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I had the pleasure of modelling alongside the beautiful Baltimore based model Kelly Borowiak while at the second Boulevard of Chic fashion show. She definitely stood out, standing at 5’9″ with the proportions of a tried and true fashion model. While there, Kelly and I were able to chat for a bit in between wardrobe changes. I expressed how models used to be just like walking mannequins before the Internet started. The majority of people didn’t really know models’ names unless they were globally or nationally renowned.

With the social media there is now, you can get pretty up close and personal with just about anyone who chooses to show their off stage lives with the public. With the instant fame that comes with social media platforms like Instagram, more individuals are being recognized now that would’ve probably never gotten a chance decades ago. I myself and many other bloggers benefit from this too, and I am really grateful for the WWW for this. However, Pandora’s box comes with the dark side as well. During our conversation, Kelly expressed dealing with privacy being both a model and a mom. We also talked about other lighthearted things like her personal style vs artists’ style.

This article on Kelly might not be that compelling to some of you who are scouting the whole web for shocking anecdotes on famous models! However, our quick conversation was simple but meaningful. We get to have a glimpse of what goes on in a local model’s mind on certain issues! They are more than just pretty figures hidden behind the shadows of designers after all… :)


How long have you been modelling? When did you start? What/how was your first experience?

I have been modeling about 3 years. A girl I went to high school with is a model and I reached out to a photographer that she had worked with to set up a shoot. His name is James Berglie of BePhotography. He was so nice in helping me prepare for the shoot and made me very comfortable during the shoot. Those photos are still some of my favorites! One was actually displayed in Times Square for a contest I had entered for American Eagle. He even wrote about our shoot on his blog. It was all very exciting!

Who have you modeled for that you are very proud of or you’d consider to be the best honor? It could be one, just a few, or a whole list!

Probably walking for Adrian Alicea during fashion week in NY this past winter was the best honor. It was the most amazing experience which I almost didn’t get to because of the snow storm we had, but I was determined to walk in that show. It is something I will never forget. Another would be working with Aswad Abasi. He is a designer out of DC. Work I have done with him has gotten me 2 publications. It is like a family working with his team. Lastly would be working with local Baltimore photographer Robert Mercer Jr. He has put out a male calendar the past few years and 2014 was the first female calendar he put out, which I was so excited to be a part of. We are amping up for the 2015 calendar and I hoping to be in it again this year.

For a lot of women, we find that modelling can often times be a bit sexist and exploitative where it stops being about the clothes and just about displaying women’s bodies. What do you think about this? Are you selective on what or who you model for?

I don’t think I would say modeling is sexist. For me I am looking at the fashion not necessarily the person wearing it. I believe most people that are really into fashion are focused on just that. But you do have models known for their bodies. Perfect example is Gisele Bundchen, she is known as “the body”, but her body is what brought her fame modeling for Victoria Secret. I think it really depends on what type of modeling you are interested in. Some aspects are definitely more focused on the model than the fashion. I am selective about what types of modeling I do and what I wear. I am a mom and going to be a teacher so it is important for me to keep a positive image. Although friends I have made in this industry have taken absolutely beautiful art nude photos that truly are pure art, that is something I am not comfortable with and fear the possible repercussions it may cause in the future. My rule is no nudity or lingerie.


I know you’ve mentioned that you had a son. Does your son and/or significant other ever come out on your shows? Why or why not?

I have a daughter and she has been to one of my shows. It is hard for her to come because most shows go so late into the evening. She thinks it is cool that I model! My fiancé has yet to come see me at a show. He really doesn’t understand the whole fashion thing and runway is definitely more abstract fashion. Although he doesn’t really understand fashion he is supportive of me doing it. We are both very supportive of each other’s individual ventures.

I know we briefly talked about privacy issues with your being a model during Boulevard of Chic 2, like how you try to keep your personal Facebook account private and your fan page accessible to the public, etc. Can you explain more about what we talked about and how privacy issues affect you, personally or professionally?

It is very difficult to keep parts of my life private, especially on social media, and social media is key to networking in this business. My family life and my daughter especially is not everyone’s business, especially people I have just begun networking with. I may be able to get more “followers” if everything isn’t locked down, but I would rather be more cautious when it comes to my family; they are my number one priority.

What do you do to keep things separate?

On my personal FB page, almost all people I have met in this business I have listed as acquaintances so I can post things so all my “friends except acquaintances” can see my post. My Instagram account is completely public so I try to only post things about my modeling there. I mainly try to protect my daughter on Instagram and don’t post anything with her on there.

