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Buy 1, get 1 50% off on any combination of items from my Etsy & Vinted stores! No limit. Discount is applied to the lower priced item. Free shipping on domestic orders on my Etsy store if you use coupon “ALAMODESHIP.” Free shipping on Vinted if you choose to pay through PayPal. PLUS 20% off TOTAL if you buy more than 2 items. Today and tomorrow only!

The only way you will get the BOGO50% is if you message me beforehand OR I can partially refund you after you purchase if you message me. Purchases must be made today (Thanksgiving) or tomorrow (black Friday) only.






vinted-alamodest shop

I recently signed up for a really neat app or website called Vinted, which is a service like Poshmark that lets you shop fellow fashionistas’ closets or swap with their items. A lot of the stuff I have on there I amassed from years past that do not necessarily reflect my style or my size. However, I’ve been using it to sell my personal clothes as well. Some of the things I have listed are practically to give away, because I just want to make room around the house! So if you find anything you see from my closet, just send me a reasonable offer. I will most likely accept!

Vinted is free to sign up for, and you get $10 free when you sign up. So with my $10, I bought a really cute 90s inspired circle skirt with sunflowers on it (only had to pay shipping)! I landed on this website, because I was looking for a popular place to sell used clothes that wasn’t eBay or that didn’t have to be vintage-only like Etsy.

If you’re looking for a place to sell your own clothes, I say give it a go… and don’t forget to follow me! I will most likely add something new everyday. It’s a really fun place to get to know other girls as well. I was very flattered when one of the girls who bought my blue velvet dress even started a whole thread on their forum about her purchase from me! It made my day.



They do take a cut of whatever you sell  of course, which is fair. Whatever I don’t sell on here for a while, I will most likely donate to Goodwill.

I also have an Etsy store where I sell vintage only clothes and accessories that you might like to see! I do not discourage haggling ;-)

Are you on Vinted/Etsy?


Thanks to Independent Fashion Bloggers for picking my link on their top posts last week! Below, you will find other fabulous posts to read.



Style Handbook

Do you ever feel like when you were born, everyone got the handbook to life but you? Ok, maybe not. But when it comes to style, there is no official handbook… but that doesn’t mean we all have to wander around clueless. This week is your guide to style, so pull up a chair, take a deep breath and realize, everything is going to be just fine.

Links a la Mode: October 9th

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Christmas and New Year’s are coming up, and it’s that time of the year to spend (time and money) on others instead of yourself. However, you don’t want your personal low budget to rain on your wanting to show how festive you are as a fashionista. What do you do? If your hands can knit or sew, you upcycle. If you have a good eye but not hands, you go thrifting. If you are any of these but don’t have the patience or time to make something or look through racks of old clothing, you turn online for vintage or unique dresses.

So, here you are! Your quick and easy guide to doing just that—buying used and affordable but unique dresses on the web!



Most of us still think that eBay has the best deals. That’s not always the case. When I used to sell on eBay, what I thought was just going to sell for double the price I started the auction for turned out to be way more valuable than I initially expected. On Etsy, there is no bidding. So if you and five others want the same item, it’s on a first come/serve basis. An Etsy seller will not want to jack up the price way more than what their item is selling for on average on eBay, because they know very well that Etsy doesn’t get as much exposure as eBay, so that they don’t want to risk having their items sit in their inventory for a long time.

A lot of Etsy sellers give out discount codes on their social networks too, which you don’t normally see on eBay. I personally think Etsy folks are kinder, so they’re more approachable in terms of haggling.

