Bag + Luggage = Baggage

I had originally written a massive post along with these photos, but as usual when something gets too big, I decided to make it a separate post for another day. It kind of went along with the theme of these pictures, but just to let you know… it’s about our little vacation this weekend, plus the usual, crazy pondering. So I guess if you are used to being uncomfortable with my “textual” emotions and surprisingly enough, actually like that I write about them, I am warning you that another one of “those” entries is coming this week! People who have known me from my blog since the start will know that I never just take clothes at face value, never just review fashion or its designers, and especially never write like a blind advocate of trends. There’s always something deeper behind clothes—whether it be psychological, physical, or spiritual, and I like to write about those things. Interestingly enough, I have developed two sets of audiences with some overlapping between them: people who like clothes and pretty pictures and people who can endure long posts and engage in discussion. I love all of you, and together, the two groups represent… well, me!

Needless to say, vacations are meant to be a time to get away from things, including hurting or stress. Where I will be going, I can only hope to be relieved from all of that. You have to admit, not all getaways are stress-free. I’ll just look at the bright side and think that I do not have to do a speck of work at all, not even household chores. That alone, indeed, is awesome! This pretty, red suitcase isn’t really my only baggage. No, I’m not getting into that “life’s pulling me down” type of baggage. I was really talking about bags. Not underneath my eyes, silly. You know, luggage? I almost never carry just one bag, and I’m sure you girls know that about yourselves, too! What I Wore: Sakura Rose shirt, skirt, bracelet, necklace | Nine West pumps | American Tourister suitcase