Camo, dawn til dusk

I wore this camo skirt with two different outfits in one day. These photos represent a little bit more of how I look on a blah day. It’s been really ugly out with all the rain.  I do feel unmotivated to dress up at times just like most people. Also, I don’t do too well matching purses with clothes either, because I just have way too many things to transfer when switching from purse to purse. It seems I’ve gotten too lazy using purse liners, although they are a great invention. I usually just marry myself to one purse for an extended period of time even though I have quite a few. My purses don’t get “pimped” as much as my clothes, I guess… Some girls just have more purse-sonality. Harhar.

I’m wearing Rob’s Burrito Boredom shirt that we got from Qdoba for participating in their video contest. I also have on this chain belt that I broke that very day. Bummer. The day before that, I tore a necklace! Am I getting stronger or just plain careless?

It got chillier as the sun went down, so I let my hair down and put on a ruffly cardigan that I wore as a blouse, juxtaposing the camo. I used three safety pins as buttons to close the gap on the cardigan. Having a shirt on underneath, I felt the need to only put on three. Sometime I would love to create a punk shirt, though, with more pins on it—Richard Hell style!

I think I may have outgrown this skirt, because it’s much shorter than I remember. When I took this picture, I had already pulled this skirt down my waist as low as the zipper allowed. It could’ve always been too short. I’ve had this since high school, and I think I just stopped wearing it because for a while I thought cameo was tacky. These awesome military style boots are from the one place where I get all my shoes now because of style, convenience, and price—UrbanOG.

I have three giveaways running this month. The first is for Rey Swimwear ending the 21st (this Saturday), and the other is for UPrinting’s 100 custom glossy postcards ending the 26th  (next Thursday). The third giveaway is coming at the end of this month. Watch out for announcements!

Has anyone noticed my new Pacman header? Retro games rule. My brother-in-law and husband are working on a pseudo-retro game on the iPhone. I would love for you all (with iPhones/iPads) to support them once the game is finished! It’s a really fun game.



  1. says

    You look great in both outfits! : )
    I do think the skirt is too short…had you thought of pairing it with another skirt underneath? That’s what I did recently! It adds something and makes it modest!

    And yes, I did notice your new header! Did you make it? I know your into computers and stuff, right? I mess around…that’s about it! *GRIN*

    I know what you mean, I’ve been uninspired lately too, due more to the fact that I need to get some decent fitted shirts after my ‘throw out’ fest! I’m going to Spokane WA this month, so I’m hoping to get some clothes. Forever 21, look out!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. says

    I love the outdoors shot with all the leafy green. It goes well with the camouflage skirt. Good thing you broke the chain AFTER the shot was done. We are also going through an unusual period of rain and sunlessness in Toronto this week. It’s been going on for days but good news is it will brighten up for the long weekend. :)

  3. says

    I like the t-shirt better, honestly. It looks awesome. This reminds me of a REALLY short skirt I used to wear that was camouflaged back when I first got married in 2004. I loved that skirt. I am glad I don’t have it any longer though. If I wore YOUR skirt it would be REALLY short on me too though. I think most things just are short on me in general since I have my tree length legs hehehe.

    • says

      yeah, I already pulled that skirt down as far as I could. If I didn’t have a long shirt to go with it, you would’ve seen my hip bones and part of my underwear! The skirt used to be mid thigh length. I can’t imagine if you wore this! I haven’t decided what to do with this yet because I can wear it pulled down like this still.

  4. brisallie says

    I love this outfit, specially the second one because is so “lovely and rude at the same time” and that my usual style :) Although im not a big fan of camo and I usually wear short skirts in the beach or when im in home xd.

  5. Shey says

    I think you look great, especially with the black top and those pins hehehe very rock punk look. =)


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