Diamonds in the Snow

I am now back to school full time after a two-year hiatus! I’m excited about my film and philosophy classes more than anything. I might not be able to write as much with every post because of that, but I will at least take photos of my outfits whenever I get a chance! I am wearing costume diamond jewelry from when I was a bridesmaid at my friend Imon’s wedding last December. I admit that I thought it was tacky at first, but it makes for a good photo shoot session! I should just remember not to put it on when I walk around the bad parts of the city to avoid looking too flamboyant with big, fake diamonds around my neck. I shan’t risk it.

Also, I am very excited to let you know that I was chosen to be featured in Print VA magazine this year. I will post the fashion editorial soon!

What I Wore: Knit dress and leggings from Burlington Coat Factory – Necklace from being Imon’s bridesmaid (thank you!) – Cardigan from Accents

Because I have a regular point-and-shoot camera and can’t afford an SLR right now, it’s hard for me to focus on my face when taking pictures. Here are a few webcam photos if you’re interested to see a closeup of my typical makeup:


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    I Love the necklace, not tacky AT ALL. I prefer costume jewellry to the real thing. To me big diamonds that are real are more tacky, I’m not sure why I feel that way. I think I like the democracy of costume: anyone can afford it. Swarovski jewellry is my favourite and it is surprisingly affordable depending where you get it.

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      I do agree with you on costume jewelry. Almost all of my jewelry are costume, but it was just this particular necklace that didn’t look quite attractive to me the first time I saw it. I like it now, though.

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    Adore this outfit! You look cozy and chic! Love the makeup, it is nice and fresh. :)
    Good luck at school! We can go through it together- hehe :)


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