved Uma Thurman and she is the type of actress who just seems to need the right director to bring out her power on screen.
    On a personal note, I have been working hard to rid myself of my lustful nature, so again you have given me some news I can use!

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      Hi Laura. Yeah, Uma Thurman wore a Bruce Lee style outfit! It’s a shame that women think they hold the power when they show off, but really they’re being slaves to men’s minds. Our worth is reduced to being objects instead of people with the desire to be loved.

      I like women who rock in music too, and I see that some of them do not like to dress scantily.

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    You’re dead on about how girls are pretty much objectified or created in movies to be just something to stare at so it is nice when they are strong women figures. However I think Pulp Fiction objectifies Uma’s character a bit. . I mean she is the desirable married woman throughout it. It’s just odd. They show how she sits around and make a big deal of it you know? you and these really violent movies make me laugh. i can’t handle them hehehe. You I know like them though. You’re adorable.

    I wear fingerless gloves too! Have been for a very long time (maybe 14 years). I started it because I really used to love Madonna though (sadly, but I don’t anymore).

    I have had bangs since the beginning of February I think. I just style them differently each time. I tuck pieces behind my ears or part it on the side. . .until it grows out so I can restyle it the way I want it and should have kept it before cutting it so short.

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    I think you did well with the fingerless gloves – I agree they can go horribly wrong if you aren’t careful!

    As for women in movies… even though there are still a lot of princesses out there (prone to being kidnapped, in constant need of rescuing) I don’t feel like there is any shortage of women who hold their own and can be their own white knight.


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