Christmas in VA Beach

Even though Rob and I swore not to buy anything for each other for any occasion (including birthdays), I still gave Rob a Christmas/winter mix CD (a mix of legally free and paid mp3s), and he gave me a heavenly warm monkey face Snuggie that he found on sale. I had been talking about how ingenious Snuggies were for more than a year—even though everybody is still freaked out by those things (have you seen the Weezer parody of the Snuggie commercial?) He is so sweet to recall that! Above, you’ll find the entire playlist of the mix I made. Enjoy! By the way, if you want any of the Sounds Familyre Christmas songs or albums, you can find them here for dirt cheap (and the third album for free).

We drove all the way to VA Beach and stayed at my parent’s new place for Christmas. It was beautiful there, but sadly, a lot of the touristy attractions were all closed. I snapped some photos by the natural lake right next to my parent’s house as well as at their deck overlooking the lake. What a peaceful place to retire! I took these photos with the intention of documenting the next day’s outfit the day before the abominable snow storm of ten or so inches came. Obviously, that opportunity never came. I’m just glad that we were safe in the height of the storm as we drove back home.

I had on a crazy-looking vintage blouse I bought on Christmas eve. It was a bit loose all over, so I tucked it in (which I usually do now with my shirts). It feels magical being next to a lamppost in these pictures, maybe because it reminds me of Narnia. Speaking of, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was great. My favorite line from the movie would have to be from Aslan. He said, “(In the human world) I have another name. You must learn to know me by that name.” That gave me chills. A lot of us want God to speak to us audibly because sometimes we just want verbal assurance apart from just knowing He’s there, and I was moved by that line from the movie because I desire that very thing. Of course, we always want the easy way out of things. It would definitely be so much easier to decide especially because I am so indecisive and cautious, and I want everything to be laid out for me to avoid mistakes. The course of life doesn’t work that way, and God left us His “instructional manual” and the gift of free will to maneuver through our own path. I think I’ve grown up a bit in my faith by pursuing a more proactive life rather than always waiting for vague and ambiguous signs from heaven before proceeding to any action. I believe that if decisions aren’t sinful or unbiblical, there is no right or wrong—especially when it boils down to simply preference (of say, your mate or your college).

I threw on this red-cropped cardigan my mother bought me from her trip to the Philippines. It was good for two reasons—it had a festive color, and it made my puffy blouse fit better. I was also carrying this red H&M purse I got as a present from my dear ol’ friend Vanessa. Thank you all for your gifts and cards! I still think the Snuggie was the best gift I received this year! Gifts with lots of thought put into them regardless of the price tag are always best (homemade comes to mind). That’s why cards are only valuable to keep when they are more than just signed! I know very few people who are good with that kind of thing, so it makes complete sense why I cling to those people who value words of affirmation as an expression of love. Words are beautiful to me, and I would never say that they are of less value than actions when they are accompanied by action.

Here are more pictures taken outside of Nauticus (which was closed that day):

Oh, here are two webcam pictures I took of me with no makeup (hoorah) and with the Snuggie on that Rob gave me. Snuggie is the ultimate modesty cloak!

If you still want more gifts after the holidays, I won’t call you greedy. I am hosting a giveaway for Sweet Edge’s winter accessories set (hat and scarf). It ends on January 14!


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    aww glasses look so cute on you. Careful with that one leg up there in those chair shots! I have shoes similar to yours. I Adore this outfit Rachel. So much so. . it’s going in the modest inspiration tumblr: hehe.

    The blouse is lovely even if it was a little big and such. That is so nice that your parents live right next to that gorgeous lake.

    I have yet to see voyage of the dawn treader but really really really want to. I wonder if my parents can babysit so I can do so! I loved the Wonderworks 80s version of it though! hehe.

    You’re funny with your snuggie. At least yours is cute. I really can’t take them otherwise. haha.

    That ship is crazy and really pretty. Love the shots of you and Rob together. aww.

    God’s instruction manual is the BEST.

