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I just started learning how to drive and am on my way to getting my license pretty soon. I know it’s pretty sad that I’m 23 and just getting my driver’s license, but what did I say the other day? You don’t have to know how to drive to get married, and I survived my high school and college years getting rides from friends and family, proving that point. My being a pain in the butt needing a chauffeur all the time was another matter altogether. I’ve always wanted to drive, but the circumstances around me just didn’t formulate that possibility.  Years passed and that opportunity arose—it was time to get driving!
So, I am in a driver’s ed class right now with a bunch of hormonal teenagers and one boisterous woman in her late thirties. I found myself right smack in the middle of bubble gum teendom and the “middle-ages.” What was I doing there? Well, a year and a half ago, I moved into a state where driver’s ed and behind-the-wheel aren’t allowed to be taken separately in two different states. With that law just having come into effect last November, I was forced to take the 30-hour class despite my having completed the bloody driver’s ed course six years ago. Just splendid!

You have now been informed of my weeknight whereabouts in the abyss of the driver’s ed classroom, where I spend my time cruising through familiar course materials and thinking about what I would rather be doing while Depeche Mode plays in the background of my mind. One funny thing to remember about the class was what my instructor asked me one night. After everybody in the class left, he asked me what I did for a living. When I told him I designed websites, he said he thought I was a model—to which I replied, “No. I just like nice clothes, and I stand really stiff.” If I had added anything more (for instance, about fashion blogging), the 50-some year-old man might’ve given me a long, blank stare and a bewildered, “Huh?” So, I digressed.

What I wore:
Vintage 70’s Jessica West blouse | Sakura Rose cardigan & skirt | Soho sandals | FYE eyeglasses and a smirk on my face


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    hehehe you are funny! It’s never too late to learn how to drive, yey for you! I have aunts that never learned how to drive and yet they own a car! Best wishes on finishing the driver’s ed classes and of course you look beautiful! =)

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    Yeah, I just got my learner’s licensence, and I honestly wonder why the manual is soooo long, but yet the test is only 31 questions! Crazy!

    I LLLLLOOOOVVVEEE your outfit!
    I have to know where you got your skirt! Its adorable! I’m a sucker for blue jeans skirts, I recently found a disstressed skirt! So cool!

    I love the bowtie/scarf thing on your shirt!

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    Depeche Mode has been one of my favourite bands for a very long time. yey!! my favourite of their songs is “One Caress”

    Such a cute outfit, but you make everything cute! no fair!

    I don’t understand why people wait so long to drive. . .I know a few people who are a year older than me who still do not have their licenses at all.

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    the scene in dogtown & Z-boys doc. is near the beginning when they are talking about the guys who ran the surf shop. They show shots of old photos and talk about how there were crazy things that went on behind this one door that they don’t even want to know what went on there. . .and so that is when they show some photos and there are just a couple shown pretty fast of a body or two of females but they are dark shots that you can’t really see much of anyway. . .so you should be good.

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    You dazzling in PINK…nothing can get any better…looking at you so stunning!!!

    I love the bow on your top plus the cardigan…its so you!!!

    oh I know you can survive driving love…and once get hold of it…you can never get enough…as long as you dont get stuck in traffic hahahahaa :D

    but sometimes I miss being the passenger especially for road trips and long hour drives…

    kisses my dear
    thanks for your wonderful comment

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    That’s really sad. I always get upset when people decide they want to live with people before marriage. My brothers both lived with girls before marriage (one isn’t married at all and he doesn’t live with anyone anymore). They knew and know better but made up excuses. Honestly I think the biggest problem with that decision is that there is 1. people aren’t willing to have self control sexually. 2. People are not willing to care enough for another person that they will have an actual commitment level with them, since when you live together there is always that easy way out. 3. It is an excuse in every way. There is just a lack of moral values in the decision. I have known of many people who lived together before they married and most of the people I knew who once lived with people are left searching for a long time because they never find someone who really is willing to settle down and care about them enough to protect their hearts.

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    Yeah…. I don’t drive yet either. I really want to, up until I actually get in the car and on the road. Then I just become intimidated and would rather someone else drive. I’ve been telling myself I’m going to just do it for the last three years, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    Good luck getting through the class and passing your tests!

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    Hahaha! Until now I still don´t know how to drive and I´m really old! I´d love to one day but the hubs is sort of ¨afraid¨ to lend me the steering wheel. lol! :)

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    Oh boy, I didnt start until I was 21 or 22? and everyone always made me feel bad about it, but oh well. No one will remember later anyway. I dont understand why its such a big deal, especially when you are in college, there are definitely more important matters to worry about in life than a drivers license.

    anyhow, love your outfit here!

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    Hello there,thank’s for your comment ! Indeed,Depech mode are really great with their messages in the lyrics. And your outfit is lovely.I’d like to add you in my blogroll :) Would you like to add me too ?

    Hugs dear !

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    Awesome! I just wrote a post about driving too. Good to know someone around my age is just starting to drive (again) too. I had my license for years but I kept letting it expire. Anyway hope we’re both pros by next month. Go us!

    Bea from A plus B

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