Any weird/creepy anecdotes relating to privacy, stalkers or fans stepping out of bounds?

I have had some “fans” or social media followers step over the line. I honestly don’t pay much attention to comments like that. I blow right over them. I pay more attention to compliments from other industry professionals who leave a professional comment and my family. Sorry, but leaving me some out of line comment is not going to grab my attention, it will be ignored.

At BOC, we also talked about how you felt being dressed up in whatever, regardless of what you think about the clothing—it’s all in the artists’ vision and you are their canvass. This time, it’s time for YOU to describe your personal style. What do you often wear, what you like to wear, how you personally choose your clothes, and what styles catch your eye the most?

I feel like I wear so many different hats I guess is the best way to put it. I work in an office where the dress is business casual, a model and a mom all of which require different styles and looks. I try to go for things that are versatile. Something I can dress up or down depending on where I am and what I am doing. I need to be comfortable! In my opinion if you aren’t comfortable in what you have on you will never pull off the look. Comfort gives you confidence. Most of the time I like to wear something along the lines of a loose fit off the shoulder tee and some jeans. Throw on a pair of heels and I am ready for a night out or put on some flats and I can run around on the playground. For work cardigans are my biggest staple and usually just a pair of dress pants or a pencil skirt. I love statement necklaces and scarves to help add color. When I am looking at new fashions for the season I look for, again, things that are going to be versatile. I also look for more classic looks. I usually don’t go for things that are too abstract or edgy. I have more of a girl next door kind of look which is what I look bests in on a regular basis. I like to pull out a couple small things I can buy to mix with what I have to keep my look current without buying a whole lot of new things.

Thank you so much for interviewing me!


You can check out Kelly’s social media accounts here: Facebook | Instagram | Model Mayhem



Games People Play: The Smart Card

December 23rd, 2013

a la modest rachel dahl jeans angel rachel dahl a la modest angel jeans rachel dahl a la modest angel jeans rachel dahl a la modest angel jeans

The Beginning of Knowledge

1 The proverbs of Solomon, son of David, king of Israel:
2 To know wisdom and instruction,
    to understand words of insight,
3 to receive instruction in wise dealing,
    in righteousness, justice, and equity;
4 to give prudence to the simple,
    knowledge and discretion to the youth—
5 Let the wise hear and increase in learning,
    and the one who understands obtain guidance,
6 to understand a proverb and a saying,
    the words of the wise and their riddles.
7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge;
    fools despise wisdom and instruction.
Proverbs 1:1-33


I’ve had enough of people qualifying their intelligence by literally saying how smart they are. Throwing hissy fits with a fist up proclaiming, “I’m smart! I’m smart!” doesn’t win any arguments. It seems to me that these people are trying to convince not others but themselves of this.

These are the same people who will not apologize for things they’ve clearly done wrong and realize it to be wrong themselves. They often make excuses, say why they did what they did, or point to something else as to the cause of their actions—as if they were nothing but a victim, prey to the circumstance that befell them. It is never their fault. It is always yours.

I’ve had enough of people who assume that the person they’re talking to doesn’t know the meaning of the word or idea by defining it for them before they even have a chance to ask or say that they are more than familiar with it. I don’t even do this to a five year old. I wait for them to ask me what something means. You must always assume the best of others.

These are the same people who hold their heads up high at all times while they walk on their tiptoes, ignoring all others beneath them. They neglect to see others who are much taller but are humbly slouching away to hide their true genius.

I’ve had enough of people who will make themselves (or their significant others) feel better or look good by putting others down with their words. It does nothing but cause strife between the people being compared. To say that they (or someone they know is the smartest person) by saying everyone else including the person they’re talking to pales in comparison only proves that they’re cocky and very much ignorant. It seems to be the sinister goal of this type of person to create an unstable environment for others for their own pleasure.

Without kindness, there is a lack in intelligence. Intelligence, as we’ve come to understand is not just being able to solve difficult math problems, memorize hundreds of names, finish a novel in less than a week, and so on. An integral part of intelligence is understanding how their own words and actions affect others and if their effect on others is ideal. Some people are too ready to just pulverize the person they’re arguing with by using ad hominem, thinking that they’ve won the argument by doing so. No sir, you have just lost with that kind of move.

