Dream of the 90s: Grunge

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I never thought I’d put the 90s on my list of fashion raves, especially when it used to be my least favorite decade for style. The musical shift from the 80s to the 90s may have been the most awkward transition in the history of music, but in the fashion world, the change didn’t seem to be all that bad. While I was rockin’ platinum hair status before redoing my hair to a darker blue, I did enjoy the “trashy” 90s look a lot. My favorite day was when I had messy hair (both on purpose and accidental, because I somewhat fried my hair with all the bleaching, so I just kind of went with the look). I wore baggy button downs as a cardigan with some of my favorite bands’ buttons on, a Jets t-shirt, black bike shorts, and brown hiking boots with white socks. So, my outfit kind of looked like the first picture you’ll see below (different and livelier colors and with a button down to go with the shirt). Here are some of my favorite iconic 90s looks:

This image was taken from Asos, and those sequin cycling shorts are killer. Sadly, they are out of stock now. I have been generally obsessed with cycling shorts lately. They are great for layering.


Plaid skirts are great. However, I don’t think I’ve found one with the perfect length—right on the knee or slightly above. Sadly, I find a ton of minis everywhere, but I found a remedy for really short skirts by just wearing bike tights underneath. They look really cool, contrary to how it may sound. I like the uniform look a lot, and plaid is perfect for that look. I was deprived of a pleated plaid skirt when I was in private school. I had a uniform that had colors resembling an inverted tree—light beige top, green pleated skirt (and tan socks). And oh yeah—I just bought some Reeboks that were almost the exact same pair as Audrey Horne’s (Twin Peaks) black & white oxfords. However, I thought the quality was not great, because the paint started to peel off the first day I wore them out. I’m selling them here if you are interested (update: SOLD.)


I think my favorite color for lipstick has been wine for a long time now. Occasionally, I used to opt for a really bright red lipstick. I don’t really wear lipstick too often though, because I find that it dries my lips. In fact, a lot if not most chap stick and lip stick dries your lips. Perhaps lip tints work better? Of course, drinking a lot of water is hands down the best thing you can do for your skin and your lips.


Picture from Marc Jacobs


Picture from Marc Jacobs

Though there are many others that are iconic of the 90s, the things I put up are just looks I’ve been trying out and enjoying these days. My husband Rob looks great in 90s clothes, which he likes to wear still :) Is there anything from the 90s that you used to wear and/or still would put on today?

6 thoughts on “Dream of the 90s: Grunge

  1. Oh, too bad! I don’t think I really had a good collection of them to begin with, probably just music festivals and concerts I went to. That would’ve still been cool to keep, though.

    1. Yeah I did too, for the longest time. I used to mention it in my posts once in a while—how I appreciated every decade of style except the 90s. I married my husband who LOVES 90s clothes, and I just started to see some really cool things that I used to not care for. Maybe because it’s just WAY too close to our generation and some bad childhood memories!

  2. I’ve always feel connected to this decade because I lived my childhood during those years so there’s still memories that keep in my mind :) like fashion.

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