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a la modest vintage 70s rachel dahl vintage a la modest 70s a la modest vintage 70s ala modest vintage 70s a la modest vintage 70s

It’s the thrill of finding something completely unique that you can no longer find in stores
It’s the fantasy of living in another time and wearing a piece of history on your sleeves
It’s the assurance that vintage doesn’t just mean the style
It’s owning something that is worthy of a conversation
It’s being part of a community who loves, understands, and treasures creativity and history
It’s a great feeling to support and recognize worthy artisans
It’s the satisfaction of owning something quality made and lasts a lifetime

Why do you love Etsy?



To celebrate all that is Etsy, vintage seller Otter Pawps is giving away items from her shop to a la Modest readers! Pick ANYTHING you like (including the top and skirt I am currently wearing) :)

REQUIRED: All you need to do is follow @OtterPawpsShawp on Twitter then leave a comment on this post with your Twitter username + country. Tell me what you like about vintage/Etsy on the comment as well. Example: “@alamodest – USA – I like vintage because…”

Optional/extra entries: Favorite/follow Otter Pawps store and/or items. Leave your Etsy username in the comment.

Open to all. Ends Sunday, January 26.


WINNERS: Heidi, Dana Rodriguez, and Kate Redding.

a la modest kosher casual rachel dahl winter fur russian shell bodycon dress a la modest kosher casual rachel dahl winter fur russian a la modest kosher casual rachel dahl winter fur russian shell bodycon dress a la modest kosher casual rachel dahl winter fur russian

Happy 2014! How have your style and personality changed in the past year? Often times the two go hand in hand. What personally attracts you to Audrey Hepburn vs Marilyn Monroe can tell a whole lot about yourself. I personally take some characteristics from each Hollywood diva. Audrey for general feminine and conservative style and brunette features and Marilyn for her womanly curves!

Although my general style hasn’t changed much (still somewhat modest and into textures), I feel like I’ve matured in my clothing in some ways. I don’t necessarily think that’s a good thing. It’s just different. Less bright colors and A-line skirts and more earth tones, pencil skirts, and fur.

I’ve been really into accentuating with faux fur, especially ever since my obsession with Russian winter styles and Art Deco period pieces (have a look at my previous Art Deco fashion post). I can’t get myself to keep full fur vintage coats though, because it’s a pain to have to take it to the cleaners. I don’t go to dry cleaners ever. I’m actually very practical (or lazy) with the upkeep of my clothes. I try to find clothes that don’t need to be ironed and can withstand a good amount of washing. I will however not pass up buying a good looking vintage fur coat just to put it up on Etsy and maybe use it once!

Although I generally believe in dressing appropriately (e.g. occasions, environment, and modesty beliefs), I don’t really think there’s an “appropriate” color, texture, or even style for a certain age. There may be an association to age, but I really don’t mind seeing 50 year olds with pink hair. In fact, I like it! I wish I could keep up with style as I age, but as some of us know the transition from childhood to adulthood styles often times come naturally. Teens and young adults everywhere wanting to prove their adulthood to the public dress sexier, and we see that in celebrities such as Miley Cyrus. Often times, the transition can get forced or driven by desperation and cry for attention. There is no peace within with such motivation and others will see it through you. If we were all honest with ourselves, we’d know that we all have that darkness in us. We need to expose it by bringing our motivation to light at least to ourselves and perhaps reevaluate why we choose what we wear.

Let’s get faux real. What do you find yourself wearing different since the last year or in the past? What may be the reason(s) behind that change?


I’m wearing a shell layering dress from Kosher Casual that is advertised to be good for not only layering underneath but also to be worn alone. I paired it with monochrome thrifted vintage faux fur hat and collar with a hint of gold from vintage accessories. The dress isn’t really that tight as pictured honestly. It’s supposed to look more pencil than bodycon. The under bust corset I was wearing underneath clung to the material, especially since it was cold and windy out!

