Blogger Behind-the-Wheel

I just started learning how to drive and am on my way to getting my license pretty soon. I know it’s pretty sad that I’m 23 and just getting my driver’s license, but what did I say the other day? You don’t have to know how to drive to get married, and I survived my high school and college years getting rides from friends and family, proving that point. My being a pain in the butt needing a chauffeur all the time was another matter altogether. I’ve always wanted to drive, but the circumstances around me just didn’t formulate that possibility.  Years passed and that opportunity arose—it was time to get driving!
So, I am in a driver’s ed class right now with a bunch of hormonal teenagers and one boisterous woman in her late thirties. I found myself right smack in the middle of bubble gum teendom and the “middle-ages.” What was I doing there? Well, a year and a half ago, I moved into a state where driver’s ed and behind-the-wheel aren’t allowed to be taken separately in two different states. With that law just having come into effect last November, I was forced to take the 30-hour class despite my having completed the bloody driver’s ed course six years ago. Just splendid!

You have now been informed of my weeknight whereabouts in the abyss of the driver’s ed classroom, where I spend my time cruising through familiar course materials and thinking about what I would rather be doing while Depeche Mode plays in the background of my mind. One funny thing to remember about the class was what my instructor asked me one night. After everybody in the class left, he asked me what I did for a living. When I told him I designed websites, he said he thought I was a model—to which I replied, “No. I just like nice clothes, and I stand really stiff.” If I had added anything more (for instance, about fashion blogging), the 50-some year-old man might’ve given me a long, blank stare and a bewildered, “Huh?” So, I digressed.

What I wore:
Vintage 70’s Jessica West blouse | Sakura Rose cardigan & skirt | Soho sandals | FYE eyeglasses and a smirk on my face