Björk: The Bold and Bizarre Living Canvass

After seeing and hearing about Lady Gaga way too much, I decided to reintroduce a higher being—Björk.

There couldn’t be anyone as artistically weird and at the same time quaintly cute as her. Some might think she’s a little too much to take in with just five senses. They might be right, but I think she’s absolutely adorable and very musically talented. (No worries. My ego didn’t shoot up when my picture with director John Waters was posted on Facebook and got a comment about me looking like Björk: click here)

When I need a little fashion inspiration, I sometimes just look at graphics and illustrations. I  did that today with a poster art book and a 60’s cover art book that had nothing to do with clothing. I had originally planned to just eat them up in hopes of spitting out a wonderful album cover for my husband’s new LP, because I was getting a little rusty on “art for art’s sake” ever since I heavily invested my time with NGOs and commercial-related designs. (Sadly, these things suck your internal creative juices dry, as they demand so much of what other people want rather than what really wells up in you!) During such times of need, I also study Björk and any other living thing that resembles art.

Graphics and fashion aren’t too different from each other. Both can be really well done and artful but can also be butchered. I personally like the kind of art that leans more to the side of the bizarre, the kind that you could only come up with in your dreams. I really don’t agree with Friedrich Nietzsche when he made the undying connection between art and intoxication, as funny as his proposition may sound. Fashion is art, and if what he said was true, the catwalk may as well just be paraded by drunken models, devoid of sophistication. Drunken Master Jackie Chan (possibly the one exception to the rule I’m asserting, for he is a true artiste… of the martial variety) might be the only person to approve of this!

Björk to me is a living canvass, full of iridescent color and fantasy. I may not be comfortable enough to dress like her out in public anytime soon, but I am comfortable just admiring her as I do any great work of art. I picked out modest yet outlandish clothes of hers below for inspiration.

Doesn’t she look like an envelope from USPS?

Yes, she can dress normally too! You will find the rest of the pictures below to be a little bit more down-to-earth:


27 thoughts on “Björk: The Bold and Bizarre Living Canvass

  1. I agree with Sandy! I love the pictures you’ve featured of Bjork in this post. The yellow and seafoam green colors in that last picture are amazing! I’ve just got to put an outfit together featuring those colors!

  2. I think that women like Bjork and Lady GaGa follow a tradition of bizarre or weird fashion–not trying to be beautiful per se, and trying to redefine what beauty is–starting with Nina Hagen in the eighties. Lady GaGa has, of course, profited on this the most because she’s very good at marketing. But Bjork does it really well too! It’s something that very few women do, but the ones who do it do it really well.

  3. Ah I love this post, Bjork is amazing. I must have first encountered her on Top Of The Pops in the mid-90s and since then she’s consistently fascinated me!

    Also, what was that I saw about having your picture taken with John Waters? That’s pretty rad *nods*

    (Really like the blog by the way, am glad I stumbled in here).

  4. While a lot of people don’t always agree with Björk’s fashion choices, I think she’s amazing because she’s completely fearless. Not to mention she’s given exposure to so many designers.

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  6. i actually think that bjork is genuinely quirky and her clothes reflect that but with gaga its all about marketing and money there is nothing genuine about her xxx btw i came here via links a la mode (i made it too. yay!!) and i love the design of ur blog i might have to hire u to redesign mine :)

  7. The Post album was pretty much all I listened to for months at a time back when it came out and I was in 7th grade. No one I knew ever heard of her at all either. It is still one of my favouriet albums ever!

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