Games People Play: The Smart Card

December 23rd, 2013

a la modest rachel dahl jeans angel rachel dahl a la modest angel jeans rachel dahl a la modest angel jeans rachel dahl a la modest angel jeans

The Beginning of Knowledge

1 The proverbs of Solomon, son of David, king of Israel:
2 To know wisdom and instruction,
    to understand words of insight,
3 to receive instruction in wise dealing,
    in righteousness, justice, and equity;
4 to give prudence to the simple,
    knowledge and discretion to the youth—
5 Let the wise hear and increase in learning,
    and the one who understands obtain guidance,
6 to understand a proverb and a saying,
    the words of the wise and their riddles.
7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge;
    fools despise wisdom and instruction.
- Proverbs 1:1-33


I’ve had enough of people qualifying their intelligence by literally saying how smart they are. Throwing hissy fits with a fist up proclaiming, “I’m smart! I’m smart!” doesn’t win any arguments. It seems to me that these people are trying to convince not others but themselves of this.

These are the same people who will not apologize for things they’ve clearly done wrong and realize it to be wrong themselves. They often make excuses, say why they did what they did, or point to something else as to the cause of their actions—as if they were nothing but a victim, prey to the circumstance that befell them. It is never their fault. It is always yours.

I’ve had enough of people who assume that the person they’re talking to doesn’t know the meaning of the word or idea by defining it for them before they even have a chance to ask or say that they are more than familiar with it. I don’t even do this to a five year old. I wait for them to ask me what something means. You must always assume the best of others.

These are the same people who hold their heads up high at all times while they walk on their tiptoes, ignoring all others beneath them. They neglect to see others who are much taller but are humbly slouching away to hide their true genius.

I’ve had enough of people who will make themselves (or their significant others) feel better or look good by putting others down with their words. It does nothing but cause strife between the people being compared. To say that they (or someone they know is the smartest person) by saying everyone else including the person they’re talking to pales in comparison only proves that they’re cocky and very much ignorant. It seems to be the sinister goal of this type of person to create an unstable environment for others for their own pleasure.

Without kindness, there is a lack in intelligence. Intelligence, as we’ve come to understand is not just being able to solve difficult math problems, memorize hundreds of names, finish a novel in less than a week, and so on. An integral part of intelligence is understanding how their own words and actions affect others and if their effect on others is ideal. Some people are too ready to just pulverize the person they’re arguing with by using ad hominem, thinking that they’ve won the argument by doing so. No sir, you have just lost with that kind of move.

Saying someone is ignorant at something is not bad as saying someone is an idiot, a dummy, or stupid. Being ignorant simply means factually uneducated in the area of interest. Calling someone the latter names means you have thereby determined their identity and their fate. For someone to claim that they know this about someone unquestionably assumes the role of God and is also therefore ignorant and very much cocky themselves.

This post is for the silent waters. I admire your intelligence and most of all your humility. You tower over all others who use their mouths before their brains, if at all present. Instead, you observe and speak up when needed. You do so to gently correct the mistaken and to bring truth and wisdom into a conversation riddled with hungry minds. You need not be qualified by anything outside of you. The words “I’m smart” resonate from you for all others to see without your having to say them.

For the people who’ve been told or felt that they were less than intelligent because of how others have treated you, you are capable of wonderful things. Don’t let others stop you from your explosive potential. Ben Carson’s story is an excellent example of a world renowned, brilliant neurosurgeon who in his childhood was called a dummy.

To those people who play the “smart card,” please do us all a favor and shut up.

“There are three kinds of intelligence: one kind understands things for itself, the other appreciates what others can understand, the third understands neither for itself nor through others. This first kind is excellent, the second good, and the third kind useless.”
- Niccolo Machiavelli

divider WHAT I WORE

Top: Vintage (Etsy) – Jeans: Angel Jeans – Necklace: Forever 21

I simply love this top, because it’s more Victorian than 80s. It’s puffy around the arms but tight around the wrists, buttons up high on the neck, buttons are like polished gems, and the fabric is like satin. I have it up on sale on Etsy, because I think I’m going to stay away from black tops for a while because I am keeping my hair color black longer than expected.

