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For the past few posts, I’ve been mentioning that my husband Rob and his brother Dave have been making video game apps for the iPhone and iPad. I’m pleased to announce that their first game is finished! It is called The Last Defense of Our Time, a game with a sci-fi feel that is inspired by the popular retro game Missile Command.

Dave is the main brain behind LDoOT. He did the cool graphics and came up with the story, while Rob did the awesome 8-bit music under the name Perspection, wrote some of the clever jokes, and did the copyediting. The two make such a great team! The wives *ahem* were possibly their best inspirations and motivators for this game :) They’ve worked on this for months, staying up late and eating fourth meals at Taco Bell together. It was so much fun seeing the whole process of app making—and especially being a part of it all.

We had so many people download and review LDoOT when it first got featured on the iTunes App Store! It was great. The sad part, though, is that when the first couple of versions of LDOoT were released, the game wasn’t optimized to run on iOS devices with low memory capacity. That is why there were a lot of people on the reviews saying that the game crashed even before they got to play it. Thankfully, the problem has been completely fixed. I hope you’ll give it a try and leave some positive feedback on the app page! If you don’t have an iPhone/iTouch/iPad but know someone who does and is into games, I’d love it if you would let them know about LDooT. If you write for a game review blog, we can send you a coupon code to download the game for free if you’ll review it.

Here is the promo video:


You can get the soundtrack that Rob made via iTunes, Amazon, or eMusic by searching “Perspection – The Last Defense of Our Time.”

Beauty of the Fall is now making it’s next game—a faith-based kids app and another game called Planets. I hope for these next games, the turnout will be astronomical (Hint: I just made a joke…).

I’m just really happy to be in a family with creative craniums.


You can also help support us by liking our company Beauty of the Fall’s Facebook page, Perspection’s Facebook page, tweeting about the game, or simply just spreading the word around.

Links à La Mode

Also, I missed posting my feature on Links à La Mode Tech from May 31st. This was taken from Independent Fashion Bloggers:

Edited by Kristin Swenson of BonBon Rose Girls

I think we can all agree that technology has become vital to the daily existence of bloggers. Who among us goes a week without playing around with coding, tinkering with our blog design, tweeting, downloading the newest photo apps etc.? Many of us who started out somewhat technology illiterate are now wearing our chic geek badges proudly. Thankfully, forums like IFB exist to nurture and encourage our self education when it comes to tech issues!

So, I hope you’ll take a moment to enjoy these featured posts. I daresay you’ll walk away with a valuable new nugget of tech related knowledge. Today’s link roundup really has a little something for everyone, no matter where your inner geek’s interests may lie!


9 thoughts on “Check out our iPhone/iPad game!

    1. That would be really cool if you did! Have him write a review on the App store page if he does download it? It would mean so much.

    1. Cool cool cool. :) Let me know if you do! And I guess if you do, write a review on the App store page? We really need that! Thanks, Alexis!

  1. that iphone game is so impressive, well done!! i wouldn’t know the first thing about making something like that, haha :)
    (and i hope ppl read the how to turn off captcha in blogs ;))
    i hope you are having a great w/e!

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