Everything Must Go! First Up, Oscar de la Renta Dress

It’s been almost a year since this blog’s birth (April ’10), but I haven’t really put up a shop like I wanted to. I have accumulated so many clothes throughout my adult life, all piled up and waiting to be showcased. I thought perhaps that I should be giving them away instead of greedily keeping them all to myself—or at least be putting them up for sale. So from now on, almost EVERYTHING you see on the blog will be available to you (clothes, accessories, shoes, records, books, etc.). Just leave a comment about an item in any of my posts that you’re interested in purchasing, and we’ll talk!

A lot of the pieces I have on this blog are very unique. Most of it is stuff that I’ve worked hard to find. No item here has a set price, so feel free to bid as low as you want. I believe in fairness. I need to eat, however, so if you express interest in a non-auction item, there will be a one-week chance for someone else to make a counter-offer (think a more personal eBay). One of my readers expressed how hard it is to find online stores that sell just stylish modest dresses. That is what I really had in mind for my store.

Anyway, what I’d like to introduce as my first item for auction is this multicolored, multitiered dress from Oscar de la Renta Studios. Although I am not sure, it looks like it could be from the 60s. I had originally wanted to keep this dress, but I realized that I don’t really care much for big brand names. Although I do admire a lot of fashion designers, Oscar de la Renta is not one of my favorites (though I do fancy this dress). Besides, someone out there might be a big fan of Oscar de la Renta waiting to be bestowed with this! It is a size 6, very lightly worn, and is in pristine condition. If you cannot tell, I am wearing a black 3/4 sleeves shell underneath this dress because it was still a bit cold out. It’s not included with the dress.Just in case you’re wondering what my true size is, I am a size 4, but I have clothes that range from size 3 to 12. The magic of layering, cinching, and temporary tailoring makes clothes of all sizes possible for me to wear. I just can’t resist unique pieces no matter what their sizes are! So, for women who aren’t my size, I probably have several items that you could wear. What I love most about this dress, besides its colors, patterns, and tiers, is the fact that it’s modest. If you will take a look at the rest of Oscar de la Renta‘s collections, you’ll see that it’s very hard to find a similar structure to this. If you love this brand, the style, and/or modesty, I’m sure you’ll really like this dress.

I’m not going to put this up on sale anywhere else, so if you’re interested in purchasing, feel free to make a BID in the comments section right away. I don’t have a starting bid price, so just bid whatever you’re willing to pay to take this home with you! Don’t feel intimidated bidding on a designer dress if you think you only have a few bucks to spare! Try me, but you have to watch out for others who might be more interested than you. Be sure to keep checking back to see if other people have outbid you, or just subscribe your e-mail address to the comments on this post after bidding. For any purchase made through this blog, I will include a gift from one of my past giveaways. The bidding for this dress will conclude in two weeks (3-23; midnight EST on Wednesday).

Not interested in this particular item? You’re welcome to browse through the blog and take a look at something else. Make an offer via comment, but you’ll have to wait a week to give other people a chance. Happy bidding!

Thank you all for joining the ShopBop giveaway. If you haven’t won anything, there will be another giveaway for you possibly on the next post!

21 thoughts on “Everything Must Go! First Up, Oscar de la Renta Dress

  1. hahahaha I am not so sure if I am a size what??? ahhahah usually I fit through medium frames and clothes…so if that is a size 4 then maybe I can buy this one…uhmmm anytakers??? i have to check this out…will wait for someone to bid on this hahahah…for now…I will subscribed to the comments

  2. the dress looks so great on you, are you sure you’re able to part with it:)

    actually this is an awesome idea, i really should sell some of my clothes too, it’s getting too cluttered in my closet!

  3. That dress is very fun, but I can see how it might not fit into your everyday wardrobe. Good luck with the blog shop – I always feel somehow better knowing something I loved is going to a fellow fashion lover and not a thrift store where someone might buy it just to cut it up…

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