Lovin’ Lene Lovich’s Plaits & Head Coverings


Some of us don’t wait for Halloween to wear “costumes.” For us, wearing elaborate or theme-inspired clothing is a daily matter. You call it costumes, we call it a way of living! Last year, I wrote about escaping from “Sartorial Stereotypes” for Halloween with just a quick list of ideas.  So, for most people who…

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(Stupid) Music Monday: The Flys- Got You Where I Want You

My husband just landed himself a gig as the front man of a pretty good cover band. The set list of the guys before he came along consisted of Talking Heads, Neil Young, The Beatles, Queen, and Van Halen.  Good choices, eh? Oh yes! I just picked the best ones, though. The rest of the…

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Indie Band Goes Mainstream via Runway: Wild Cub @ Rebecca Minkoff Fall ’13


I am a supporter of underdogs and indie artists, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear about small-time Nashville band Wild Cub‘s being chosen to play at Rebecca Minkoff’s Fall 2013 runway in New York. Minkoff, according to MTV, at least recently has chosen bands to play at her shows—including NYC native Theophilus London and…

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(Post) Valentine’s Mix: Friends & Lovers


I was going to put up this post yesterday on Valentine’s Day, but I had an unforeseen special evening with the hubby and delayed this! Here is the first ever “Valentine’s Mix: Friends & Lovers.” Okay, so I just meant one lover and the rest are some of my awesome friends whom I handpicked based…

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Recap of Our Winter Rock Shows: Deerhoof, Liam Finn, Ash, and many more!

Hey all! I’m going to try to write more soon (these promises hopefully won’t be empty again), but for now here are some photos I took from Instagram of shows Rob and I went to and cool people we got a pleasure of meeting in a span of a month. Enjoy! Rob and I with…

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