Saying someone is ignorant at something is not bad as saying someone is an idiot, a dummy, or stupid. Being ignorant simply means factually uneducated in the area of interest. Calling someone the latter names means you have thereby determined their identity and their fate. For someone to claim that they know this about someone unquestionably assumes the role of God and is also therefore ignorant and very much cocky themselves.

This post is for the silent waters. I admire your intelligence and most of all your humility. You tower over all others who use their mouths before their brains, if at all present. Instead, you observe and speak up when needed. You do so to gently correct the mistaken and to bring truth and wisdom into a conversation riddled with hungry minds. You need not be qualified by anything outside of you. The words “I’m smart” resonate from you for all others to see without your having to say them.

For the people who’ve been told or felt that they were less than intelligent because of how others have treated you, you are capable of wonderful things. Don’t let others stop you from your explosive potential. Ben Carson’s story is an excellent example of a world renowned, brilliant neurosurgeon who in his childhood was called a dummy.

To those people who play the “smart card,” please do us all a favor and shut up.

“There are three kinds of intelligence: one kind understands things for itself, the other appreciates what others can understand, the third understands neither for itself nor through others. This first kind is excellent, the second good, and the third kind useless.”
- Niccolo Machiavelli

divider WHAT I WORE

Top: Vintage (Etsy) – Jeans: Angel Jeans – Necklace: Forever 21

I simply love this top, because it’s more Victorian than 80s. It’s puffy around the arms but tight around the wrists, buttons up high on the neck, buttons are like polished gems, and the fabric is like satin. I have it up on sale on Etsy, because I think I’m going to stay away from black tops for a while because I am keeping my hair color black longer than expected.

These jeans were sent to me by Angel Jeans, a very affordable but quality pair you can get from Amazon. It made sense to me to pair this Forever 21 necklace, because of the pretty embellishment on the jeans. They were a match made in heaven. The stones on the jeans are high quality as well. I’ve worn this pair a few times and have not lost one gem yet. My body type is mostly flattered by flare jeans, so this bootcut took a bit of getting used to. The acid wash did make my legs look more slender, so that is a plus.

christinelingerie1-alamodest christinelingerie2-alamodest christinelingerie4-alamodest christinelingerie5-alamodest christinelingerie3-alamodest

Thank you kindly to Christine Lingerie for this glamorous gown, first of all! Its’ fine silk makes me feel beautiful and graceful.

A few Christmases ago, a friend of mine gave me a pretty blue plaid dress glistening with metallic yarn. It had long sleeves, a high neck collar, and was right down the shin. I loved the pattern, the color, and the style. However, what I thought was a regular dress turned out to be lingerie! I gave her a funny look once she told me what it was, and she looked back at me and said, “what? it’s modest!”

Another girlfriend giddily handed me a throwback catalog for vintage clothing made for today and pointed to the lingerie section. She told me that this is where I could finally find modest underwear.

These two women were not mocking me at all! They are very dear to me, but they haven’t quite understood what modesty means to me. Some women are modest because they are naturally shy, pious due to religion, held back by cultural expectations, etc. Whatever the reason is, it is my belief that modesty should never, ever, ever exist in the bedroom.


Why Modesty Does Not Belong in the Bedroom

 Why hold back from your man?
If you do, you’re just inviting more temptation than there already is for your spouse to look for pleasure elsewhere.
It’s an act of love and appreciation towards your spouse, because it takes effort at times to try to look good for someone you’re used to seeing all the time
Because you can’t generally (or want to) wear underwear in public, this is the perfect place to go wild ;-)
Your most beautiful self should be seen by and not hidden from the most important person in your life
 Your outer clothing is for everyone else, but you leave what’s special for the love of your life (or yourself)
Even if your significant other doesn’t appreciate you fully or make mistakes by looking at or thinking about other women, remember that they’re human. They may contribute to or take away your happiness, but they aren’t responsible for your joy.
Honesty not modesty in the bedroom. You two should be perfectly secure in each other’s physical flaws—not just know them but love them.
Wear the sexiest, nastiest, cutest, weirdest lingerie to boost your self confidence within closed doors—whatever floats your boat! Now, look at your self in the mirror. Smile. Wink. Laugh. Dance to your favorite tunes. Have fun while you burn some calories! You are beautiful no matter what others think of you! My husband wondered why I owned sexy undies before we got married, even if I didn’t sleep around. This is why! :)


How much do you like fun or sexy underwear?

It’s not too late to enter the giveaway for free printed tights! Ends this FRIDAY (12/20)!


