Chiptunes & 8-Bit Love @ MagFest 2012

A tamer (as far as clothing goes) but louder environment than ComiCon exists at a wondrous and colorful convention called MagFest, a video game and VG music festival held every Winter Solstice on the East Coast. This year, it was held in National Harbor, Maryland. It was a nice 29th birthday treat for my husband, Rob, who is very much into but yet to be fully involved in the chiptunes/8-bit scene (I think it may be my fault that’s he’s not super famous right now, because I enforce a massage-a-day routine and expect to be written a new song dedicated to me every week. Save him from my filthy (non)pedicured paws, please, and support his love for chiptunes).

Virt is playing in the video above. He’s a really wacky guy with pink hair (stole what the idea I originally had for mine), talent, and punk mesh gloves (totally ripped me off that day… I had on the same thing). It’s all good. I tried to act mature about it and decided to whine like a baby here instead. Below, you can see another chiptunes band that played before Virt. They were pretty cool, too—a little more dance-y (though Virt had some super catchy tunes as well. Anyway, they’re Knife City, and please try to ignore my husband’s and my commentary—or, you can listen and be blown away (that is, if you can discern what we’re even saying or talking about).

Dub step from ? (not like the Mysterians… I just didn’t catch who this was!)

There were also VG music cover bands there. Originally, we wanted to see Temp Sound Solutions, but they played during the week, so by the time we got there, they were done both of their shows. This (above) is Random Encounter, the most stylish and color-coordinated band that played this year. It makes me wonder, why don’t I have this girl’s KA military boots yet?

Bit Brigade is playing in the above video with synchronized live game play. So ridiculous! We liked them best until, of course, Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu and his band played at the end.

I am not huge on video games myself (not since middle school), but I will watch (and sometimes participate) and be entertained by Rob’s pushing the buttons (not mine). I do love 8-bit music, however, and have worshiped pixel art for as long as I can remember. I was always into Flash when it was still owned by Macromedia, and I have always liked motion graphic designs. I just can’t get myself to be brave enough to play the actual games and face digital defeat.

The other day, our cousin, after taking a break from watching the new Star Trek movie, was humming a tune over dinner that I was familiar with but wasn’t sure what it was or where it came from. So, I hummed the tune back to him to make sure that that was what he was humming. Rob goes, “I think it’s from a movie. Star Trek? The one we’re watching right now…” I sat there the whole time during dinner just trying to figure out what that song was. Finally, after about an hour, I blurted, “That’s Rob’s song!” He was very flattered.

Anyway, Perspection is Rob’s 8-bit handle. I have high hopes that he will continue to make awesome music. I feel the same with his brother Dave’s video game apps. They are extraordinary together.

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