These jeans were sent to me by Angel Jeans, a very affordable but quality pair you can get from Amazon. It made sense to me to pair this Forever 21 necklace, because of the pretty embellishment on the jeans. They were a match made in heaven. The stones on the jeans are high quality as well. I’ve worn this pair a few times and have not lost one gem yet. My body type is mostly flattered by flare jeans, so this bootcut took a bit of getting used to. The acid wash did make my legs look more slender, so that is a plus.

christinelingerie1-alamodest christinelingerie2-alamodest christinelingerie4-alamodest christinelingerie5-alamodest christinelingerie3-alamodest

Thank you kindly to Christine Lingerie for this glamorous gown, first of all! Its’ fine silk makes me feel beautiful and graceful.

A few Christmases ago, a friend of mine gave me a pretty blue plaid dress glistening with metallic yarn. It had long sleeves, a high neck collar, and was right down the shin. I loved the pattern, the color, and the style. However, what I thought was a regular dress turned out to be lingerie! I gave her a funny look once she told me what it was, and she looked back at me and said, “what? it’s modest!”

Another girlfriend giddily handed me a throwback catalog for vintage clothing made for today and pointed to the lingerie section. She told me that this is where I could finally find modest underwear.

These two women were not mocking me at all! They are very dear to me, but they haven’t quite understood what modesty means to me. Some women are modest because they are naturally shy, pious due to religion, held back by cultural expectations, etc. Whatever the reason is, it is my belief that modesty should never, ever, ever exist in the bedroom.


Why Modesty Does Not Belong in the Bedroom

 Why hold back from your man?
If you do, you’re just inviting more temptation than there already is for your spouse to look for pleasure elsewhere.
It’s an act of love and appreciation towards your spouse, because it takes effort at times to try to look good for someone you’re used to seeing all the time
Because you can’t generally (or want to) wear underwear in public, this is the perfect place to go wild ;-)
Your most beautiful self should be seen by and not hidden from the most important person in your life
 Your outer clothing is for everyone else, but you leave what’s special for the love of your life (or yourself)
Even if your significant other doesn’t appreciate you fully or make mistakes by looking at or thinking about other women, remember that they’re human. They may contribute to or take away your happiness, but they aren’t responsible for your joy.
Honesty not modesty in the bedroom. You two should be perfectly secure in each other’s physical flaws—not just know them but love them.
Wear the sexiest, nastiest, cutest, weirdest lingerie to boost your self confidence within closed doors—whatever floats your boat! Now, look at your self in the mirror. Smile. Wink. Laugh. Dance to your favorite tunes. Have fun while you burn some calories! You are beautiful no matter what others think of you! My husband wondered why I owned sexy undies before we got married, even if I didn’t sleep around. This is why! :)


How much do you like fun or sexy underwear?

It’s not too late to enter the giveaway for free printed tights! Ends this FRIDAY (12/20)!


Here’s a song by Grace Jones from 1980 called “Private Life.” Just pretend like she’s talking about your underwear!

yoga pilates taichi body flow les mills modest rachel dahl

Vrksasana (tree pose)

I decided to put up photos of me doing some of my favorite yoga poses outdoors in this beautiful fall before the weather gets too cold. The workout top & bottom I’m wearing is from Cotton Cantina. I love how breathable and light the materials used in these are. However, the top is a bit sheer. I was wearing a pink exercise bra, so it was showing a bit. If you wear a neutral colored bra, you’ll be fine!
dancers pose bulletproof yoga pilates taichi les mills body flow modest

Natarajasana (dancer’s pose)
full wheel Upward Bow urdhva bulletproof yoga pilates taichi les mills body flow modest

Urdhva Dhanurasana (upward bow/full wheel pose) yoga pilates taichi les mills body flow modest

Virabhadrasana III (warrior 3 pose)

Below is a GIF I put together sloppily of my doing an upward bow/full wheel. It’s a good beginner’s guide to follow. I did not intend to do a step-by-step guide at all. The other shots in the GIF were a mistake, because the timer stopped while I was midway the pose!
yoga full wheel gif

Namaste! yoga pilates taichi namaste les mills bodyflow modest prayer

Anjali Mudra (salutation seal)

Below is an infographic from Huffington Post on “How Yoga Transforms Your Body.” The article on there is good to read too!

yoga infographic

This is how yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi (= Les Mills‘ Bodyflow) + a good diet helped me transform MY body:

* High fat diet with good saturated fats (organic grass fed butter/ghee and coconut oil) made me have more of an hourglass figure. I used to be more pear shaped. My waist slimmed down significantly without needing a corset ;-)

* The collagen produced in my body by eating more organic grass fed meat helped me have smoother skin. My hands, feet, and lips used to be so rough and dry. There is a grass fed supplement for collagen (and whey) too if you don’t eat red meat (but I highly recommend you do). I get my and my husband’s personal supplements mostly on Bulletproof’s website.