On Etsy, you can see how many people added the item as their favorite. The higher the number, the more exposure and interest it got. If you care about the buzz you generate from your holiday outfit, this number will help you decide if it will do just that once you have it on. Sometimes however a certain dress can be the loveliest thing you’ve ever laid your eyes on, but it didn’t get many favorites because barely anyone saw it on their search results.

etsy vintage winter holiday dresses

1- Velvet Peplum Peter Pan Collar Houndstooth Dress 1980s
2 – NAEEM KHAN Riazee Nights Saks Fifth Avenue Suzarila – 1980s
3 – Sitwell US Patent Skirt 1940s/1950s


Online rentals

Just like how men can rent suits and tuxes for a wedding, women can rent designer dresses online.  Rent the Runway is the real life version of Parks and Rec’s Tom Hannaford’s Rent a Swag, and you can find them and many other online rentals by doing a quick Google search. They have an app that you can download on your phone for on the go rental browsing.



Online consignment shops

I think this is one of the coolest things I’ve found the past year—online consigning. Littlethings.ie is the example I’m going to use for our cheap, used, and unique holiday dresses guide, but they are many others out there as well. You can either sell them your clothes for an agreed price upfront or you can get a higher cut by having them consigned. Most online consignment stores send you a shipping label electronically, and all you have to do is to wrap up your items in a box with that prepaid label.

The awesome thing about online consigning is that you can share your items to your social networks. Your circle of friends combined with their customer base make a good pool of potential buyers for your gently used clothing!

littlethingsiedresses My favorite dresses from Little Things’ website

  divider Where do you find cheap, used, and unique holiday/non-holiday dresses?


* For fancy holiday lingerie gifts for someone special, here’s a 25% OFF code (SHOP NOW) from me for Christine Lingerie

* The giveaway for  printed text tights ends 12/20!



alamodest2-kaplan If you haven’t read my previous job-related post on my career change success, I highly recommend it, especially if you’re thinking of switching jobs! Below I have a chart showing what my typical day looks like from each of my previous jobs, juxtaposed with my current job (which I love the most)!

Time JOB #1: Full-time employee graphic/web designer (family business) JOB #2: Freelance web/  graphic designer JOB #3: Buy & sell vintage, blogging
7 am Get up, Breakfast Sleep in Sleep in
8-11 am Work Sleep in Get up, breakfast, walk outside, work
12-1 pm Lunch Work Lunch, TV
2-5 pm Work Lunch, TV, Work Work
6-8pm Work, Dinner Work, TV Work Out, Shop, Dinner, TV
9-11pm Work Dinner, work, TV Work, TV
12-2am Work, talk to Rob, sleep Work, TV, sleep Sleep

bulletstar Job #1: Employee

Before I got married, I was working for my parents in a family printing business. In a way, didn’t we all used to work for our parents? My parents have always owned businesses, and they raised my siblings and me to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Family life eventually became intertwined with business, so I decided I was going to keep that one separate and go into full time IT.

bulletstar Job #2: Freelance Web/graphic designer (The IT job)


It was great to be able to set my own hours doing freelance for the first time ever (unlike the previous job), but I became very heavily invested in each job I took on. I spoke directly to each client and had he or she describe to me their goals, and I did my best to make them happen. My job was a combination of facets both technical and artsy, so keep that in mind when you’re going into the web or graphic design field. You need to work with the client and not just make what you think looks good to you. The problem with involving yourself with art is that it can be very subjective, and you can run into problems with nuanced perspectives.

From the above chart, you’ll see that I used to work up until I went to sleep. That wasn’t good for me or my husband, because I often took the work with me to bed. If you can pull an all nighter to finish a job or at least be organized about your time, then freelancing is no problem!

bulletstar Job #3: Buy & sell vintage / blogging (business)

I was blogging all throughout my freelance work, too, but I only started to make extra cash from it when I started a store. I don’t think the revenue from blogging was correlated with setting up a store. It just reached that momentum around the same time as I started a business with my husband. We started a business together after he got laid off from work, unfortunately—and fortunately! With our business, we have the fortune of setting our own hours as well. However, because we absolutely loved our new job, we started to get up earlier than we did when I was freelancing to start our day! Our relationship as a married couple also only got better, because now we get to spend all our time together. To some, that would maybe aggravate problems. To us, it alleviates them! Our job is perfect for needy couples.

