Christmastime is Sneakin’ Around: What Gifts Do They REALLY Want?

me I really have not worn sneakers in forever. I just love that these are maroon and are wedged. I’d been looking for a pair like these to match with a seemingly office-type outfit to break the monotony of a dull, foggy December. me3

So Christmas is only 5 days away.  I’ve been getting into the habit of asking people for what they want instead of just coming up with something, and that method has worked really well for me. I’ve learned to act this way because of my sister-in-law. She used to ask me what I wanted, and her presents (obviously) were always my favorite.

If you prefer surprises, this could still work by having people give you something in the same category or style of presents. I met up with two of my closest friends last weekend. One of them asked for a gift card from Macy’s to help pay for her favorite fragrance; and the other, after much coaxing, eventually asked for something “girly like a cross body bag so (she) could look like a lady.” I told the first friend that I probably couldn’t give her the full amount to pay for her perfume, but I did end up getting her a purse-sized version of the perfume instead. She didn’t expect it, so her reaction was definitely priceless. When the present is genuinely appreciated, both the giver and the receiver equally benefit. I don’t think I did a very good job getting my other friend exactly the girly thing she asked for, but I think it’s because it’s a lot easier to work with specifics! I got her a cross body bag from Aigner, because she did say something like it. Either way, it was a lot of fun just seeing them!

A good way to determine what things the “giftee” would like is to look at their social accounts for clues. Today, we are not limited to just Facebook—there’s Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, among other things. You could also have someone send you their online store (such as wishlist or post one yourself.

Speaking of Macy’s, apply for a Macy’s card if you haven’t! It’s so worth it. You gets tons of benefits (freebies and discounts), and also you can opt to donate to charity. A lot of the things I am giving as presents are practically free with my Macy’s card.


salmon nail polish (and other pastels) – long sweater with a dog (or cat/horse/galaxy) print, nude matte pumps, and lots of sweater dresses (matched with different colored microfiber tights for the cold)

Above are just a few of the things I’ve been wanting myself. I usually just end up purchasing what I want, because I do rarely say what I want from people. I really should try to be a bit bolder this time around, so I can cut my costs on things I will be buying for myself anyway!

What do you really want for Christmas? By this, I mean the season of commercialism and gift giving. Jesus will remain in my heart all year long.