* By changing my diet,  I was able to effortlessly perform exercises that would usually wear me out. I am more flexible now, and I’m able to recover from injury pretty fast.

* Yoga (especially inversions) and Tai Chi, helped me feel so much more relaxed, happy, and alert by having  blood flow through different parts of my body better and relieving tension in my muscles.

* Pilates gave me a flatter tummy and better abs (and the food I eat made me get there a lot faster!).

* … and so much more! I will be blogging more and more about how food and the appropriate exercise on this blog now, because it has truly turned my world around (and rocked it)!


How has your lifestyle makeover (diet + exercise) changed you?

michael haband jacket rachel dahl a la modest michael hoban alamodest michael hoban 80s north beach leather jacket 10-282

These photos are really grainy, and I apologize! These were taken with an iPhone at around 6pm on a whim.

I was about to go to the gym with these red leggings and Sketchers, and on the way out, I threw on this gorgeous Michael Hoban jacket with the words “WHAM” in a cartoony font. I just discovered a whole new world of awesome leather jackets by Mr. Hoban. I had this jacket up on eBay but decided to put it up on my Etsy instead (long story). I can’t find much info about the guy on the web, sadly, besides this article. By the looks of the design at least though, it looks like it was made in the 80s.

Jacket below from my store (it’s now UP!). Price is always negotiable!

Michael Hoban North Beach leather jacket Wham

Below you’ll find the wonderful lady that I met up with AGAIN while I was up north. It’s Justice Pirate, or my dear friend and fellow  flogger (fashion + blogger) Victoria. This was actually from the first set of photos we took, because I have yet to upload the new photos via Instagram. Check out her blog. She’s got a lot of wisdom and family fun to share! We’ve known each other for I think  a couple of years now through our blogs, and I honestly think I’ve never met anyone from online that was this awesome (besides my husband)! This gal is very passionately against slavery, loves God, and just has a big heart for the needy. Need I say more?

alamodest justicepirate

rachel dahl a la modest high waist hounds tooth skirt rachel dahl a la modest high waist houndstooth skirt rachel dahl a la modest high waist houndstooth skirt rachel dahl a la modest high waist houndstooth skirt
How NOT to Look Sporty When Playing Sports? Alright, maybe not. Unless you want to trick your opponent into thinking you’re a lousy player or just want to add some challenge with your movement, you do want to dress up accordingly!

I was learning how to play tennis all summer, and although I’m not a pro at it, I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I like that it’s a low impact sport but takes skill to be good at. It kind of reminds me of why I like yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi (essentially, Les Mills‘ Body Flow which I will be teaching early next year!). You don’t need to have an athletic body to be good at it, but you do need to be good at your form.

To be honest, I don’t want to have an athletic body. I like the curves (and energy) I gained by eating a high fat, organic, grass fed, gluten-free, and low toxin diet. For those who are wondering what diet I’m mostly following, I’m on the Bulletproof diet. I might just have to start a new blog about my health and fitness adventures from zero to hero (sorry, I had to say it), but then again I hate to split my life into different blogs!

I absolutely have been obsessed with high waist, below the knee pencil skirts paired with warm slouchy sweaters. High waist anything makes anyone look slightly taller but not necessarily more slender, fyi. I’m wearing a zippered hounds tooth skirt from Make Me Chic, which is a total rockabilly dream!

If you haven’t seen my previous outfit post with another beautiful pencil skirt from Make Me Chic , I talked about how much my body and overall temperament changed because of the good stuff I’ve been eating, with virtually no “cardio exercises.”

Oh and with the exception of the hat and socks, I was not wearing this outfit while on the court!

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