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Chambray y Velvet

March 16th, 2013

racheldahlhat3 racheldahlhat2 racheldahlhat4 racheldahlhat

Shirt: Madewell

Bag: Allasandro (eBay)

Shoes: Guess (eBay)

Plaid underbust Corset: Orchard Corset (see me featured on their blog here)

We’ve officially moved out of our old house! I’ve donated more stuff to Goodwill this winter more than I’ve ever done in my entire life because of this, and I usually donate every year. It sounds like I am bragging, but whenever I hear people say that, I don’t think they are bragging at all. The beautiful junk they gave away is probably going to end up in the trash anyway. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that’s why thrift stores are an amazing enterprise.

My poor dear husband is sensitive to mold, and we don’t see finding an apartment that’s virtually mold-free anytime soon. We’re staying at his parent’s roomy rancher for the meantime, as we figure out our lives from here on out. These photos and the few outfit shots before then were all taken at their place, and we get to enjoy this nice and peaceful scenery for a change. The ironic thing about this privilege of staying at a nice place which I am plenty grateful for is that I still feel empty. It’s not a home to call our own. However, just like the things that we donated together as a couple, the ideals that used to be so valuable to us, just had to be disposed or realigned at some point.

I am just grateful to be healthy, and that I have the strength to take care of my husband while he’s weak. Instead of wishing everything was back to normal, perhaps this is where we need to be right now—married but living with the in-laws. Not ideal, but things could be a lot worse. We’re practicing to be content, and it’s easier to ignore the harsh reality when you’re with people who love you… with flaws and all.


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48 Responses to “Chambray y Velvet”

  1. justicepirate

    That’s nice you got to enjoy that peaceful scenery. Congratulations on your move. It is good to be content. Look at your tiny waistline!

  2. Rachel

    Thank you! The waistline only happens when I have a corset on. My waist is still pretty wide, but that is probably a good thing for child bearing!

  3. Courtney Villari

    so pretty! perfect for spring!

  4. Heidi Erickson

    Such an adorable outfit! Adore your top- you look great!
    Hope your husband gets better- things will get better I am sure. :)

  5. Rachel

    Thanks, hon <3

  6. Rachel

    Thanks so much, Heidi! I hope so too.

  7. Irina Gnatiuk

    Like your shirt! You look great!

  8. tanyaminxy

    I like the whole outfit. So cute :3

  9. Megan D.

    I hope everything works out with your living situation. It’s good that you’re looking on the bright side. :) Super cute hat, by the way!

  10. Rachel

    Thank you, Irina <3

  11. Rachel

    Thanks, hon!

  12. Rachel

    Thanks for the uplifting words. Much appreciated! :)

  13. Noor Unnahar

    Ah life always has a lot of ups and downs . Don’t worry ;)

  14. Allie Gunter

    Lovely shirt and purse!


  15. Jil Meier

    nice Outfit :)

  16. anneconsolacion

    I love the hat and the bag. :)

  17. Samantha Tedesco

    You’re wonderful!!! <3
    I love velvet!

  18. Marianne P

    You look stunning, i love the tied-up shirt/necklace/bracelets combo and the hat adds a beautiful “cinema star” vibe to the whole ensemble

  19. Rachel

    I know… thank you! :)

  20. Rachel

    Thank you <3

  21. Rachel

    Thank you, dear!

  22. Rachel

    Thanks, hon!!

  23. Rachel

    Thanks, dear! :)

  24. Rachel

    Thanks for the sweet comment <3 <3 <3

  25. Dana Rodriguez

    I love this outfit especially the skirt!!!Beautiful!

  26. laura cagalj

    love this look. you are amazing

  27. Alison Braidwood

    Very cute skirt. I have a thing for velvet,and the colour is really pretty.

  28. Olesia Flegka

    The skirt is awesome) Great look

  29. happyafterblog

    You look like a beautiful doll! Amazing:)

  30. Anisha Vasudevan

    I loved the statement bangles!

  31. CD.

    Love the color of your skirt!

  32. Anonymous

    The intricately woven hat is fun to top the outfit with a burgundy velvet skirt. Wine-colored clothing makes me feel like it’s time to socialize.

  33. Rachel


  34. Rachel

    thank you!

  35. Rachel

    thanks <3

  36. Rachel

    thank you, dear!

  37. Rachel


  38. Rachel

    ty! <3

  39. Rachel

    thank you! I do agree :)

  40. Sara Beth Trowbridge

    Pretty outfit!

  41. Toria Mason

    Cute skirt :)

  42. Florinda Fraccalvieri

    pretty! :)

  43. Chicca Tamburrino

    lovely outfit

  44. Adriana Sorrentino

    Nice outfit!!!

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  46. Dana Rodriguez

    I LOVE this outfit!!!Beautiful!

  47. Sarah Perry

    This is such a cute outfit…definitely not something I would have thought to put together…but the hat and that skirt work well :D

  48. Carizza Tabobo

    love how casual and chic this look is! and the corset makes your waist look so incredibly small, I’m jealous. x

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