Autumn Attic

I’ve been wanting to move all my clothes to the attic, which is really just the second floor of our house. My current closet, which is in our bedroom, can literally fit just one petite teenager in it. As you can imagine, with all the clothes I have stuffed in this tiny closet, it is not a pretty sight. I’m not sure how I’ve even managed keeping all my clothes there! I’m not that great at separating seasonal clothes because I pretty much wear my summer clothes (with layering) throughout the year!  Do you have the same dilemma? I bought my second pair of high-waisted skinny jeans, but this time, they weren’t six sizes bigger than my actual size! I don’t think I’d wear them without a long cardigan, though. They wrap around the butt too tightly, and I think high-waisted jeans make anyone’s butt look larger that it is! It’s no wonder that SNL called them “Mom Jeans”! To reverse the effect, even though these jeans accentuate a nonexistent butt, I still would advise girls not to wear jeans or pants that are too tight. I just had to laugh seeing ads for butt lifts and butt inserts! Seriously? That’s just weird. This year, I’ve been scouting for warm fall and winter outerwear with faux fur that doesn’t look tacky and isn’t too hard on the pocketbook. Even faux fur can be really pricey. Along with the hat I was wearing in these photos, I bought this vest and this heavy vintage 60’s coat, which smelled like teen spirit (from five decades ago) before I had it dry cleaned and fabreezed. I wish this coat were reversible. I just love the floral pattern inside! Speaking of fur, what is the deal with these so-called vegan and vegetarian fashionistas that wear real fur? I am guessing they chose not to eat meat for health reasons if not because of their hate for “murdering” animals? By the way, I wouldn’t mind being a vegan or a vegetarian if I had the willpower to, but I must say: I equally love cheesesteaks and Morissey.