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I am totally barefoot in all of these shots, so I cut the bottom parts off. Nope, not trying to be foot modest or anything… just feet shy, because I had been lazily walking around barefoot all morning. It’s winter, and I am barefoot and proud (at least not in these photos).

I’ve worn this over-sized sweater in a previous winter outfit post, and I just love eeet. I’ve proudly told complete strangers this week that I had been living in it this whole week (again, so proud of my hobo-ness).

I am really excited about what I am about to share with you in less than a week! I am going to be working with corset-ors (corset creators?) and will be giving away corsets just like what I am wearing in this post! I am still trying to figure out how to make corsets look like part of my clothing, because I really hate to have people think of underwear when they see my outfit. I am married and work everyday—it’s not like I am around hep cats all day. Tee hee. I think I should change my tagline to “constructive conservatism,” because that’s what I pretty much do.

And oh, before I go… thank you so much Clementine from the Camerawalls for Rob’s birthday favor! I should put that video up for everyone to see. Before then, everyone PLEASE CHECK THE CAMERAWALLS OUT! The guy is like Lennon, and the music is like The Smiths.

 Stirrup leggings: Shopbop

Corset: Shape Corset

Sweater: vintage

Fedora: Topshop


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8 Responses to “Detective Witch Hazel: Floppy Fedora + Corset + Hobo Sweater + Barefeet”

  1. Elisa

    Oooh I love it! Especially corset+jumper+superoversizecardigan! <3 <3 <3 I love that kind of waist cinchers I used to have so many! Then I grew up and got a job and had no time to go clubbing anymore (I am joking! Oh well, the "I have no time" part is true, but also the "I can't be bothered to dress up in this moment" is!)
    I never wear corsets like to go to the supermarket or to dinner cause they're bloody uncomfortable!
    Anyway you look amazing.
    And thank you for the compliments about my name on the other post, and to answer you: Vivian was my old nickname, it's been my nickname on the internet for ages (since I had my first myspace)! It comes from Vivian Wilde, he's one of the two Oscar Wilde's son. I am a great fan, so that's why! My friends still call me Vivian, especially my flatmate. The other people are always wondering why haha! I don't mind my name though, and the reason why I started using my own name is that I want to "honour" my parents! I use both of their surnames in fact! :D

  2. Becca C.

    So super cute!

  3. Dana Rodriguez

    I love the look!Looks very comfortable..and warm

  4. SG

    Gorgeous, love your hat!

  5. Leonor

    Great look dear! :)

  6. Mery

    me encanta! super casual!

  7. Merry

    Cute! I really like the contrast between the chunky sweater and the corset. I’ve never really thought about incorporating corsets into outfits, as opposed to just clubwear, lingerie or shapewear. But the end result is really great! And it looks surprisingly comfy yet pulled together, due to the big sweater on top.

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