Ethnic Ensemble & Morally Ethical Fashion

Back in fifth grade, I used to be part of a music group called Ethnic Ensemble, where we used woodwind and percussion instruments to make tribal sounds. I was in it for two years, making my way from vice presidency to presidency of the club, until I realized I could’ve been doing something much cooler like learning to play an electric guitar instead of hitting boring gongs and being all hippie and stuff. I swear I wasted my time being part of all these trivial clubs that I later never used for anything worthwhile whatsoever. I also used to be an active environmentalist, a tree hugger who traveled outside my country to talk about nature issues. I’m really not sure how these things have shaped me to be the person I am today. If anything, they made me more adaptable to people’s cultures and ideas without being easily swayed against what I already strongly believe in.

With my educational background in environmentalism, I also got to learn a little about eco-friendly fashion, more commonly known as “ethical fashion.” Even though my idealism for flora and fauna has died down, I still believe that we are to be responsible stewards of God’s creation. My stand on being a servant to God also applies to fashion, but it does not just include the eco-friendly materials or the naturally safe process behind the making of clothes. I think there is enough information and support out there for ethical fashion, so I am adding my support for the morality that has disappeared from fashion to the sphere of environmentalism and clothing.

This is where modesty comes in. If there is concern about the physical effects of your clothing, then why not bother to consider the mental and spiritual effects of what you are wearing? Although the physical is important, I think taking care of your mental and spiritual well-being is much more lasting. Then again, good grief, I just made myself sound like a hippie all over again… But seriously, there should be an end to sexual perversion in fashion. I’m not just talking about the extremes of creepy photographer Terry Richardson and his overly sexual exploits. I’m talking about how we let ourselves wear close to nothing on the streets or even rejoice in a little peepshow of celebrities on magazine covers and movies. Is that how we want to live: like tribal animals? We were made higher beings with the capacity for moral and ethical decisions for a reason.

What I wore: Sakura Rose garden maxi (worn with a sleeveless, high-neck shirt), necklace, bracelets, cuff, earrings | H&M tribal necklace (thanks, Vanessa!) | Parisian boots (Thanks, Ate Gayle!)


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    How much is too much is often a question I ask myself.
    I don’t like wearing skirts that completely cover my knees because I think they make me look too short, but I’m not comfortable in a super mini skirt (usually, unless it’s being worn with tights) and I do not want to be perceived as someone dressing simply to get a sexual response.

    I want people to notice my clothes because I have put thought and care into choosing a look which I consider to be stylish and interesting.

    I believe that confidence is probably the sexiest thing you can wear. Once I was putting on a dress that I love and feel good in and told a friend how much I loved it. She said, “really? I don’t like it at all — it doesn’t show anything!”

    I just laughed in response. The dress may not show lots of skin, but it does flatter my figure and show off my personality.

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    How inspiring? I really enjoyed reading your post. I believe in preserving the environment and I try to be as eco-friendly as possible, but I hope that also reflects in the clothes I wear. I should really look into that. Thanks! I love your outfit, it’s very relevant to the content of your post :)

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    Looking gorgeous as ever my dear…you did a great ensemble for the ethnicity of your outfit!!!! love the dress….and how it fits your sexy body properly!!!!

    loving all the accessories too…stay gorgeous hun!!!!


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    When I was 19 I had a love for the photography of Terry Richardson. . .stupid little girl I was then though. I liked one photo in particular that I kept in my folder for years (no longer have it though . .wish I didn’t have the picture in my head ever). I agree with you by the way (on his photography). Wish I realized it 7.5 years ago.

    I really love this outfit. I wanted to do an ethnic outfit for hypeed but all my former ethnic stuff is all long gone.

    I love this dress of yours and how you styled it with those boots. Very creative!!

    When you did your dancing in 5th grade, did you do that stick jumping game dance thing that they do in the Philippines? I did that in 3rd grade. It was fun. Don’t remember it now though.

    Love the location for this shoot. you look gorgeous. I am sure your Rob is very proud to have you as his wife!! A woman with beauty not only in appearance, but in her soul and mind!

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    yeah I see that he exploits definitely (mr. richardson). I guess he is someone that should have lots of prayer that his heart changes and he sees what he is doing to so many people through his “art”. I will say though on a non sexual manner, he took some awesome shots of Robert Downey Jr. a couple years ago hahahaha. . . this is my favourite. hahahahahaha. but a lot of the other ones from that set aren’t that good. . sexual type of things too (like him sucking a thumb of a girl and one of a girl pulling a gun out of his pants).

    Sad about that Sierra girl’s comment on the “Is This Modest” site. It makes me sad to think that there are so many people who are making their own ideals for things and dis people instead of seeing things GOD’S way by digging into His word! I’m just glad I dug His word and was able to be convicted!!!

    Hope you can answer those two questions I asked you recently so I can make an entry on Ruby Eyed Okapi featuring you so that you get some more readers!!!

    That is awesome that you met Christian Hosoi! I met Stephen Baldwin last year at my church because he came to speak. I have a photo of myself with him. Because of our connection to him (our church), they are trying to now get Christian Hosoi to come and talk too!!! That would be amazing. I loved his I Am Second video!

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    I was going to leave a comment when I read it yesterday or whenever it was, but I agreed that a person with a point of view like that is not going to even want to listen. I agree that she was crude to God in her last statement. I was in shock by it!!

    I actually didn’t even know who RDJ was until about 3.5 years into my marriage! I liked him because of Rob! hehe.

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    Oh my, you looked seriously amazing in this dress! One of the best I’ve seen of your outfits!

    The first pic is just breathtaking, with your hair down:)

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    The bright tribal colors are so fun to look at. I *do* wish people over here payed more attention to the ethics of fashion. You won’t believe how many articles I’ve submitted about that and nobody wants to publish them because they are ‘uncommercial’. :(

    Bea from A plus B

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    That’s a gorgeous outfit, so colorful and full of energy!
    It is great to see that your are a beautiful person on the outside but only on the inside, because of the way you write. I definetely agree with you, and lately I’ve been wondering about why people are so obsessed with the “icons” the media offers, people that are just managed as puppets, and yet we call them our “role models” our “idols” when in fact they are just a reflection of a consuming and unhealthy way of life. Great blog, Ill sure be reading you !

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    Beautiful color plays here! You make me want to be a redhead again. I wish clothes were more about what makes one feel poised, in control, attractive, and confident. It’s too bad that some feel they can only be attractive and worth attention when they emphasize their physical assets in a primitive sexual way. A well-brassiered bustline flattered by a trim black turtleneck? Fabulous. Torso flesh constricted in a tank top two sizes too small, and your nips are showing through? Not fabulous.

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    Sex is natural and we ARE animals, and there is nothing wrong with that. You can call your look modest all you want because your breasts aren’t out (I, for one, love good cleavage) but all of those bright colors and accessories, makeup, dyeing your hair… not modest. –

    I like your style for the most part but I think the fear of open sexuality is a shame.


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