Christmas in VA Beach

Even though Rob and I swore not to buy anything for each other for any occasion (including birthdays), I still gave Rob a Christmas/winter mix CD (a mix of legally free and paid mp3s), and he gave me a heavenly warm monkey face Snuggie that he found on sale. I had been talking about how ingenious Snuggies were for more than a year—even though everybody is still freaked out by those things (have you seen the Weezer parody of the Snuggie commercial?) He is so sweet to recall that! Above, you’ll find the entire playlist of the mix I made. Enjoy! By the way, if you want any of the Sounds Familyre Christmas songs or albums, you can find them here for dirt cheap (and the third album for free).

We drove all the way to VA Beach and stayed at my parent’s new place for Christmas. It was beautiful there, but sadly, a lot of the touristy attractions were all closed. I snapped some photos by the natural lake right next to my parent’s house as well as at their deck overlooking the lake. What a peaceful place to retire! I took these photos with the intention of documenting the next day’s outfit the day before the abominable snow storm of ten or so inches came. Obviously, that opportunity never came. I’m just glad that we were safe in the height of the storm as we drove back home.

I had on a crazy-looking vintage blouse I bought on Christmas eve. It was a bit loose all over, so I tucked it in (which I usually do now with my shirts). It feels magical being next to a lamppost in these pictures, maybe because it reminds me of Narnia. Speaking of, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was great. My favorite line from the movie would have to be from Aslan. He said, “(In the human world) I have another name. You must learn to know me by that name.” That gave me chills. A lot of us want God to speak to us audibly because sometimes we just want verbal assurance apart from just knowing He’s there, and I was moved by that line from the movie because I desire that very thing. Of course, we always want the easy way out of things. It would definitely be so much easier to decide especially because I am so indecisive and cautious, and I want everything to be laid out for me to avoid mistakes. The course of life doesn’t work that way, and God left us His “instructional manual” and the gift of free will to maneuver through our own path. I think I’ve grown up a bit in my faith by pursuing a more proactive life rather than always waiting for vague and ambiguous signs from heaven before proceeding to any action. I believe that if decisions aren’t sinful or unbiblical, there is no right or wrong—especially when it boils down to simply preference (of say, your mate or your college).

I threw on this red-cropped cardigan my mother bought me from her trip to the Philippines. It was good for two reasons—it had a festive color, and it made my puffy blouse fit better. I was also carrying this red H&M purse I got as a present from my dear ol’ friend Vanessa. Thank you all for your gifts and cards! I still think the Snuggie was the best gift I received this year! Gifts with lots of thought put into them regardless of the price tag are always best (homemade comes to mind). That’s why cards are only valuable to keep when they are more than just signed! I know very few people who are good with that kind of thing, so it makes complete sense why I cling to those people who value words of affirmation as an expression of love. Words are beautiful to me, and I would never say that they are of less value than actions when they are accompanied by action.

Here are more pictures taken outside of Nauticus (which was closed that day):

Oh, here are two webcam pictures I took of me with no makeup (hoorah) and with the Snuggie on that Rob gave me. Snuggie is the ultimate modesty cloak!

If you still want more gifts after the holidays, I won’t call you greedy. I am hosting a giveaway for Sweet Edge’s winter accessories set (hat and scarf). It ends on January 14!