How to Realistically Transition Vs Day Dreaming About It

You need to be properly educated in the field you’re going into. Switching careers is not like switching majors. You will suffer real life consequences such as paying fines or getting sued if you don’t follow guidelines. If you’re going to be setting up a business, you need a business license and a permit—and you’ll know all of this and more by  just taking basic business classes. Same goes with IT. Working with the Internet doesn’t mean you don’t get to follow offline rules. There are plenty of accessible classes that you can sign up for, so you don’t miss out on any details. Remember, the real lessons come when you start working!


Have you switched jobs? How has it changed you?


Whether you’re seeking further success in your current role or a new opportunity, Kaplan University can help you prepare for the exciting possibilities ahead.*

As an accredited university built on 75 years of experience,† Kaplan University offers a wide range of career-focused programs designed to develop the skills and knowledge leading employers seek. Our focus: to offer you the most direct educational path to achieve your goals.

Are you ready for a change? Learn more at kaplanuniversity.edu.

* Kaplan University cannot guarantee employment or career advancement.

† Kaplan University is regionally accredited. Please visit http://www.kaplanuniversity.edu/about/accreditation-licensing.aspx# for additional information about institutional and programmatic accreditation.

A Career Change Might Do You Good

December 16th, 2013

I blog and sell vintage online, even though I went to school for IT. How about you?It seems like many of us are doing something different than the field we majored in. Some see it as a mishap, a loss of dollars, or just an embarrassing fact of life. However, if you’re like me, I believe that a career change in general is awesome!Why is it awesome? A career change presents a new opportunity to get away from stagnation, to start over, and to make something better of yourself! Why wouldn’t you want that? This is, after all, America.

The major you took in college, the continuing education you completed afterwards, the training you went through, and the job you previously had are all building blocks toward your present and future self. Nothing is wasted. Every change is a beautiful opportunity for self-improvement—of your attitude or your income!

My background

I picked IT, or Information Technology, as a major and a career because I had been immersed in and fascinated with the Internet ever since it came to my parents’ home in 1998. I was about 11 years old when I first started making my own webpage. I was particularly interested in using the computer to make graphics and websites. I won contests as a teenager, got hired by my university and the government as an adult, etc. I was very much into my career in IT up until about two years ago. Why?

The switch

I got married, and naturally things started changing. My husband Rob got the pink slip of death at work around 2010, and I couldn’t bear continuing to be too involved with my work after he got laid off.  We both decided to start a business together selling mostly out of print and vintage items. It was a natural transition, because looking for old gems was already a favorite hobby of ours.

I got a bit of guff from family for letting go of something I’d done for so long and took a great deal of hard work to become good at. They were afraid that this new business would fail. They eventually understood that my husband and I found a job that I equally loved or loved even more than my previous career.  After they saw how successful I was in the switch, I got much more support and admiration from both family and friends for the business I started.


So here’s what my husband and I did to transition from our old jobs to our new business:

bulletstar Realized what we didn’t want to do

I loved making websites and making graphics. In fact, I still do! This time around though, I wanted to make graphics to build up my own store instead of for other people. Making a variety of graphics with different styles for different people can still be very appealing, so if you’re into that… stick with it! It is a lot of fun.

Rob, on the other hand, was tired of the politics around his job—the uncertainty of keeping a job, the interview process, seniority, difficult and manipulative coworkers, etc. Sound familiar? We both liked and were good at what we were doing, but we knew we wanted a change.

bulletstarDiscovered what we liked doing together

Rob and I shared a common interest in thrift shopping for our own purposes (usually out-of-print music/movies and vintage clothes) during our free time together. In fact, that’s just about all we did when we had free time—literally, every chance we got. When he got laid off, we had a lot more free time together. That was when he realized that we could probably do what we’re doing all the time and make money from it!

bulletstarFocused on our individual strengths

When we got our business set up, I being the IT person became in charge of dealing with the technical aspects of the business. That meant I made our logo and our advertising materials, and set up our online store.