Here’s a song by Grace Jones from 1980 called “Private Life.” Just pretend like she’s talking about your underwear!

rachel dahl a la modest bodycon skirt rachel dahl a la modest bodycon skirt

I was walking around a friend’s neighborhood in the suburbs of New York when these photos were taken. While I was walking around I thought about how old I was and how I should be ready to have a child by now. I’m twenty-six and working on my fifth year of marriage, yet my husband and I have been living like grown-up teenagers. I’ve just embarked on a new chapter in my life where I become a group fitness instructor in a matter of months. This weekend I passed my fitness audition with flying colors, yet I thought, “Should I be doing this much wear and tear to my body at this point in my life? Am I not planning to have a baby soon, but yet here I am with aspirations of teaching with my body, long term and rather frequently?”

Those worrisome thoughts flooded my head right after being on cloud nine when the news of my impending fitness career broke. I’ve never been this involved in athletics in my life, and it feels so strange but also invigorating. I dabbled in sports growing up but never excelled, so finding a new knack—nay, a talent—in teaching yoga and Pilates, just four years before I hit 30 is a huge transformation. This was never me.

A big part of this transformation I believe has a lot to do with the food I’ve chosen to eat in the past couple of years. After being sugar-free, gluten-free, organic, and low-toxin, my body has become incredibly agile and flexible as if I was a lot younger than when I was in high school. My body has started to look more womanly but at the same time athletic. That’s why eating the right food I truly believe is the best medicine for just about any anomaly of the body. If interested in learning about my diet, my husband and I are on a Bulletproof diet, and get our supplements on their website.

Another reason why the transformation came at this time is because I virtually had no freedom to do what I wanted before I got married. My past involved being around overly controlling people that held me back from pursuing anything, even friends. Married life has its own beautiful set of boundaries, but the restrictions are never as abnormal as the state I was in before.

Above all, every good thing comes from God. I may not deserve these changes in my life, but I am really happy and thankful for them. Remembering how I had barely any freedom to choose in the past reminds me of what wonderful opportunities I can take hold of now. That is a blessing.

Now that things have changed, I am now having to decide on things I never had the chance to decide on before, with the inclusion of family life as not just an option… but a goal.


I have been looking for below-the-knee bodycon-type skirts for a good price and with good patterns for a while, and I stumbled upon this tribal skirt from a neat little corner on the web called Make Me Chic. The quality is amazing. It’s not cheap looking at all. The pattern has a dark hippie or bohemian feel to it. At the same time, it made me think of colorful stained glass.  I have another pencil skirt from Make Me Chic, which I can’t wait to show you in another “tennis” post around this same neighborhood!

racheldahl racheldahl3 racheldahl2

This right here is pretty much what I wear on a regular basis these days—capris, sneakers, t-shirt, and a vest. There’s really not much I personally do to accessorize when the heat is just that bad, because I don’t really wear much jewelry. A vest is a good layering piece to make an ordinary t-shirt look modest and not so boring.

These photos were taken with an iPhone last week in Norfolk while I was visiting family in Virginia Beach. I swear, sometimes my phone takes better photographs than my camera! It helps that I was surrounded by beautiful shrubbery right in front of a quaint green house.

While I was headed back home to Baltimore, Rob and I decided to stop a thrift store. He and I parted ways to scurry through treasures found in different parts of the store. I was later approached by a man maybe in his mid 40s while I was going through the female tops rack. The conversation went on a little something like this:

