I love this cat sweater dress made in Japan! I wish the buttons on the bottom side of this dress were a little more prominent though. They are only on one side, but I do think that symmetry is not always ideal. I put on a collared striped button down shirt inside, a pair of yellow knee-highs, and Nine West oxford pumps. These dorky yellow glasses, I wore in an older outfit post when our bichon was still alive :-( Lately I’ve been really obsessed with layering collared shirts. I’d like to purchase clip-ons of different patterns, because I am too lazy to make them on my own.

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, this isn’t my actual hair. My hair is dyed black and is wavy and shoulder length. Instagram (now with a web-based version, yay) will tell you what my latest actual hair looks like. I just took advantage of the 50% off Halloween sale a week ago :) You guys should definitely stock up and plan for next year’s Halloween by buying off season. I might wear this wig for outfit shots from now on though, because it’s so Ramona Flowers (in between dying sessions)! I’ve totally wrecked my tresses after going platinum, green, and blue many times. I do miss my blue hair the most. The whole being compared to Katie Perry thing though was annoying.

I cannot waiiiiit for shows we’re going to see these next couple of weeks! Hello Ash, Deerhoof, Liam Finn, and Sufjan Stevens! I tend to want to listen to the bands I’m about to see right before seeing them. Anyone else do that too?