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Femmes de Paris

March 19th, 2011

Just to leave you some inspiration before my next overdue post, here are some neat low-fi French retro (and retro-esque) pop albums that I’ve enjoyed this week but currently do not own. Some of these vintage compilations are pretty pricey. I can’t wait to find Femmes De Paris V.1 for a bargain. It mostly has covers of American songs around the 60s sung in French—The Who’s “My Generation” and Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walking,” are examples of what you’ll find.

P.S. Julia, je vous remercie de me rendre visite cette semaine!

Pop a Paris: More Rock & Roll & Mini Skirts 2

Femmes De Paris V.1

La Belle Epoque: Emi’s French Girls 1965-68

Femmes De Paris 2

The American retro-esque April March: Chick Habit

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5 Responses to “Femmes de Paris”

  1. Cheryl

    Aren´t they gorgeous? They´re chic and they rock! :)

  2. Kailey

    Absolutely gorgeous post – I love how you have organized the post!

  3. Laura Connell

    I love the groovy fonts here and the retro images. Very cool

  4. Sofie

    Lovely pictures! I’ve always had a thing for the 60’s, wish I had lived then!

  5. Mafalda C.

    Such a classic! I always keep a few of these compilations around, they make great cheer up music :)

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