Rob, being the math major, was in charge of the accounting and managed the overall business. Though a math major, Rob’s previous occupation was copyediting. He was able to use that for anything that involved writing within our business—which was everything.

bulletstarLearned new things while being hands on

I may have taken a few business classes and grown up in a family that ran a business, but I did not know much about setting up a store. We learned on our own time through research what it initially entailed. We caught on pretty quick but also had to learn from our mistakes. We learned most of what we know while we were actually doing business and making money.


Have you experienced a career change? What was that like for you?


Whether you’re seeking further success in your current role or a new opportunity, Kaplan University can help you prepare for the exciting possibilities ahead.*

As an accredited university built on 75 years of experience,† Kaplan University offers a wide range of career-focused programs designed to develop the skills and knowledge leading employers seek. Our focus: to offer you the most direct educational path to achieve your goals.

Are you ready for a change? Learn more at kaplanuniversity.edu.

* Kaplan University cannot guarantee employment or career advancement.

† Kaplan University is regionally accredited. Please visit http://www.kaplanuniversity.edu/about/accreditation-licensing.aspx# for additional information about institutional and programmatic accreditation.


If you are anything like me, a very small online business owner,  you know how nerve racking it is to be selling in the largest market there is out there—the World Wide Web. Besides the up side of having more customers to sell to, we’ve also got a ton of competitors from all over the world selling the same stuff constantly undercutting each other’s prices.

Some of us are living the life, but some of us are barely making it.


Sailing Away from eBay


Just recently, eBay suspended my account for “poor seller performance.” My account had a 100% rating with no negative feedback for a year (the span of time that matters and shows up on your eBay feedback), and all of a sudden one customer (also a Power Seller) decided to bid on a bunch of my items and demand a discount for multiple items he bought all at the same time (he wanted to sell the items on his shop, which was fine by me). As a barely-making-it seller, I kindly refused to give the discount because I knew as a customer he could not do that and also believed it was not fair for this customer to demand a discount after bidding fair and square. A bid is a contract a customer has to fulfill by continuing to purchase. After his subsequent threat to leave feedback that “reflected high cost of shipping” and my continuing to hold my ground knowing that this threat was feedback extortion, this customer/seller proceeded to leave negative feedback for each item he bought from me because of the discount he did not get. This ultimately led to my account’s faulty automatic-by-algorithm low performance rating and eventual unjust suspension.

Feelings brewing in me were a mix of bewilderment, anger, and depression, but I had to keep my grief on a leash. This happens to innocent people all the time. I need to make this a graceful experience worthy of praise, so I am choosing to move on from eBay and from this person. Maybe, at least for now.

ebay feedback extortion


Swimming into Etsy


I have since moved my business to Etsy selling vintage clothes and accessories. Etsy, although way cooler than eBay is not as popular as eBay for now. Since eBay took away my living, this desperate nomad had no choice but to move elsewhere. As expected, I am not doing too well on Etsy compared to eBay. Looking at the bright side, I’ve made two sales so far since putting up items on Etsy a month ago. Realistically, it’s definitely not enough to feed anyone living in America.

So, the saving giant that took my family out of the tragedy of 2009 layoffs turns out to be the same monster that steals it all away years later. It’s a tale of truth we find in all aspects of life.


How To Be Generous When You DON’T Have “Enough” Money

Now on to the question of generosity. Do you have to be “rich” or have a bit of “extra” money to donate? The answer, of course, is no. The story of the widow’s offering in the Bible tells of an inspiring story of generosity:

The Widow’s Offering (Mark 12: 41-43)

41 Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. 42 But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents.

43 Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. 44 They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”


Some people consider eating healthy an expensive but unnecessary choice. To my husband and I, it is almost a matter of life and death because of the sickness we went through. See our story about mold illness. It’s not easy to continue sustaining our health after losing half of your income. Thankfully, we have other means of getting by, and I have fitness instructing to look forward to in a few months.