    I didn’t know that Shonen Knife did any Christmas songs!! I used to always play their Happy Hour album when I was 17. hehe. Still have it.

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    You’re not ruining the movie at all for me because of the fact that I read the book series hehe. I do know of the Susan scene (supposed to be only two . . one where Lucy is reading the book because she is envious of her sister’s beauty and the end when they come over with Aslan and tell Lucy and Edmond they can’t revisit Narnia again . .so I assume that is where she is wearing a pretty bleu dress??). Hope this doesn’t give spoilers to those who read my comment! haha. I just really look forward to the following scenes when I do see it: The madness of darkness everywhere and then seeing all the lillies, when there is water that turns everything to gold (that to me is a very spiritual scene). . oh oh I totally forgot Eustice’s Dragon scenes of course (also very very spirtual). those were always my favourite. . oh oh and “The star” . . as in Caspian’s woman! haha. That was my third favourite book in the series! The silver Chair is my second (which is next. Can’t wait at all!!!!!!!!) and The Magician’s Nephew is my ultimate favourite – spoiler alert. . the magician’s nephew is the professor from the lion the witch and the wardrobe – the man who owned the wardrobe in which the children first entered Narnia. how awesome! Sorry if you didn’t want to know. . . .:(

    Yeah I used to treat my dog like our child when we were first married and got her when we were dating still (she lived with my family) and once we had kids. . .what dog? just kidding!!! She doesn’t get nearly at all the attention she used to though. poor thing. I still love her though.

    Slavery WAS abolished, but it went underground and once transport through air became much easier and once the internet especially came around, it mulitplied and boomed beyond our imaginations could comprehend. It is bigger today than it EVER was, even in the 1800s. I have maps of the slave routes somewhere from the 1700s, the 1800s, and currently. . .it’s insane. The growth is only going to get worse which is stated in the Bible for the end times where people will be selling other people and the hearts of many will grow cold. etc.

    I still listen to the Happy Hour Shonen Knife album, but not in a while. They are mainly about food. . like Banana Chips, Sushi Bar, Hot Chocolate, and such.

    I did get your card in the mail. I am going to respond to it!! Probably tomorrow actually. It was in my plans already.

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    You look so adorable in all of these. I love that coat and the shirt paired so well with your outfit. You’re a doll! and you and your guy are so cute!

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    Awww! Thats so sweet of your husband! My little brother got me a snuggie last year! I love it! I know what you mean though, “Everyone stop knocking the snuggies!”. Thanks for your comment! Your right, be angry and sin not is the basic gist of that verse. But I think God can speak differently to different people through the same verse! Which is awesome! Because we’re all in different situations and places, verses may mean something different to someone else.

    All your outfits are adorable!
    And hey, don’t worry about doing every day! I just wanted to let you know because I’m super excited about it! I’ve been leaving comments about the fashion week all over blog world!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

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    I had no idea you loved the Snuggie! My children are obsessed with them and both got camouflage ones for Christmas. They look like they are going to war unfortunately when they are in them.
    I also saw the Dawn Treader with my kids and when I told them Aslan’s other name was Jesus, they were blown away! I think they actually gasped.

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    I love your outfit, and the unexpected pop of red is great, I didn’t think wine color and red could work but you certainly changed my mind. I agree with you on sometimes waiting for an answer and to me sometimes the answer never came, but you are definitely right about God being with us always, that’s his promise. When I left the Apostolic church I was afraid of not doing the right thing, my family on my mother’s side has been Apostolic and I wanted to continue the same path, but secretly I never agreed with some parts of the doctrine, I tried staying and I did for 3 years but I always struggled inside, when I decided to move I felt as if I was doing something wrong, like I was being a traitor and taking the easy way out, but finally I came to accept that I wanted to make my own choices and have my own convictions and not let rules and legalism rule over my life and my relationship with Christ. I’m very happy now Rache and I appreciate when you left the supportive comment about moving was not a crime. Anyways, you look beautiful and I had no idea what a snnugie was but just seeing you so comfy with it I want one of my own! =D

  7. Vicky says

    On Thursday, December 30, 2010, Chicisimo wrote:
    > stylelover commented on your look
    Love it!!! +1
    I am following you now…
    HAPPY 2011

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    happy new year Rachel…I always remember you every time I play Jojo’s Fashion World on my itouch, they have a category called modest and I always picture you out and wow…I always get a perfect score heheheheh…

    I love your outfits…


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    Love that touch of red in your outfit, Rach! I´m so envious that you get to spend Xmas with your parents.

