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Blue Hawaiian, Surfer Rosa

August 17th, 2010

I am finally just now posting the photos from last weekend in New Jersey! I was supposed to meet up with my friend Victoria, but with achy dancing bodies on our end and a death in her church family on her end, sadly things didn’t end up as planned. We still had a real blast in Jersey attending my aunt and uncle’s wedding anniversary celebration. The best part of that weekend was stopping by Philly on our way back home, where we found some really cheap used CD’s and had Geno’s cheesesteaks for lunch! Let me tell you though, nothing beats this one cheesesteak place we have relatively close to us in Towson, MD. It’s called “The Real Thing,” and it’s run by a guy named Tony. His place should be lined up with customers! His steaks are the best I’ve ever had and even beat authentic Philly cheesesteaks! So, if you ever do go, let him know Rachel and Rob sent you. I promise not to disappoint! PS- We are not getting anything for this promotion. I just wish more people knew about his place! We try to go as often as we can, so you might end up spotting Rob and I one of these days if you do come visit.

I’m not a surfer, my name is not Rosa, and I’m not in Hawaii. I just used the name of one of Pavement’s songs combined with my favorite Pixies’ album as today’s post title. I’m not promoting voyeurism either, for those who know the Pixies’ album, but somehow the photos we took that weekend made me think of colorful, exotic fiestas by the water. The reception was held at a country club overlooking a pond and a golf course, so it’s not THAT odd for me to think of that! We were definitely having a party by a body of water.

Hungry, flower-fancying Rob took all the photos of me in this post. We generally liked the music that night, it being mostly oldies. My aunt is a show performer with a delightful operatic voice, so we had our share of Broadway performances that night!

There’s my aunt on the left in the above photo. Can you spot the woman with the Anthropologie lobster dress on the right dancing?

I am going to have this dress up for sale in the shop as soon as I get it running. It’s a Liz Claiborne vintage in a small. I love it so much, but I have a hard time repeating wearing statement dresses with little remix ability. If you are interested, just shoot me an e-mail with your best offer.

What I wore: Liz Claiborne vintage dress | Bumpits | Delicious shoes from Amazon | Copper bangle from Ebay

34 Responses to “Blue Hawaiian, Surfer Rosa”

  1. Modesty is Pretty

    cute dress! =)

  2. Sarah

    very pretty rachel!!

  3. bea

    How fun that your parents are visiting! Extra fun for pasalubongs :)

    You look really pretty in these photos and yes, I can spot that lobster dress! it’s so funny!

    Bea from A plus B

  4. Anthea

    Love your colourful dress! Looks really good on you.

  5. Cheryl

    I so love this dress on you! My first impression when I saw the photo was that it looks like vintage and yes it was. :)

    I love wedding anniversary celebrations and singing too! This makes me remember of our parties back at home.

  6. Cheryl

    PS: Congrats once again on the feature! :)

  7. Krystal/Village

    you look so pretty!!! and your aunts dress is pretty stylish as well :)

  8. My Republic of Fashion

    The pattern of that dress is just amazing. Love it!!:)sarahD

  9. Lisa

    wowoww,you look SO good!wow,really.I love the dress and your face is so pretty in the photos!I wanted to ask for quite long if you dye your hair?I love the haircolor.
    You’ve been commenting on my blog so often and I really want to say sorry for not answering.Thank you for your support.My mother is better and back home.How are you and your husband doing,are you having good days?
    And you asked why I called the yellow dress the Inception dress,I was referring to that film indeed.We went to the movies the day I bought the dress and I wanted to look fine so I wore it,but I felt a little overdressed.
    Anyways,I think your dress goes soo well with the shoes (:

  10. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    hehehe a lobster dress. too cute!
    You have such a wonderful smile! You know that? I love the dress!!!!!! so pretty. Hope to meet you in the future. I am glad you had a good time at the wedding!
    It is nice to see what Rob looks like since you’ve talked of him for so long!

  11. Natasha Atkerson

    Really cute! Looks like you had a great time!

