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Romain de Tirtoff, commonly known as Erté (from his initials, R.T.) was well known in the modern world of the 1920s for his art deco designs applied to jewelry, film sets, and fashion. Art deco is characterized by lots of geometric shapes and bold patterns. which is what I was really into when I had an 80s outfit kick about a year ago! The modern era, largely in contrast with the punk and grunge years, was mostly about depicting wealth and affluence through artistic works. As you will see below, these women look like they are superstars (some of them below are named after mythical gods even). Here are a few of my favorites from this Russian-French artist’s costume portfolio:

tuxedo-erte vtagearterte1 asian-princess-erte athena-erte black costume-design-13 ertecostume on-the-avenue-erte the-end-of-romance-erte

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7 Responses to “Erté’s Art Deco Fashion Illustrations”

  1. Kayla C

    I can’t find what medium is used. These are awesome!

  2. maevis

    I would love a set of these to put by my vanity! thanks for the cool post :)

  3. Beth Pyonin Lin

    Love this post!

  4. Vanessa Martinez

    beautiful prints

  5. Glam Gal

    amazing art

  6. Joanne Hale

    these images are simply inspiring! makes me want to pick up my needles and start knitting away!

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