Femini Shoes (Giveaway)


The vest I’m wearing was sort of musty when I picked it up at a thrift store, but I really wanted it for myself. I could’ve gone to the dry cleaners to have it cleaned, but because I didn’t feel like waiting to have to do that, I just used rubbing alcohol to clean it! I’m a sucker for quick solutions. Probably in some cases pouring alcohol all over the fabric would’ve ruined it, but this vest looked and smelled very clean…and in a jiffy. alamodest

For mother’s day, I had my mother-in-law pick out any shoe she wanted (within some limits), and she ended up choosing these yellow wedged flip flops by Femini Shoes that I’m wearing in these photos. They’re sturdy and very affordable ($17.99)! I personally haven’t worn flip flops in forever, but I wanted to show how I would style these if worn in an outfit. I liked the contrast of casual flip flops paired with a collared shirt and a vest. alamodest

Looking at these photos, I realize I look somewhat p.o.! It was bright out, and I was squinty. I could’ve at least smiled once!

My 26th birthday is coming up next week, and what better way to celebrate it than to give away more things? :) My mom loved her new flops from Femini Shoes, and likewise you will get a chance to pick ANY shoe you want from their store! Just follow the prompts in the widget below to earn entry points. The more points you earn (and the earlier you do it), the greater the chances of winning. This is open to both US and international readers. Contest ends on Sunday June 9, 11:59 pm EST.

************************ P.S. I change the required options once in a while, so if you are just entering, you might want to make sure that you do the required method of entry. Leaving a comment on this post only will disqualify you. It’s really obvious to see that some people are just leaving comments on this post. Please follow the instructions, and let’s make this fair. Thank you! ********************
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