I am now a Certified Les Mills Bodyflow Instructor!


As of February 21, I am now a certified Bodyflow instructor—which means I get to teach mostly yoga with a bit of Pilates and Tai Chi in the mix! I guess if you can’t decide on one and don’t have enough time or money to go through everything but still have so much passion for each… you gotta do the ‘flow! ;-) It’s been a labor of tough love and lots of MIA in the fashion world, but I finally made it. And guess what? I now have a permanent class too! Come to my first class Saturday March 15 at Brick Bodies Perry Hall at 10:30am, and we will literally “kick it!” Right now, I am just doing every other Saturday which might change or not soon. So if you want to come see me and have an awesome mind blowing mind-body experience, make sure it’s the Saturday that I’m teaching! Otherwise, the other instructors are quite cool too.

If you want to read my long but honest review of Les Mills’ Bodyflow, you can read it here on Modern Life Survivalist. You can watch a video of me teaching a class, if you haven’t seen that yet (quality is BAD)! Oh, and if you’re not subscribed to the newly made website Modern Life Survivalist, you might want to if you’re an alternative health and fitness nut! I write on there all the time.