However, no matter what excuse I may have… I know I must give. That’s what we are to do especially as Christians for the least of our brothers (Mark 25:40).

You may not know where to start, how much to give, where to get the money, etc. If you own a small business like on Etsy or eBay for example, you can donate a percentage of your sales to a charity of your choice. Make sure to keep track of all your sales on a spreadsheet then donate a portion of that to them at the end of the month. You help others in need when others help you in your business. That is the wonderful side effect of giving through your store.


Choosing Who To Give To


I may not be making much at all, but I committed to giving 15% of my humble earnings from Etsy to the Philippine Red Cross to aid the Filipino victims of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. I was born and raised in the Philippines, so I chose to give in this area of need. I have seen with my own eyes poverty and lived among paupers, and it is a truly heartbreaking sight. Though never among the rich, I am blessed and very grateful that I did not grow up hungry.


typhoon haiyan victim filipino-cnn Photo from CNN

We’ve all been given unique circumstances and backgrounds by our creator, which usually draws us to one or a few areas of need. When you feel particularly moved by a certain cause, it is a good indication that that is where you need to serve. I have friends who are living paycheck to paycheck who feel strongly against slavery, so they are actively supporting conflict-free products and fights against human trafficking. Just like the widow in the temple, their generosity is much more inspiring to me than wealthy people’s giving.

Your thought: “I’ve got no money for myself, so how can I give to others?”

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

- Mark 25:40

Summer Blog Yard Sale

August 20th, 2012

Here are more things I have up for sale. Bid now, if you are interested in any of them! If you’d like to make a “buy it now” offer, I can accommodate you, being a reader of this blog.


Matching Coach Patchwork Tote & Wallet White Silver w/ Dust Bag – Bought brand new at a friend’s auction as part of a fundraiser to help pay fees for their adopted child. It’s not really my style. If you are a Coach lover, these might be for you.

Danny & Nicole Vintage Nautical Anchor Stripes Black White Sailor Dress Size 14P - I bought these brand new, and I think I still have the tag somewhere (with the extra button). I’m nowhere near a size 14, but I couldn’t resist buying an authentic vintage nautical dress. I had hopes of maybe taking it to the store to get it altered down to my size, but I really didn’t bother with it anymore.

Lilian Doll “Sensitive Collection” Vintage Nautical Striped Dress 11AR / US M – This is tagged as “11AR,” which is a vintage Japanese measurement. It really is a US size medium.

KORS Michael Kors Chelsea Fur Leather Winter Boots White Pom Poms Size 4 – If you have little ones in mind, give one of them something from Michael Kors this Christmas.

Rare Roxette Demos & Spices (unreleased & released songs) CD – You might’ve seen that I tweeted this image a few days ago, because I was raving about Marie & Per’s awesome clothes on this album! I also have their North Stars album. Apparently, these albums are rare, because I couldn’t find another copy of these anywhere. If they are as rare as I think, you might want to own these if you are a big fan of Roxette. (EDIT: BOTH SOLD!)

Herbie Fully Loaded VW Bus Radio Control R/C Volkswagen Transporter Disney 1:6 – Not sure if this works still, but it sure does look good. Wouldn’t you want to own a Herbie Volkswagen? (EDIT: SOLD!)

Rare Large Vintage Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Lady 3D Bevel Painted Breweriana Sign 20″ x 28″ – Just something I picked up that was too hard to pass up. I’m not too crazy about Pabst, but this is really something, isn’t it? (EDIT: SOLD!)

Christian Dior Rasta High Heel Boots Shoes Size 7 – I picked these up from a second hand store, because they got me really curious. I don’t think Dior ever made knee-high boots of their Rasta design, can anyone confirm? All I know is that they made Rasta booties. I don’t have a nearby Dior store where I can show these to. If you would like them however, you can contact me. Otherwise, these are going to be disposed of.

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