My Conversation with a Creepy Stranger

Man: Is this for women? *smiles, pointing to the clothes then pointing at me from top to bottom*
Me: Yes, these are for women. *goes back to what I was doing, sorting through the tops*
Man: These are nice. I’m buying for a friend.
Me: Oh, okay. You’ll find a lot of good things here. *smiles*
Man: So, what’s your name? *smiles*
Me: No, I’m not going to tell you my name. *I wouldn’t normally be this rude, but he was looking at me so intensely*
Man: Huh? What’s that?
Me: My name’s Rachel. *looks back at him*
Man: I’m ______. What do you do, for job?
Me: I have a store. *continues to sift through clothing as a hint to get lost but looking back at him when answering a question*
Man: Oh, so what do you sell? Art?
Me: Umm, a lot of things. Like, CDs.
Man: You’re very beautiful. What’s your background?
Me: Thanks. Hmm, how about you make a guess?
Man: You’re Filipina, no?
Me: Ha, you’re the first person in a long time to ever guess that right. Not even Filipinos think I’m Filipino.
Man:I know some Filipino! Magandang gabi. Kamusta. Uh, what else…
Me: It’s magandang hapon for the afternoon.
Man: Oh yeah yah, magandang hapon.*big smile* Where do you live?
Me: I’m not from around here.
Man: Oh, really? Me too. I’m from Washington.
Me: Oh, okay.
Man: Where are you from?
Me: Maryland.
Man: Oh, Maryland, huh? So what are you doing here?
Me:  I was visiting my parents.
Man: How long you staying?
Me: I’m leaving today. I’m going back home today. *that was really true*
Man: Aww. Can we exchange phone numbers?
Me: No, I’m married. *points to my ring finger*
Man: Oh okay. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. *smiling* *pause* You have kids?
Me: No. No kids.
Man: Ah, no kids. So are you visiting alone, or…?
Me: No, with my husband. He’s in this store somewhere right now.
Man: *looks around nervously* Ah, I see. Maybe if we exchange e-mail, it’s safe. Okay? Is that okay?
Me: No, I’m sorry.
Man: Okay, how about I give you my e-mail? You’ll have my e-mail.
Me: No… I’m sorry.

My Verdict

The man in this conversation wasn’t what I call harassing me. Maybe a bit persistent but not harassing. He was probably lonely and looking for some company, innocent or not. What I don’t like however is that he kept pushing me to exchange contact information after I said no and also tried to keep our communication “secret” from my husband by suggesting we do e-mail, because it’s “safe.” The nerve! A few people in the store saw the whole thing and a woman just shook her head and said “Oh gosh, some people!”

I’m not against guys walking up to girls and asking them for their numbers (or e-mail). I don’t think that’s creepy. Some girls, if they thought the stranger was cute would give him her number any day. To say someone is “creepy” just because you don’t like how he looks is two faced. The same idea goes for girls wearing revealing clothing to hopefully invite the cute guys and not the “creepy” guys who they just think is unattractive. That’s just mean and unfair to label someone a creep, when it’s biased and totally based on looks.

However, I do think someone is a creep for pursuing someone they know is married. That applies to women who know a man is married. Women can be creeps too (equal and opposite…genders). Men and women, look for the ring first before you start flirting with someone. If they hide their being married, that’s on them.

For your viewing pleasure and nostalgia, here’s TLC (hope you get the reference):



flapperempower copy In 1922, a magazine called Flapper published the “Flapper Dictionary” and included Cosmo Hamilton’s definition of a flapper as having “a jitney body and a limousine mind.” A jitney was a cheap five cent ride, and limousines, we all know what those represent! Flapper magazine would at least be the most outspoken supporter for the flapper lifestyle at the time, but even they were aware of the reality—that flappers sold their bodies. It could be argued that the ability to sell your own body is part of a woman’s power, but at the same time it cheapens sex and your body as something you can put a number on.

Orphans of the Storm (1921)

I’ve heard the argument that killing oneself should be every individual’s right. It’s a statement I fall prey to during my darkest of days. It is true, albeit somewhat, that your body is in fact your own. It’s not so easy to defend that when you’re under a marital covenant like me, having taken an oath in front of witnesses, swearing that you are one with your spouse and that your body is not just your own. When you’re single however, most people believe that you can do whatever you want with your body in the name of liberty. The legal system, working together to protect your civil liberties, also prohibits you to enjoy certain freedoms if they have somehow proven that what you do is harmful to yourself and others. Examples of such are the usage of marijuana and steroids, drinking while driving, and prostitution.

How does selling your body for sex harm yourself and others? Unlike marijuana, prostitution is frowned upon by the majority of people, mostly because of its relation to slave trade and sex trafficking. A lot of feminists I know frown upon the act as well and for basically the same reasons why I don’t espouse to it—being harmful to your own body and demeaning to the worth of women. It is a mystery to me why it is legal to be a sex worker via pornography but not in the streets (another topic for another time). So, why did the flapper sell herself? Perhaps because it was frowned upon, and it was her goal to do what was unconventional. Mind you, not all of them involved themselves in this business, but it was the general idea that came with the culture. It could’ve been a stereotype, but all stereotypes are derived from having something happen enough.

Everything else about flapperdom it seems is a delight to feminists. It is ironic however that the corset (which I am much a fan of) was representation of structure and was abandoned by forward-thinking women including the flappers; but now, corsets are attributed to promiscuity. All I know is that it makes me feel better with my posture, my shape, and my back!

