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Doing the Tie Bow

August 1st, 2011

I found two of these neat little bows at a thrift store in PA some time ago. They’re made from paper mache and glued to hair clips. Yep, paper mache. This thing I’m wearing is not made of cloth. It’s probably made from wrapping paper or stationery hardened by water and paste. I had this funny feeling that it was made by young Amish girls who didn’t live too far away from where I got these clips. It’s really quite creative—probably a good Etsy idea? I wore one of them in my hair in one of my older outfit posts. This time, I attached a safety pin to the back of the bow so I could pin it on my shirt like a bow tie.

I’ve been wearing a lot of the same things this summer, to be honest! Just take a look at this skirt I’m wearing. It’s the same exact Talbots skirt I had on in my very last outfit post! I have very few comfort pieces, which I tend to live in, especially when I’m on the go and busy as a bee. So if you feel like you haven’t showered in days, just make sure to compensate with a bit of style! Haha. You think greasers used hair gel all the time? By the way, I did shower the day I took this photo. Oh yeah, I also had my hair cut. I love it!

On the next post, I’ll have to introduce the new game from Beauty of the Fall! In case you don’t know, Beauty of the Fall is the game company my bro-in-law and husband started. After that, more giveaways!

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13 Responses to “Doing the Tie Bow”

  1. Heidi

    Cute outfit! It suits you well :)

  2. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    Your hair looks so so cute in these photos. I really love how you look in this outfit too. adorable. paper mache bows sound odd!! That’s so interesting.

  3. Natasha Atkerson

    Your hair looks so cute! LOVE the deep side part! :)
    I know, I’ve been an awful Blogger lately! No excuses, I just haven’t posted! *SIGH* I need to take a shower today actually! I’m trying to stretch them out, it’s supposed to be better on your hair to take showers less often (every 3-5 days depending on your “hair cycle”).
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. Cheryl

    Love your hair, Rach! Using that paper mache tie as a bow tie is so cute. Who says hair clips are only used for the hair? ;)

  5. Laura Kim Connell

    Great outfit and what a cool way to make a tie. Love the haircut, very sassy and gorgeous.

  6. Krystal/Village

    that is such a fun outfit, you pull of a bowtie totally naturally!

  7. Homdrea

    I love your bowtie!

  8. Maloria

    Such a cute look. I heart every piece! I love layering, as well :)

  9. Nicole @ Project Inspired

    Loving this look, so pretty/classy/smart looking. You are such an inspiration!

  10. Sarah

    Rachel!! I LOVE the bow!! I have a few vintage scarves like yours that I have been wanting to wear. I like how you pulled the outfit together! I might take my own spin on it… :)
    So I hope all is well with you. Sorry I’ve been a little absent in the fashion blogging world the last few months. Life has been insane!! But I’m getting back into posting AND commenting regularly. <3

  11. Anthea

    You look amazing and that bow is super creative!

  12. Sophia

    This outfit is gorgeous and your hair as well. Might I add that your brain is beautiful too? I’m going through all your posts now. Hehe.


  13. Ruby Girl

    You’re adorable!! <3 http://www.rubygirlblog.com

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