Cellular Evolution: (My) Life Before Apple iPhones and Droids

So, the new iPhone 5 just came out. I guess it’s about time to let more of the ironic primitivist out in me by giving smartphones a cold shoulder while reminiscing the good ole’ days of cellphones before the duo monopoloids iPhones and Droids took over the world. I hate how a phone can take away so much of your time, which prevents you from building solid relationships. The addition of the WWW, specifically the social media aspect of it, has ironically killed intentional and meaningful communication. On the Internet, the more people you interact with the better. It’s quantity vs quality. The numbers game. On the Internet, more (people) is merrier, one is no fun. What if that one person was you?

So here you go, a visual list of most of the phones I used to own before the iPhone. I had to have a bite of the Apple for work reasons (you see, my husband and his brother are in the app making business).

Pager.  I used to lug this thing around my pocket when I was in either elementary or early part of middle school. It was used solely for my after-school whereabouts and pickup notices. My parents would page me to let me know they were on their way to pick me up from school, and that was the signal to quit whatever monkey business I was in the middle of. I think the brand was called “Star” pager… probably now retired.

Sony Ericsson. I couldn’t find the exact phone from Ericsson that I had, but it looked something like this. I grew up in the Philippines, and the “it” phone used to be Nokia. Having this thing with me was social suicide, so I rarely pulled it out in public. It had this really bright orange hue that killed your eyes’ cones if you stared at the thing too long.

Nokia 5110. My first Nokia phone, the Nokia 5110 was probably the dearest to me. I was thrilled to get finally get a Nokia. I took advantage of as much of the cellphone customization I could afford. I changed my cellphone case plate to whatever I was in the mood for that day. I didn’t quite have the money to customize the LED from yellow light to a different funky color, or change the battery to match the case’s skin. Some of the more obsessive girls did that. There really wasn’t much you could do with this phone, and as a bored teenager, I felt like I needed to do something about it. Photo source.

Nokia 3210. Looking back, this phone was probably the most good looking out of all the phones I’ve ever owned. It felt like it belonged in my hand. It was not too bulky or too small… it was just right. Photo source

Nokia 3310. I’m not sure if I ever owned this, and if I did, it was mine for a very short time. I think I was in freshman year of high school when I owned this. It was a little too cute; it was the Volkswagen Beetle of cellphones. Photo source

Snake was such an addictive game. It was the only game I think I had on my Nokia phones, and I played it all the time. I wasn’t a fan of Snake II. I liked that the first version was literally just a moving line. As a middle schooler, I liked pretending like I was using up my texts, when in reality I was just playing Snake. It was a dumb thing to do, I know.  Photo source

LG CL 300. Although not my first, this has got to be the most primitive. It was also my first free Cingular phone, before it became AT&T.  It was also my second phone that was NOT a hand me down. I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten so many different phones if not for my gadgetry older brother. I LOVED how compact and simple this LG phone was! It did exactly what a phone was primarily meant to do—for calling (it was quite hard to text, because the buttons were tiny). There was also this tiny mirror on the outside that you can use to check if you have food stuck in your teeth. Photo source

LG VU. The last phone I owned before succumbing to the iPhone was a phone that kind of looked like an iPhone. There were lots of phones during that time that looked like an iPhone too, probably all meant to entice consumers that wanted an iPhone but couldn’t afford one. That wasn’t really what I had in mind. I’m sure I had two or three more phones that I’m forgetting here, but I guess they just didn’t make much of an impression on me.  Photo source

Why can’t life be simpler? People didn’t use to be that glued to their phones until smartphones came along. I guess without one, I wouldn’t really be doing so well on the road with the kind of job I am doing. So, I am very happy about that. As hard as it is, I’ve been trying to only use my phone when I need to. When I’m bored or need to keep myself occupied when I’m waiting at the doctor’s office, I try to pick up a book instead. Little things like that might help yourself not get too attached to your phone. It doesn’t look very attractive when you see someone’s face in front of the phone all the time. Don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “Cellular Evolution: (My) Life Before Apple iPhones and Droids

  1. I’m impressed with this evolution!

    My mom didn’t allow me to have a cellphone until my first year of high school and I remember well it was also a Nokia 3210 but mine was blue, however I stupidly lost it, so then she bought me a new one who was also a Nokia. Yeah for years I was loyal to Nokia until this year I buy a samsung galaxy.

  2. Wow that is a lot of things you’ve owned. I’m on my 3rd phone, my first was what I got when I married. I had two LG phones each for about three years and last year I got the iphone4. I’ll probably have this for another few years too. I remember when snake was the best phone game to play. I used to play it on my friend’s phone. She was the only person I knew to have a phone in high school. haha. I agree with you. People look better doing something productive rather than playing things or sitting on the phone. One of my youth group girls had 4 phones just last year. I haven’t even owned that many in 8 years. I was cool with using my phone that I had before the iphone but it broke. People would even call me or tet me and I’d get a message a few days later.. . it didn’t work too well. haha.

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