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Circassian Black Hair

July 17th, 2012

After more than half a year being “blue”, I got bored with my hair. I changed it to a color that appeared like my natural color. I have naturally brown hair, but I like the way how jet black is so shiny! Bleaching really did kill my hair so bad, so this was definitely a nice change. I used two boxes of black hair dye, and I STILL have streaks of blue in some parts of my hair. I have been asked if dressing up with blue hair was difficult, and I have to admit it was at first. Without thinking, I would pull out blue items from my closet more than usual and put them on (like in this last outfit post, for instance). My mother-in-law would say for the nth time, “Your hair matches your shirt!” How come nobody ever says that for black, red, blonde, or brown hair?


How fortunate that the only ad I found for Circassian hair dye was an ad from Baltimore, which is where I live. Supposedly in the 1800s there were a variety of products inspired by the beauty of Circassian women. One of them is dark hair dye (dark brown or black) which was very popular at the time. Circassia now occupies mostly the modern day Russian Federation. Circassian women were thought to be the epitome of beauty, but they were also enslaved sexually. It must be so nice to be that beautiful that the whole world looks up to you, but at the same time, it is also miserable that you do not even own yourself. That is what tends to happen when women put out too much of their bodies and make it their identity. There is an illusion of power that they hold, but they really are nothing else but a fleeting image. If you want to learn more about Circassian women, you can always look the topic up on my trusty Wiki.



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11 Responses to “Circassian Black Hair”

  1. Natasha Atkerson

    Hmmm…who asked you that question about your hair! LOL! :) Sorry, it was just something I always wanted to ask someone!

    You look great with black hair as well! Hopefully there’s more outfit posts coming soon…??? *GRIN*
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    I know nothing about circassian women at all. I never heard of the term before!
    Your hair is always beautiful.

  3. Rachel @ a la Modest

    Haha. It’s a question that needed to be asked, because I really was having difficulty at first! Also, other people have asked me other things related to your question :-) certainly, you were the first on the blog to do that! I will put up more outfit posts soon. Thanks, Natasha!

  4. Rachel @ a la Modest

    Actually, last night was the first time I learned about the area. I’m glad I did. I like learning about odd history :-) Thanks, Victoria! Your hair is gorgeous as well!

  5. Laura@forthoseabouttoshop.ca

    That’s a beautiful picture of you, Rachel. The black hair is very sophisticated.

  6. Rachel @ à la Modest

    Thank you, Laura!

  7. Caroline

    Your hair is lovely and I love that old hair dye advert, so cool!

  8. Rachel @ à la Modest

    Thank you, Caroline! I like finding ads from the 1800s… that’s something you don’t see too often on fashion blogs!

  9. Natasha Atkerson

    To answer your question-my family owns a car wash in a VERY windy city-and that’s why I didn’t wear the headscarf the whole day. I didn’t want to bother with it while I was working! :)

  10. Adiga

    Hi, you’re new hair is great.

    I am a Circassian living in diaspora. There are about 6 million of us worldwide with about 700,000 in the homeland (historical Circassia = Northwest Caucasus). Corassians have no repatriation rights therefore they cannot return to their homeland. To make it worse Russia will be holding the upcoming Olympic games in Sochi which is the city where they committed genocide against most of the population.

    Unfortunately most of the world doesn’t know about this. If anyone knows a bit about Circassians it’s usually that their woman are beauties and their men strong warriors. Circassian woman where considered beautiful for their unique features such as dark hair and opaque skin coloring along with certain facial features. However, what made them beautiful was their modesty and respect. Circassian woman did not show skin and traditional dresses where long sleeved and long skirted.

    The history is deep and multi faceted. If you have any comments or questions I would be more than happy to chat. My email is circassianconscience@gmail.com.

    Take care!!

  11. Rachel @ à la Modest

    Hello Adiga,

    I did not know about their history in modesty. That is very intriguing—and the same goes for the plight of present day Circassians. I would love to chat with you through e-mail about this. Thank you so much for replying!

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