Blue Hawaiian, Surfer Rosa

I am finally just now posting the photos from last weekend in New Jersey! I was supposed to meet up with my friend Victoria, but with achy dancing bodies on our end and a death in her church family on her end, sadly things didn’t end up as planned. We still had a real blast in Jersey attending my aunt and uncle’s wedding anniversary celebration. The best part of that weekend was stopping by Philly on our way back home, where we found some really cheap used CD’s and had Geno’s cheesesteaks for lunch! Let me tell you though, nothing beats this one cheesesteak place we have relatively close to us in Towson, MD. It’s called “The Real Thing,” and it’s run by a guy named Tony. His place should be lined up with customers! His steaks are the best I’ve ever had and even beat authentic Philly cheesesteaks! So, if you ever do go, let him know Rachel and Rob sent you. I promise not to disappoint! PS- We are not getting anything for this promotion. I just wish more people knew about his place! We try to go as often as we can, so you might end up spotting Rob and I one of these days if you do come visit.

I’m not a surfer, my name is not Rosa, and I’m not in Hawaii. I just used the name of one of Pavement’s songs combined with my favorite Pixies’ album as today’s post title. I’m not promoting voyeurism either, for those who know the Pixies’ album, but somehow the photos we took that weekend made me think of colorful, exotic fiestas by the water. The reception was held at a country club overlooking a pond and a golf course, so it’s not THAT odd for me to think of that! We were definitely having a party by a body of water.

Hungry, flower-fancying Rob took all the photos of me in this post. We generally liked the music that night, it being mostly oldies. My aunt is a show performer with a delightful operatic voice, so we had our share of Broadway performances that night!

There’s my aunt on the left in the above photo. Can you spot the woman with the Anthropologie lobster dress on the right dancing?

I am going to have this dress up for sale in the shop as soon as I get it running. It’s a Liz Claiborne vintage in a small. I love it so much, but I have a hard time repeating wearing statement dresses with little remix ability. If you are interested, just shoot me an e-mail with your best offer.

What I wore: Liz Claiborne vintage dress | Bumpits | Delicious shoes from Amazon | Copper bangle from Ebay