Ashton Kutcher’s “Sexy” Speech

Ashton Kutcher sexy speech

Have you all seen Ashton Kutcher’s speech at the teen choice award this year? It really took me by surprise. Since it didn’t win Video of the Day on Hannity’s show, I will put it up here. Listen and learn, young readers. Sexiness is about being smart.

8 thoughts on “Ashton Kutcher’s “Sexy” Speech

  1. Oh yes, that corset is sure sexy. I think corset really makes you feel sexy probably because it embodies the shape of your figure. And I think Ashton is living the life of Steve Jobs and it changed him in some way and I definitely agree with you, he looks and sounds hot in that video.


  2. Im a pear but I would try it too , love the corset skirt , havent tried one but now I just might have too ! super sexy

  3. Agreed on high waisted clothing :) it feels so much more comfortable too! This is a bit less practical than some everyday high waisted bottoms but then again, it looks quite va-va-voom :)

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