Faux Real: Motivations For Dressing

Knee length black dress with furKnee length black dress with fur

Happy 2014! How have your style and personality changed in the past year? Often times the two go hand in hand. What personally attracts you to Audrey Hepburn vs Marilyn Monroe can tell a whole lot about yourself. I personally take some characteristics from each Hollywood diva. Audrey for general feminine and conservative style and brunette features and Marilyn for her womanly curves!

Although my general style hasn’t changed much (still somewhat modest and into textures), I feel like I’ve matured in my clothing in some ways. I don’t necessarily think that’s a good thing. It’s just different. Less bright colors and A-line skirts and more earth tones, pencil skirts, and fur.

I’ve been really into accentuating with faux fur, especially ever since my obsession with Russian winter styles and Art Deco period pieces (have a look at my previous Art Deco fashion post). I can’t get myself to keep full fur vintage coats though, because it’s a pain to have to take it to the cleaners. I don’t go to dry cleaners ever. I’m actually very practical (or lazy) with the upkeep of my clothes. I try to find clothes that don’t need to be ironed and can withstand a good amount of washing. I will however not pass up buying a good looking vintage fur coat just to put it up on Etsy and maybe use it once!

Although I generally believe in dressing appropriately (e.g. occasions, environment, and modesty beliefs), I don’t really think there’s an “appropriate” color, texture, or even style for a certain age. There may be an association to age, but I really don’t mind seeing 50 year olds with pink hair. In fact, I like it! I wish I could keep up with style as I age, but as some of us know the transition from childhood to adulthood styles often times come naturally. Teens and young adults everywhere wanting to prove their adulthood to the public dress sexier, and we see that in celebrities such as Miley Cyrus. Often times, the transition can get forced or driven by desperation and cry for attention. There is no peace within with such motivation and others will see it through you. If we were all honest with ourselves, we’d know that we all have that darkness in us. We need to expose it by bringing our motivation to light at least to ourselves and perhaps reevaluate why we choose what we wear.

Let’s get faux real. What do you find yourself wearing different since the last year or in the past? What may be the reason(s) behind that change?


I’m wearing a shell layering dress from Kosher Casual that is advertised to be good for not only layering underneath but also to be worn alone. I paired it with monochrome thrifted vintage faux fur hat and collar with a hint of gold from vintage accessories. The dress isn’t really that tight as pictured honestly. It’s supposed to look more pencil than bodycon. The under bust corset I was wearing underneath clung to the material, especially since it was cold and windy out!

14 thoughts on “Faux Real: Motivations For Dressing

  1. Very cute dress and you look great in it! Love the little fur accessory.

    When I lost a ton of weight four years ago I went through this transition of “finding my true style” because I could wear things that I could never wear before! I tried so many different styles from trendy, edgy, etc.
    The one style that stayed true though was casual, preppy, and classic. I think that is the style I have been reaching towards lately, and really enjoying. I don’t think it will change either anytime soon because I am happy with it. :)

    1. Hi Heidi,

      Thank you! Yes, you do look quite nice in the preppy look (a la Miranda Kerr style). My husband has lost a lot of weight too. Although his general 90s style hasn’t changed, he likes wearing more fitted “indie” clothing now to show off his body (lol) vs the baggy 90s grunge look.

  2. You know, now that you make me thinking about it: the first time I saw your blog you were wearing something like a striped long dress and a wig, is that possible? Your hair was very colorful, that’s for sure! I loved that kind of style, but you somehow still are that “girl”. It doesn’t matter how much we grow up or we think we grow up ;) in all the other fields in our life; because when you love playing with your clothes, that’s a thing that stays. You’ve always had that vintage touch in your looks, and I think that is never going to go away.
    You might change your header every two months, but you still stay the same deep down haha!
    I change my style all the time. I have a couple of styles I prefer, like total black, minimal and generally drifting towards goth but you can totally see me in a full cream lace dress and maryjanes if it’s that kind of day. But yes, years make you change that’s for sure. Oddly enough, I would have never worn sneakers if not at the gym a couple of years ago, and now I use them all the time because they’re COMFORTABLE hah and I actually love the look anyway. Very weird for me. I’ve always hated sporty looks. Well, not anymore!
    p.s.: snooooooow <3 <3 <3

    1. Hi Elisa,

      Yay, snow! <3

      Haha, yes that was a wig! I was inspired by this one blogger that changed her wigs to a different color and style with every outfit post. She's half Japanese and Aussie I think. Very cute for a while, but I just felt too unnatural because I don't actually go around wearing a wig (and I wonder if she does or if she just does it for the blog). Although, I do remember knowing you before my short white wig wearing days. Maybe it was when we were fairly new to each other then. I also had red, brown, blonde, green, turquoise, and blue hair for a while---all of which were my real hair dyed. Red was definitely the longest color I had my hair on. That's how I got my nickname "Red" (which later materialized because when I got married, my initials actually became R.E.D.!).

      Yes, I think I'm always going to keep the vintage touch even if I change. ;-) Vintage is so broad. It's too hard for me to not incorporate it, because history has made what pop culture is now.

      I need to see you wear Mary Janes! I used to be a Mary Janes kind of gal a few years back. I see myself wearing less demure shoes these days. I know what you mean about sporty looks. I HATED that too! I can't get away from it now, because I've been frequenting the gym (and working to be a fitness instructor soon). It's just something different to do, which I enjoy. I wear a lot of sneakers now too, but never ever the white squeaky sneakers which America LOVES. I once took a discrete photo of the floor in the waiting room I was in, because I swear every person BUT ME had white laced sneakers on. Cracks me up!

    1. Hi Natasha,

      Thank you! Plus you look absolutely great with your new figure, so it must be easier to play around with different clothes more! I know my husband LOVES clothes now after he lost a lot of weight. It’s hilarious! He’s so picky with clothes now and likes to shop.

  3. Loving this look!
    I’ve been looking for some shoes like that everywhere. I’m not digging any of the ones I’m finding… I guess I’ll keep looking.

  4. I love your outfit!I too like the faux fur accessories.I own a vintage fur jacket but I rarely wear it.But I like having it in my closet for a perfect occasion to wear it :)

    1. Victoria, thank you! I wear these particular shoes all the time (to the gym, to go walk, in the snow, etc.). I need to get rid of a lot of my other shoes actually and put that money to good use, because I don’t wear them much at all. What size are your feet? Do you see a pair you like on my Etsy? I have a lot more to put up that’s not on there. Feel free to pick, and I will give it to you!

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