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This little corner on the web called Designed by Mermaids is having me host a quaint giveaway for these precious beaded seashell bracelets. There will be 10 winners, and each of you will get to pick what color you’d like to win of these. The chances will be great, because I have never had that many winners for one giveaway before, so hurry up and enter! A lot of the extra options you can do more than once and daily.

The results of this giveaway are based on random drawing. Remember, the more entries you have, the more chances of winning. Good luck! Open to all (US and international) and will end on Sunday, March 31st at 12 am EST.

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The winners of the Designed by Mermaids contest are:

1. Irina Gnatiuk
2. Despina Vnt
3. Slađana Sušilović
4. MC chau
5. Kisty Mea
6. Rachel Harrison
7. Megan Durrant
8. Antonella Togato
9. marianne p
10. francesca biondina

Congratulations!!! You will be receiving an e-mail from me shortly. :)

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129 Responses to “Designed by Mermaids Giveaway”

  1. Irina Gnatiuk

    I would like the blue one please.) Thanks for the giveaway!)

  2. tanyaminxy

    I would like white bracelet =^.^=

  3. Suzquiz M

    I would like the blue please

  4. Neeraj Sabharwal

    i would like the blue bracelet

  5. Colleen Boudreau


  6. Megan D.

    I like the pink!

  7. Kris Wilson

    pink – my fav color

  8. Donna Wilson

    I like the light blue one.


  9. Noor Unnahar

    The pink ones ;)

  10. Allie Gunter

    I love the blue & light blue :)


  11. Jc Loh

    Orange please

  12. Jil Meier

    I would like the White one :)

  13. Irina Gnatiuk

    Commented on “Monochrome Marant” blog post.)

  14. Valentina ☆

    who is the winner at the last giveaway? =)

  15. justicepirate

    blue to match my hair, of course.

  16. Samantha Tedesco

    I’d love the blue light one!

    thank you! :)

  17. va

    light blue too

  18. Netti P.

    white *-*

  19. Nóra Piros

    whiite :)

  20. Margaret Smith

    I like the blue. Thanks so much.

  21. Marianne P

    I love the orange one

  22. john hutchens


  23. Lisa Bolduc

    the light blue one

  24. Sylvia Zajis

    Blue please

  25. Dana Rodriguez


  26. Kristen Morris

    light blue!

  27. Marianne P

    Hey girl just wondering when will you announce the winners of your ray-ban giveaway?

  28. Rachel

    Hi, I have already announced it on Facebook, Twitter, and the Ray Ban blog post. Thank you for joining! I already have more giveaways scheduled to be published this month.

  29. laura cagalj

    white <3

  30. nancy pintinalli

    I would like the pink bracelet

  31. Szappanbubi

    I would love the light blue, please!


  32. Despina Vnt

    The light blue one, please!!

  33. Katie Roch

    I would choose the white

  34. Monique Rizzo

    Thanks for the chance.


  35. Natassia Brow

    Definitely white :)

  36. Julie Bickham

    I like the light blue one.

  37. Alison Braidwood

    I’d love to win the light blue bracelet. They’re super cute.

  38. Melissa Avey


  39. Desiree Dunbar

    I’d like the bracelet in orange.

    Desiree Dunbar

  40. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    light blue

  41. Alex Vazquez

    light blue

  42. Marilyn Holeman

    These are pretty! I think I’d like blue or light blue. (It would depend on if I’m keeping it, or giving it as a gift.) Thanks for the give away!

  43. Olesia Flegka

    Light blue!!!

  44. happyafterblog

    I would like the blue one:)

  45. micmas

    light blue

  46. Stephanie Heron

    Light blue, or orange please :)

  47. oriana vasquez

    i would like the light blue one!

  48. Lorna England

    I’d choose orange! Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Love3570

    I would choose the blue.


  50. S. Holeman

    I’d like to win white or light blue-pretty!

  51. Elaine Bolduc

    i like the blue, thank you

  52. Grace Inman

    light blue!

  53. Christina Yang

    Light blue (:

  54. Mona Hassan

    I like blue, thank you.

  55. Sandra Davis

    i like the white on
    sandradavis07 at comcast dot net

  56. Ramona G

    Maybe pink or white

  57. Ellen Chevarie

    i have a hard time with colour.i know this is odd.i was in tears trying to pick a paint colour for my bathroom.anyways last year i started to add colour and was able to choosse a few colours for my wardrobe,so im going to go with the coral colour although this is hard for me

  58. Ellen Chevarie

    i have a hard time with colour.i know this is odd.i was in tears trying to pick a paint colour for my bathroom.anyways last year i started to add colour and was able to choosse a few colours for my wardrobe,so im going to go with the coral colour although this is hard for me .

