Cool & Conservative Surfer Girls

conservative modest surfer swimwear girl woman

Although I am girly in a lot of ways, I do admire masculinity in women. Masculinity gets a bad rep in some conservative and religious communities, but if you look at these women in the photos below there is no doubt they are female. With the overabundance of estrogen in food nowadays, women could use a bit more testosterone in their bodies to balance out our hormones!

As you know, Blue Crush the movie and Roxy ads have long set the stage for what surfer girls should look like, wearing tiny bikinis that don’t realistically stay in place when riding major waves! I still prefer the surfer look with scuba suits or separates on women as I do with men. The words “tough,” “hardcore,” “serious” and “legit” come to mind when I see surfers in full clothing. I take them a bit more seriously as I do with individuals in other competitive sports. I know that may sound judgmental, but we can’t deny the reality that the same kind of thinking applies to how customers and coworkers view clothing around the workplace. It’s hard wired into our brains.

Enjoy looking through photos of lovely and talented surfer gals below that the Beach Boys’ wouldn’t give a pass:

conservative modest surfer swimwear girl womanconservative modest surfer swimwear girl womanconservative modest surfer swimwear girl womanconservative modest surfer swimwear girl woman

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A few vintage photos of surfer girls are below, because I cannot help but post vintage photos of everything I talk about :)

conservative modest surfer swimwear girl woman vintageconservative modest surfer swimwear girl woman vintage

Below are a few of my favorite quirky modest bathing suits from ModestSea, which are perfect for the active swimmer or surfer. Even if you’re not usually covered up on the beach, it’s nice to have water repellant clothing that is not a raincoat. I find that the best material for my workout clothes are the type that swimsuits are made of, without actually wearing a swimsuit! Water resistant material doesn’t cling to  skin easily when sweaty and hides whatever bulge you may have! PS Don’t you think the model below looks a lot like Natalie Portman?

modestsea-lori-1-swimsuit-surfer-women-girlsLori Swim Dress

modestsea-lori-1-swimsuit-surfer-women-girlsNicole 2-pc

modestsea-carmen-eva swimsuit
Eva & Carmen

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What do you think about these swimsuits and swim dresses—yay or nay?

15 thoughts on “Cool & Conservative Surfer Girls

  1. I have never personally tried surfing but I know what exactly you mean when their are ads with surfers wearing bikini’s. I appreciate seeing ad’s showing the real sport.
    It bugs me as well when I see pictures of woman wearing shorts while hiking or riding a horse. You will regret wearing shorts that night after a hike or riding a horse. It doesn’t look like they are realistically advertising the sport.
    Those vintage pictures are so cute! I love seeing old pictures like that. It’s interesting to see how we lived back in the day, especially on the beach and what not. :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Natasha,

      Seriously? I didn’t know about this company until recently. These swim dresses look stylish. Rash guard looks really cool. I actually haven’t worn a swimsuit in years! I’m so torn apart by the lack of quality, stylish, and modest to my standards swimsuits out there. Most of the modest swimsuits I’ve seen aren’t modest enough or are too tacky. Glad to know some options!


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