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Cirque du Clique

April 2nd, 2013

rachel dahl rachel dahl rachel dahl

rachel dahl

Jacket: Vintage

Leotard shell: Ann Taylor

Dress: Ross?

Bag: Hermes

Boots: Capelta Couture

My hubby and I finally saw Cirque du Soleil (“Totem”) for the first time live in NYC where we had our fourth anniversary. See my Instagram photo with a purple-haired female Cirque performer here and Pippo Crotti’s comment.  It was a lot of fun spending almost a week in the city but also a lot of spending money! Ouch. Everything we did was well worth it though. Rob and I had been eating mostly organic since he got sick, and thankfully the city had oodles of exquisite places to eat. Our favorite however was Siggy’s Good Food, and we stopped by almost everyday of the week during our stay. The owner Siggy and the employees were super nice, and I almost cried when I had the almond protein smoothie.

Besides touristy activities, we also made our rounds to different shops including thrift stores (of course), and I found this old and beat up Hermes bag just laying in a bin! It’s incredibly filthy and has what looks like bleach stains on it, but I had to pick it up just so that I could say I found a Hermes bag for the first time in my thrifting history!

I decided to write a bit about our New York trip that we took about a year ago, because this outfit kind of looks like a circus ensemble. It’s mainly because of the stripes and the bubble sleeves on my jacket just like Rainbow Brite’s. I think these Clique boots‘ chains that I got from Capelta Couture also add to it. These are the same exact boots worn by a girl from Jersey Shore (not a fan of that show, to be honest). The chains are actually detachable, so you can choose to wear them without the chains for a more neutral look. You can transfer the chains to some other pair of boots as well *wink*.

I know I’ve been hosting a lot of giveaways, and apparently that’s a big no-no according to IFB. Oh honestly, I despite selling out. However, when I get a chance to give something back to you guys, I take it whenever I can. I only really give away things I generally approve of. That makes everyone happy :) Expect more freebies!

With that said, Capelta Couture has donated a pair of Clique boots to the winner of this random drawing!

The results of this giveaway are based on random drawing. Remember, the more entries you have, the more chances of winning. Good luck! Open to all (US and international) and will end on Sunday, April 14th at 12 am EST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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62 Responses to “Cirque du Clique”

  1. Roxy

    the shoes are soooooooooo cute! I love your whole outfit. I don’t think I could have thought to put all those elements together.

  2. Heidi Erickson

    Such a unique and fun outfit! That jacket is fun and so different – I love it!
    What a great find at the thrift store. I would buy it too if it had stains- lol. Maybe you could ask a dry cleaner or repair shop to see if they can remove the stains?

  3. Anne Taylor

    You look great in your outfit! I love everything, but the Leotard Shell is my favourite part! (The boots aren’t far behind) lol


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  4. Rayna M

    The shoes are just gorgeous and I really like your outfit as well.

  5. Rifka Sams

    That bag is just amazing!!!

  6. Edita Kolesnik

    I love the jacket, it’s looks so comfy :) and of course, shoes are amazing :) I’d love to win a pair :)
    thank you for hosting this giveaway ;)

  7. Irina Gnatiuk

    Like your jacket and the boots! Thank you for the giveaway!)

  8. Alesia Flegka

    Your jacket is incredible! And the shoes are awesome!

  9. Alesia Flegka

    I am Lulu on Rafflecopter

  10. Natalia Afonina

    That bag is just amazing!

  11. Lyudmila Sizova

    This shoes are actual already!
    I hope to win!
    lusizova at gmail.com

  12. Yuliya Sh

    These boots are awsome!

  13. Kristen Morris

    I love the playful mix of patterns in this outfit! So casual cool!

  14. Jane Smith

    those are cute shoes.

  15. Dana Rodriguez

    I love the jacket and I am crazy about the boots!Thanks for the chance

  16. Dana Rodriguez

    Commented here http://alamodest.com/chambray-y-velvet/

  17. Suzanne Smith

    The boots are artwork!

  18. you beautiful

    I love the Jacket, It would be perfect for my travels to the UK

  19. Robert Brown

    My wife would love those boots

  20. Rebecca Peters

    I love those boots! I need them!!

  21. Steph Couponsx

    I absolutely love these shoes!! they are gorgeous!

  22. Katie Roch

    I love the chain detail on the boots and that you were daring enough to wear them with a dress.

  23. Pamela Forbes

    the boots are gorgeous! love the outfit as well x

  24. Shari D

    I love these boots! I have a real shoe fetish and they even have their own room! cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

  25. Kimberly Leong

    Those boots are fabulous! I love how you paired them with that chic dress.

  26. Alex Vazquez

    My favourite part is the boots — I love them!!!

  27. Jaime Brown

    I really like those shoes, thank you:)

  28. Alison Braidwood

    The boots are super-cute. And I really envy your Hermes bag find. The best thing I’ve found in a thrift store/charity shop was a Gucci suede bag in London.

  29. tracey byram

    I d’ love to show off these fab boots. I really like the heel height and the chain embelishment.

  30. Sarah Perry

    Your boots really stand out in the outfit! I love this jacket and when I saw it was vintage…I loved it even more :)

  31. Mary Ireland

    Those boots are sweet. I would love to have them to show off

  32. Farah Alam

    Very chic…love the boots and dress

  33. jslolee

    These boots look lovely

  34. Jc Loh

    The vintage jacket is drool worthy!

  35. Courtney Villari

    loving the outfit! :) especially with the shoes!

  36. Courtney Villari

    my rafflecopter name is courtney b!

  37. Amy Pugmire

    I love the shoes! the whole outfit is gorgeous!

  38. Wanda Bergman

    Oh, I love that big sweater!

  39. Ruben Ramos

    Cute outfit

  40. Sarah Perry

    commented on this post as sarah perry http://alamodest.com/chambray-y-velvet/#comments

  41. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    love the outfit – especially the sweater :)

  42. Bina Edwards

    I like the outfit, I think its the colors that attract me the most

  43. Slađana Sušilović

    I love the shoes!

  44. Anonymous

    i like the dress, though the sweater jacket may be a little much

  45. susan chester

    I love the entire look. It looks great on you!

  46. Carol Roberts

    i think its a fabolus look a lot of colors sweater i love

  47. NiaGlamBabe

    These boots look lovely

  48. NiaGlamBabe

    ommented on Corsets: A Transcendental Garment as NiaGlamBabe

  49. Heather Swarthout

    These shoes are gorgeous! (lilbittypanda at aol dot com)

  50. Maegan Morin

    I want that sweater soooo bad!!! It looks so comfy and you look great!

  51. Mateja Novak

    These shoes are gorgeous! Love them!

  52. Lesley Fuchs

    I love those shoes!

  53. Misha Estrada

    I really like the dress.

  54. Carizza Tabobo

    that vintage cardigan is so perfect, I’m in love!

  55. Carizza Tabobo

    I commented on Corsets: A Transcendental Garment. x

  56. Michael Perkins

    Hot! love it

  57. Peggy Contestal

    Love the shoes…oh-la-la

  58. jean wutter

    Nice outfit. Love the shoes

  59. Marissa Maestas

    Those are some beautiful shoes.

  60. Laura Emerson

    I like how you made the whole look come together so perfectly.

  61. Joanne Hale

    love those shoes, but is that jacket handknitted? love it! i am a knitter and can be found at http://www.facebook.com/lilmrzknitzalot

  62. Mafalda C.

    You really did those boots justice, stunning coordinate! I love the way you balance fit, colour and fabric, you’re so creative with your looks <3

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