I put the below outfit together for my idealized modern day flapper, with the elements of gold, feathers, tiered skirts, layered necklaces, and a fascinator—all of which a flapper in the 1920s would’ve incorporated in her dressing. The difference with my ideal flapper is that this woman would have had a limousine body and a limousine mind. She would, as I do now, enjoy her voting rights and her position as a boss of a business, without having to resort to using her own body as sign of power.


Bag: Minsstyle | Dress: Belonda | Locket/Pendant: Fashion Junkie 4 Life | Shoes: Pamplemousse Vintage | Fascinator: These Woods | Pearls: Chanel

Bag’s name is Coco by designer Lily Vasaelini and can be purchased through Minsstyle. I’m very much into black and white contrasts, striped or not, and this purse looks very pleasing. It’s also a good size and made from quality Italian leather. The dress is from Belonda who makes silk printed dresses, and this somehow made me a think of a tamer flapper Bjork with its resemblance to a dress I’ve seen her wear!

The heart locket you see up there is actually a replica of a rare Victorian vinaigrette necklace. Back in the Victorian time, women didn’t have the luxury of bathing daily, so to cover up the evidence of that fact, they would dip the pad that you see up there in scented oil and place it in the locket. They’d wear it around their necks and replace the pad as needed!

 What do you like or dislike about the flapper culture?


Great Gatsby (2013)


Eye Spy Spy Clothing!

June 18th, 2013


What better femme fatale to feature for spy clothing than Emma Peel from the 1960s TV show The Avengers! Contrary to what most people think about the good ole’ days though, there were a lot of risque and scandalous clothing before now. The Avengers was not at all what you’d call sexploitation, but it was around the time when women unilaterally didn’t get all up and arms about women’s rights and equality. That was up until the women’s liberation movement of second wave feminism came along in the late 60s and early 70s. Before all that, men easily got away with using women’s bodies to sell movies and to make women believe that their powers reside in their sexuality. Women have brains as much as breasts, muscles as much as… men-struation? Yes, oh so sexy.

Setting aside geeky alliteration, here are some things I came across the web that deserve some attention, good or bad.  All these are great for a well-covered feminist spy who carries around gadgets instead of lingerie for a change to save the world. I am a lingerie addict, but I can’t pretend that it does any good outside the bedroom.

scottevest-trench-coat-spy En-trenched with this trench coat. I complain about how women’s clothes are lacking in pockets, but that’s what purses are for, right? Then again, it could just be a massive conspiracy where women’s clothing designers intentionally don’t add pockets so that they can sell more bags. Check out this trench coat by Scottevest. It has 18 pockets?! They have a whole line of TEC (technology-enabled clothing) that is perfect for a spy. Oh, and I spy Amy Tan sporting the coat on their website!


A Purse and a Boot, to Boot! Elizabeth Anne’s The European boot looks like an ordinary boot from the outside, but take a close look at the interior. This Canadian designer made the “The World’s First Purse For Your Feet.” I could see an Emma Peel in this decade wearing these as she whips out a credit card to pay for her purchases and picks up her cellphone to make a call. I’ve seen a lot of crazy fashion ideas out there, but this one seems not too far fetched from sanity. Femme fatales have been hiding knives and guns in their shoe and garter belts, pretending like they’ve obviously got nothing to hide in their skintight clothing. Oh, looks can be deceiving.


Zoom-ba! I recently saw a commercial for Zoomies on TV, and I immediately gave it the same creepiness factor as the Snuggies commercial. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Snuggie. It’s an odd-looking thing, but its use is so practical. Zoomies may be very useful, but they do open up a can of worms for predators. Snuggies however do not, but perhaps another person can argue otherwise.

When it comes to decisions on clothing and accessories though, I  do succumb to aesthetics over practicality almost every time. I know some people may frown upon that, but dressing up can be and is an art form for some of us. If we were to supposed to wear the most practical pants, then we’d be all wearing cargo pants. I wore cargos in the 90s, and although I really liked them at the time, I may not ever go back.

My point in this post is this— there’s nothing wrong with “impractical” clothing if you see it as beautiful. However, if you’re going to try to kick butt, make sure you do so through “practical” skills and not your body.

P.S. Thank you for choosing me as one of your top 25 political and feminist blogs in June 2013! I’m not going to take this TOO seriously for two reasons. One, I haven’t written anything on point in a while. Two, I was ahead of Michelle Malkin by two points.

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