The Tree of Life


Many of you probably have not seen the movie The Tree of Life from 2011. From what I recall, it was only released in select theaters. I don’t want to call it an “indie” film, because the director and actors (Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain, Sean Penn) are well established and very well known. The overall feeling or atmosphere is very indie and artsy however! This is perhaps the reason why it wasn’t shown in very many theaters and wasn’t seen by very many people. These are gems you must seek out.

This film was the beautiful handiwork of Terrence Malick whose works include The Thin Red Line, The New World, and The Bad Lands, all of which depict grand and natural landscapes where the actors are just part of the bigger picture. This isn’t a movie you should seek out to see Brad Pitt or Jessica Chastain or Sean Penn for, even though I really like all of them! If you do see this movie only with the intention of seeing your favorite actor, you might be disappointed.

This is a film you should seek out for its mystery and beauty. It shows so much of the complexity of human life, down from the very, very beginnings of life itself. Instead of giving you a background of the movie, I usually like to show stills that hopefully entice you to see it without giving much away!

tree of life jessica chastain brad pitt still movie christian tree of life jessica chastain brad pitt still movie christian tree of life jessica chastain brad pitt still movie christian tree of life jessica chastain brad pitt still movie christian tree of life jessica chastain brad pitt still movie christian

Instead of giving you some kind of philosophy on what the actual Tree of Life is (as opposed to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) from my viewpoint based on historical and religious texts, I decided to give you a series of lovely photos from the film of the same name. The movie is as mysterious as the meaning of life itself and the meaning and source of the elusive Tree of Life. Well, maybe not.

Have you seen any amazing art films lately?


The sparkling piece of bling (Tree of Life Jewelry) from the first photo above is Artisan jewelry from Prana Jewelry.  They make Yoga Jewelry and other symbolic adornments shared with many cultures and religious backgrounds with a modern and fashionable twist. This website is a great place to shop for gifts! This necklace is made of high quality diamonds and excellent craftsmanship.


Pe’ahi & Recreating The Raveonettes’ Wardrobe

raveonettes style fashion The Raveonettes just came out with their latest album, Pe’ahi. I thought it’d be best to feature them in a fashion post! Here is to recreating Sue Rose Wagner’s and Sharin Foo’s wardrobe!

raveonettes style fashion black white raveonettes style fashion black white

Often times, you’ll see the dynamic duo wearing monochrome, structured outfits like some in the photos above. However, I’ve seen Sharin often wear brightly colored hues with dainty dresses and cowboy boots and Sue wearing bold slouchy sweaters. It might be confusing if you don’t know them, but Sharin is the woman :) Definitely, the iconic look for the The Raveonettes is black and white, much like The Beatles or The Hives. Thankfully, they are human and can make different choices at any given day, so they are not opposed to color!

raveonettes style fashion color

I’ve been really attracted to black and white and bold primary colors like kelly green and royal blue instead of mint and tangerine lately. Personally, it makes me feel stronger, braver, and ready to take on the world. Of course, that’s just my current mood and may change. The Raveonettes make black and white look so cool, and their hair tops it all off!

Below you’ll find some pieces that I feel may be a good fit for Sharin. Let’s not forget the leather jacket and black tights in the cold with these! As for Sune, there are loads of cool mens’ clothes I was eyeing up for him as well.


Sarah Button Through Maxi DressHollie Stripe 2 in 1 Midi DressAbby Pleat Zig Zag Shift DressJennifer Embroidered Shift DressMia Long Sleeve Midi DressAmy Pleat Detail Shift Dress

A few days ago, I read an engaging interview on the Raveonettes recent style collaboration with Selected. However checking back again today, that same article is now gone. I did pick up that Sharin isn’t really interested in fashion, per se. She is interested however in self expression, how your clothes and music can show that expression and creativity through artful choices. Of course, that’s how I remembered her response in my own words, of course. No matter how elitist that may sound, I believe that it’s good to look at things that way instead of just conforming. If you like something that’s in though, don’t be an elitist just to be one. I have trouble with that sometimes with music and movies, but you know what… I’m trying to grow up :)

Surprisingly, they have uploaded the full album on Youtube. However, I recommend buying the Pe’ahi album for obvious reasons. When you listen to the Raveonettes, it is quite a magical experience. You really don’t want to be confined to streamed audio. It makes a huge difference. HUGE. Crank it up in your car with the windows rolled up while driving at night. You can dance. You can cry. You can celebrate. The album is not a let down. Hands down one of my favorite modern bands.

If you really want to have a listen right now, below is the streaming playlist of Pe’ahi:



Vintage Art Nouveau Champage Ads

robetteabsinthe 1896 poster for a French absinthe brand by the Art Nouveau poster artist Henri Privat-Livemont absinthe-robette-poster

Although I haven’t consumed a bottle of bubbly in a long time due to avoiding sugar, I can’t help but share these wonderful Art Nouveau advertisements from the 1890s-1910s! Most of these are by the iconic Alphonse Mucha and some are from other wonderful artists such as Henri Privat-Livemont (above photo). Which one is your favorite?

Liqueur Bottles and Ladies’ Bodies

I do like the fact that Mucha emphasizes curves all over on his models’ bodies, on most if not all of his artwork (not just the alcohol ads). They’re obviously not today’s ideal body standards. Looking through art history is a good reminder that all types of body shapes have once been the perfect body type. It is nice to see that these women’s bodies could belong to any one of us today! If you’d like to see the above photo in its full bodied, belly out glory, you may do so.

Sounds Français?

If the word “champagne” sounds French to you, that is because you are correct. Champagne is sparkling wine originating from the Champagne region in France. So, if it’s not from France, technically it shouldn’t be called champagne! However in recent days, we’ve used the words “sparkling wine” and “champagne” interchangeably.

Pros and Cons

Champagne and some other types of wines are actually somewhat Paleo or Bulletproof diet in nature, because they are not made from grains. It is definitely gluten free. Although there are many, many health benefits to drinking champagne as they say (as red wine due to its antioxidants), let’s not forget that it is still a fructose drink. Consuming a lot will spike the blood sugar and cause you to break out or weaken your immunity in general. It is fine however in occasion if your body has not been greatly compromised, especially while celebrating… Happy Memorial Day!



alphonsemucha-alcohol-art-nouveau-ads2 alphonsesmucha-alcohol-art-nouveau-ads3 alphonsesmucha-alcohol-art-nouveau-ads5 alphonsesmucha-alcohol-art-nouveau-ads4




Kuma: Book Clutch Project

kumabookclutch2 Recently, we’ve talked about and praised handmade artists on Etsy for their creativity and lack of much deserved attention. Today, I’ve got something special to introduce to you—Kuma, the book clutch! Made by artisan Mari Ojasaar, Kuma is a handmade leather clutch made to look like a vintage book. A famous quotation or a phrase of your choice is engraved on the outside of the book clutch. It is however still  a project in the works. It needs to come alive with your help!

Kuma is on Kickstarter and is in need of a lot of serious “backers” (investors with sweet rewards) by Sunday, February 9 to make Kuma a living creation. As you may know, the deal with Kickstarter is that the artist or project doesn’t get any of the donations if the goal amount isn’t met by the deadline. With every donation, you automatically get something from the artist.


For example: For a mere $15 donation, you get the satisfaction of helping Mari’s project Kuma happen AND get a butterfly brooch from below:



For higher donation amounts, you get bigger rewards—and as you may have guessed, including your very own personalized clutch like that piece of lemon cake above. Head on over to Kickstarter right now to give to a unique project and get back a reward. Watch the video below to learn more and fall in love!