You Become What You Eat and Pursue: How Food and Opportunity Changed Me

rachel dahl a la modest bodycon skirt


I was walking around a friend’s neighborhood in the suburbs of New York when these photos were taken. While I was walking around I thought about how old I was and how I should be ready to have a child by now. I’m twenty-six and working on my fifth year of marriage, yet my husband and I have been living like grown-up teenagers. I’ve just embarked on a new chapter in my life where I become a group fitness instructor in a matter of months. This weekend I passed my fitness audition with flying colors, yet I thought, “Should I be doing this much wear and tear to my body at this point in my life? Am I not planning to have a baby soon, but yet here I am with aspirations of teaching with my body, long term and rather frequently?”

Those worrisome thoughts flooded my head right after being on cloud nine when the news of my impending fitness career broke. I’ve never been this involved in athletics in my life, and it feels so strange but also invigorating. I dabbled in sports growing up but never excelled, so finding a new knack—nay, a talent—in teaching yoga and Pilates, just four years before I hit 30 is a huge transformation. This was never me.

A big part of this transformation I believe has a lot to do with the food I’ve chosen to eat in the past couple of years. After being sugar-free, gluten-free, organic, and low-toxin, my body has become incredibly agile and flexible as if I was a lot younger than when I was in high school. My body has started to look more womanly but at the same time athletic. That’s why eating the right food I truly believe is the best medicine for just about any anomaly of the body. If interested in learning about my diet, my husband and I are on a Bulletproof diet, and get our supplements on their website.

Another reason why the transformation came at this time is because I virtually had no freedom to do what I wanted before I got married. My past involved being around overly controlling people that held me back from pursuing anything, even friends. Married life has its own beautiful set of boundaries, but the restrictions are never as abnormal as the state I was in before.

Above all, every good thing comes from God. I may not deserve these changes in my life, but I am really happy and thankful for them. Remembering how I had barely any freedom to choose in the past reminds me of what wonderful opportunities I can take hold of now. That is a blessing.

Now that things have changed, I am now having to decide on things I never had the chance to decide on before, with the inclusion of family life as not just an option… but a goal.


I have been looking for below-the-knee bodycon-type skirts for a good price and with good patterns for a while, and I stumbled upon this tribal skirt from a neat little corner on the web called Make Me Chic. The quality is amazing. It’s not cheap looking at all. The pattern has a dark hippie or bohemian feel to it. At the same time, it made me think of colorful stained glass.  I have another pencil skirt from Make Me Chic, which I can’t wait to show you in another “tennis” post around this same neighborhood!

6 thoughts on “You Become What You Eat and Pursue: How Food and Opportunity Changed Me

  1. Cute skirt and it looks great on you!
    I too work out and eat healthy and find that things fit better and look better. I also feel better too! :)
    I am the same age as you and I have no plans to have a baby- lol. You are still young! The time will come when you and your husband have a child. ;)

    1. Hi Heidi,

      Thank you! Your transformation is inspiring :) I slimmed down significantly when I was in middle school, but I did everything that was unhealthy. It made me sickly, but all I cared back then was being thin, and I was happy. I was so weak though that I had blackouts often just from getting up after sitting down. It was crazy. I’m 100% healthier and stronger now than I was then, and I look better too… all while eating pounds and pounds of grass fed butter and organic coconut oil!

  2. That is so cool that you feel all high schooler agile again!
    If it helps at all, the woman who is my instructor when I work out actually has a degree in physical fitness instruction and she has been working while pregnant and just now started to have someone help her out (she’s about 35 weeks pregnant). I was so nervous watching her show us how to do various things while pregnant, but man she’s fit and is going to continue after having her baby too.

    1. Hi Victoria!

      Thank you. It really is a wonderful feeling. I’m glad that even though we’ve brought death to our future after The Fall, God left us some words of wisdom to live by as we live on earth. Eating clean food is one of them (which includes not overworking the field because that produces bad crops)—no pork, no shellfish, zero mold tolerance, etc.

      That makes me feel safer to continue exercising for a living while pregnant. Thank you! Yoga isn’t too strenuous on the body. I’ll probably just avoid the ab workouts I usually do.

      Again, sooooo good to hang out with you AGAIN!

  3. Love the colors of your outfit, Rachel! Very nice!

    I think it’s awesome you’re pursuing fitness! And I don’t think it should get in the way of having a baby though! I’ve heard many, many, many good things about exercising while pregnant. It can be very beneficial for the baby and especially for delivery. I’ve read a lot of women who exercise and eat right during pregnancy experience very little naseau (even if they had it with previous children) . Which is good news, as my mom had about 9 months of morning sickness with each of my four siblings and I! Not good, as you inherit that type of thing! ;)
    I do know you have to change certain aspects of exercising, never pushing yourself too much, for instance, during pregnancy.
    I’ve found it very hard lately to get back into exercising! We stopped for awhile and started focusing on food, then the weight started coming off. But I also know how beneficial exercise is! So, the moral for me? GET BACK IN THE ROUTINUE YOU LAZY BUM, NATASHA! LOL!
    Anyway, that’s what I tell myself…

    My biggest problem seems to be burnout! When I do something, I do it with my whole heart, or nothing. But then I get tired. So I’m working on moderation in everything! ;)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. Hi Natasha,

      Nobody really has to exercise a lot, especially women. Light weights and stretching are enough. I don’t do cardio at all, because I get my heart rate going when I do pilates or yoga (especially with ab work). Too much cardio is unnatural and detrimental for the body. Like I mentioned before in an evolutionary standpoint, the body will eventually end up thinking that it’s being chased by a tiger ALL THE TIME! So, it just prepares itself for fat storage in order to survive. Many people I know who run all the time are either really skinny or is still gaining weight. I don’t want either and neither should any woman (or man).

      Eating the right food is the best and foremost solution! Exercising makes me feel good, but I don’t overdo it at all.

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