    Anyway, I wish you and the hubs a Happy New Year and I hope to see something glittery soon on your next post. ;)

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    Amazing playlist dear, and I LOVE all of your pictures dear

    Btw, Happy New Year and I wish you LOVE and HAPPINESS in 2011


  11. Bonnie says

    I was looking forward to browsing your blog about modest fashion, until I saw the pics of you in the red tights and short skirt, posing on the chair! I was shocked and disappointed that you do not seem to consider posing modestly!

    • says

      Hi Bonnie,

      I did realize that after, and I apologize that I have disappointed you. My heart is still in the right place, and I did not mean anything by that pose. I appreciate your voice, and I think it’s important to build each other up while sharpening each other’s iron instead of tearing one down without grace. I might have to put the photo down since it is making you uneasy. I would probably have the same notions as you if I were to see somebody having something on that I do not consider modest (especially while standing up for modesty), but I would probably gently let the person know, perhaps in private, of what I think without jumping to conclusions.

      • Bonnie says

        I appreciate your response Rachel. I apologise for sounding over judgemental – it was not my intention. I would be very relieved if you take those photos down, as I am concerned for any young men who may read the blog, expecting to see only modest poses.
        To be completely honest with you, I was considering listing this blog on, but I cannot do that until the content we are talking about is removed.
        If you don’t like my comments I will not be offended if you delete them.

      • Bonnie says

        P.S. I was going to email you, but there is no email address or form on the link you provide.

        I do think the outfit is cute btw!

  12. says

    Hi Rachel, please accept my apologies for being judgemental. I should not have jumped to conclusions. Please feel free to delete my former comments.

    • says

      Hi Bonnie,

      Thank you so much for your kind exchange with me and for being transparent. I really appreciate that. I really don’t delete comments unless they are spam, even if they are from people who reject modesty, and frankly, you will see that I do get more people who comment on my site bashing the idea of modesty and even Christianity altogether. Pursusing modesty in a very critical enviroment is hard both online and offline (sadly, my friends and family do not think it is even important…especially around friends who are either artistic or friends who knew me back when I was not modest), and I look forward more to comments from Christians though at times they can be be about pointing something out that needs to be changed, such as in your case for instance. I do not reject anyone’s criticism if they for godliness’ sake because we are here to be meek and to continually be molded for the better. I do not consider myself to be the perfect example for modesty especially since I did not start out modest in my teenage years, but as I have come to mature in Christ, especially after being married to a man who opened up to me about men’s lustful thoughts including his, did I really understand the dangers of sexually-enticing clothing. Ever since, I have stood by modesty, trying my best with God’s guidance, to set an example even in the midst of persecution from my own blood. My entire testimony revolves around the issue of beauty as seen in God’s eyes (my battle with insecurity that led me to severe physical illness) as well as sexual purity (years of depression and suicidal thoughts), and I think that God is using me in some way to set an example to others, though at times, I slip up, which in this case, was not done on purpose.

      I just took down the photos in question, Bonnie, and I would not feel offended if you decide not to list me on your blog. I would understand.

      As for e-mailing, the form on the e-mail me page should submit directly and privately to my e-mail inbox account.

      • says

        Hi Rachel, I appreciate you taking the time to share some of your testimony! :) I can see that you are quite sincere in your stand for modesty, and I admire that.

        The contact page doesn’t work for me… there is no email form showing.


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