  59. Jessica Costa

    I like them all but I’m a green people.. so I would have to go with green…

  60. Jo T


  61. mc

    I like the blue! deana c

  62. Joni Dolniak

    I like the light blue.
    dolniaks at consolidated dot net

  63. Areeba Siddique

    I’d choose white!

  64. Jen

    I like pink

    hippopurplemonkey at yahoo dot com

  65. Brooke Adametz

    I’d like orange!

  66. Debora Ferri

    Great giveaway!
    Debora Ferri
    I’d like to win the coral one


  67. Lieschen

    i’d love the orange one!

  68. Alexanderia Esprit

    Ihope I win!!!!

  69. Alexanderia Esprit

    I would like to win the light blue one

  70. Trez Drake

    light blue.

  71. Anisha Vasudevan

    I like the pink one :)

  72. CD.

    White please!

  73. Anonymous

    White seems the most like summer and goes with everything.

  74. Anonymous

    I made a comment on LBD.

  75. Patti LeBlanc

    Light blue! lebl9077@bellsouth.net

  76. Marta K.

    I’d like to win the white one! :P

  77. Madonna Dolin

    I love them all, they are so cute but if I can only pick one I pick white.

  78. mindingearth

    I’d love to win pink.

  79. Lynda Del Castillo

    I like the white one!

  80. Jessica Taylor

    light blue or white!

  81. Zoe Lee

    Light blue, white or pink :) So hard to pick just one

  82. Cynthia Richardson

    I love the orange


  83. Julia Tallant


  84. Jodi Stewart

    Blue, helps with dreaming of the ocean from my inland home :)

  85. Ashley Slater

    Either light blue or white–love them both equally.

  86. phxbne


  87. Melody Johnson

    I like the orange one.

  88. Edita Kolesnik

    I’d love to win light blue or white :) can’t decide yet :)

  89. Sara Beth Trowbridge

    Love the blue and light blue!

  90. Sara Beth Trowbridge

    Love the blue bracelets!

  91. nathaly herrera

    The Orange one is gorgeous

  92. Kisty StyleMermaid

    I’d love to win the light blue or white! <3

  93. Lyudmila Sizova

    I like orange color!

  94. Ambra Speciale


  95. Toria Mason

    White would be my first choice. It would go with more choices. :) But I love them all!

  96. Sofia Byrd

    Definitely a pink bracelet!

  97. Sahara Rao

    light blue

  98. Lucy Mitchell

    Light blue :D

  99. Florinda Fraccalvieri

    Pink! :D

  100. Rachel Dahl

    Hello, that link is not on alamodest.com , but I see that you left a comment on another post. That’s okay.

  101. Chicca Tamburrino


  102. Jae Elisa

    Starfish are so pretty and delicate :) I really like the white bracelet.

  103. Adriana Sorrentino

    Difficult choice! I really like the white and the light blue… *-*

  104. Francesca Biondina

    I love Orange! *_*

  105. Giada Celeste

    Light Blue

  106. Damla

    White or blue :)

  107. Stacy T

    I love the light blue!

  108. Slađana Sušilović


  109. Rayna M

    Orange or light blue. Thanks.

  110. Lisa Day

    light blue is so lovely!

  111. Catherine Davidson

    The coral one is my favorite. The blue is also very cute :)

  112. trillina palemi

    white :)

  113. Antonella Togato

    i love pink
    shared https://www.facebook.com/antonella.togato/posts/101199503411072

  114. Slađana Sušilović

    comment on http://alamodest.com/shamballa-style/

  115. Julia F

    Pink! =)

  116. Ana Ma

    I like all colours:-)

  117. Jennifer Reed

    I would love the orange bracelet.

  118. Thomas Steplyk

    I like the white and the orange

  119. Maegan Morin

    I would love to win Pink!!

  120. Alessia Lale

    Blue :)

  121. liliana leo


  122. Sara Martino

    I would love to win Pink!!!

  123. Mateja Novak


  124. Despina T

    light blue would be perfect!

  125. Despina T


  126. Theresa Mahoney

    Light blue!

  127. Kimberly Hilbert

    I like the blue the best.

  128. Marianna

    Hey girl when will you announce the 10 super lucky (Oh God, please let me be included!) winners?

  129. Rachel

    Hi dear, I will be announcing the winners tomorrow. Good luck! :)

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