    I like the dress, unfortunatley, I’m NOT a small! : )

  12. Mario

    super love the print.. its amazing that its vintage! :)

  13. sanam

    Fabulous pictures,and i LOVE your cute vintage dress.So beautiful :D

    Oh and im loving your blog,definately gonna give it a follow :D and it would be super awesome if you could come over and check out my blog & follow it too if you want,as i love getting new readers and followers all the time :D as it would be much appreciated :D

    StopAndStareStyle = My super-duper fashion and style blog.FOLLOW,COMMENT,READ & ENJOY! :D

  14. Life

    Gorgeous print on that dress!

  15. Tonje

    hi! this blog totally rocks!

    feel free to stop by sometime!

    xx T

  16. Kay


  17. Rachel @ a la Modest

    Thank you! Yes, I dye my own hair. We are doing well!! So glad to hear your mom is better.

  18. Rachel @ a la Modest

    I hope so, too! :) Haha, Rob’s face pops up once in a while throughout my blog actually. I’ve wanted to keep this blog strictly for displaying fashion, but I can’t help show him off once in a while.

  19. Sweet

    I would to say my offer for the dress…but I would personally say that it would not fit me…but I do love the dress…the floral details, the color and you wearing it…just perfect!!!!

    great outfit!!!

    take care babe!

  20. Alicia

    Hey, I recently discovered your blog and I love your looks, especially this one! I go to school in Philly and love my Philly Cheesesteaks and I just wanted to say, although Geno’s is defiantly better known, you should try Jimmy’s on South Street or Tony Luke’s before passing judgement. That being said, whenever I’m in MD I’m checking The Real Thing Out!

  21. Sarah

    I’m not sure how to reply to my own comments lol. But I wanted to write back! It’s awesome that we’re all 23. We should be friends! :D
    AND…I’ll try to be a more dedicated blogger this fall. I work for a political campaign right now, and we’ve been extremely busy. But I can’t wait to contribute more to the fashion scene alongside you all! :D

  22. Lyddiegal

    what a cute colorful dress!!

    Looks like you had a great time at the wedding, and ohhh anthro lobster dress. I can’t decide if I like it or hate it.

  23. Marie

    AMAZING dress!!!! =)

  24. Rachel @ a la Modest

    Thanks, Alicia! Yes, we saw Jimmy’s on South St., but the line was so much longer (at least it looked like it from a distance), so we decided to go for either Geno’s or Pat’s. We’ll definitely have to try your recommendations next time we visit! Tony from The Real Thing actually had a store up in Philly, so he’s original, too.

  25. Rachel @ a la Modest

    I personally don’t like it! :-/

  26. Rachel @ a la Modest

    Of course :) Well, we’ll see ya around sometime, hopefully!

  27. fashion trends

    Love her look!

  28. jamie-lee

    you look gorgeous, i just love the print on your dress x


  29. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    Oh goodness that is cute about the paper dolls, but sad too. but these dolls. . .I didn’t like dolls until I was married! These dolls I collected in ’04-’06. Sold them all afterwards when I went through a huge conviction to rid of my materialism issues I had. I had one of those korean ball jointed dolls that was $450 even…it was getting bad!! So I got rid of 90% of my possessions. I still feel I have too much. this is why I cycle with selling my clothes so often.

    I didn’t know that Michael Phelps lives near you. that’s nice. He wasn’t a swimmer when I swam (well I am sure he was as a child, but I didn’t have any swimmers I admired back then, just loved to do it). swimmers are tall? hmm I never thought about it. I don’t really know too many swimmers. There are two swimmers in my youth group and one is tall and male but the other is short and female. . .and her body doesn’t look like the normal swimming bodies I see so to me that is pretty cool. I never took group swim lessons so I don’t know the height average of them and wish I joined the swim team (I was Anti-Sports the last 3 years of high school).

  30. anna

    lovely dress!!

  31. Vikki

    Wow that dress is truly amazing, it looks great on you. I don’t think I could pull it off :)

    If you get chance please check out my blog http://my-favourite-fashion.blogspot.com/ Thank you! xxx

  32. Emily

    This dress is totally something I would wear. We have similar style! :)


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  34. Mafalda C.

    This dress is such a wowzer. It looks a dream on you, can’t believe you sold it! I do understand the problem with re-coordinating statement dresses though – I have the same issue a lot.

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