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Autumn Attic

November 17th, 2010

I’ve been wanting to move all my clothes to the attic, which is really just the second floor of our house. My current closet, which is in our bedroom, can literally fit just one petite teenager in it. As you can imagine, with all the clothes I have stuffed in this tiny closet, it is not a pretty sight. I’m not sure how I’ve even managed keeping all my clothes there! I’m not that great at separating seasonal clothes because I pretty much wear my summer clothes (with layering) throughout the year!  Do you have the same dilemma? I bought my second pair of high-waisted skinny jeans, but this time, they weren’t six sizes bigger than my actual size! I don’t think I’d wear them without a long cardigan, though. They wrap around the butt too tightly, and I think high-waisted jeans make anyone’s butt look larger that it is! It’s no wonder that SNL called them “Mom Jeans”! To reverse the effect, even though these jeans accentuate a nonexistent butt, I still would advise girls not to wear jeans or pants that are too tight. I just had to laugh seeing ads for butt lifts and butt inserts! Seriously? That’s just weird. This year, I’ve been scouting for warm fall and winter outerwear with faux fur that doesn’t look tacky and isn’t too hard on the pocketbook. Even faux fur can be really pricey. Along with the hat I was wearing in these photos, I bought this vest and this heavy vintage 60’s coat, which smelled like teen spirit (from five decades ago) before I had it dry cleaned and fabreezed. I wish this coat were reversible. I just love the floral pattern inside! Speaking of fur, what is the deal with these so-called vegan and vegetarian fashionistas that wear real fur? I am guessing they chose not to eat meat for health reasons if not because of their hate for “murdering” animals? By the way, I wouldn’t mind being a vegan or a vegetarian if I had the willpower to, but I must say: I equally love cheesesteaks and Morissey.

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33 Responses to “Autumn Attic”

  1. jemina

    I LOVE your high waist jeans, they certainly don’t look like mom jeans on you :), LOVE all your pics sweetie, the backdrop is brilliant too :)


  2. Alexis

    love your look. i don’t have the body type to pull off highwaisted pants like that/”mom jeans” and the whole 60s vibes and the coloring the pictures. too pretty :)

  3. SHey

    Hahaha that deodorant story made laugh! You are so funny Rache, I love your coat and I totally agree with the butt inserts? what’s up with that? Anyways, that coat is amazing and I have the same issue with a tiny closet, this was the second year I rotated my winter closet for summer/spring, however I can already tell you that I’m missing some pieces that I can’t get anymore because they are in the attic and I’m too lazy to get the boxes out again.

  4. Lyddiegal

    I love your description of the scent of the coat – too funny.

    I have closet issues as well. I think every girls dream is a closet 10 times bigger than the one they currently have.

  5. Shamz

    perfect outfit for the fall! love the mix of patterns and prints xo

  6. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    butt lifts are stupid sounding. I have an incredibly flat bum with no meat on it at all but I couldn’t even fathom making my bum look bigger at all in pants. that’s just so stupid sounding to me. :: shrugs ::

    I have a pair of high waisted jeans. I can understand how they could be called mom jeans. . .but that is because they went out of style in the mid 90s and that’s probably when the term was created since a lot of moms wore them still in that time. . I know mine did. haha.

  7. Natasha Atkerson

    Yeah, I can identify with your closet problem, I share a room with my sister! So yeah, my dad had to put up a second bar! But… he also said that put much more on it will come out of the roof…*clears throat* so yeah! :)
    Want to know my advice on faux fur? I really want a fur vest, and I’ve priced them at somwhere between $60-$40 so I’ve decided that I’m going to make one! All the Halloween fabric out, you could easily sew one up for at least a 3/4 of the price! But thats my idea…
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  8. Urbandon

    Yes, the Smiths almost convinced me that meat was murder- but hey, that was the eighties. As a gentleman of some taste I have to say I have a major aversion to what high waisted jeans do to the female bottom. “Mom Jeans’? …now I just feel old.

  9. sweet

    love the coat…and I do not wear jeans that are tight as well…hahahah one reason is I am not comfortable and next is I cannot eat properly hahahah!!!


  10. Fashion Belle

    Love how the fall colors turned out in your photos. Makes me feel very cheery.

    I’m writing to let you know that your blog has been featured on my new website for modest clothing resources at the following link:


    You’ll see about 500 other resources, too, which I hope will be of interest to you. Thanks for your excellent efforts to combine style with modesty.

  11. Krystal/Village

    that cardigan is super great. i have a tiny wardrobe! I guess it keeps me from buying extra clothes. wait, no it doesn’t.

  12. Cheryl

    You look so chic in your outfit! I bought in a charity store some fur lined jackets but your coats are a steal! I love meat so much which means I can never be a vegan.

  13. Reybel

    cute pattern mixing!

  14. Noor

    Love these. definitly pretty especially your cardi.overall outfit is so comfy. <3

  15. Mid

    Cool photo, love the outfit, love the colors.

  16. Em

    wow I love your cardi/sweater/duster thing. the print is great and it screams FALL, so versatile as well.

  17. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    I’ll have to look through your entries for those shoes you mentioned. The woman who works at the only thrift/vintage store somewhat worth going to (but nothing in my size) gave the shoes to me. I am her friend on facebook and she loves my outfits and wanted to see me wear them and she knew who I was as soon as I walked into her shop and said, “You’re Victoria!” haha. Such a sweet woman. I’m going back this weekend.

    Thanks for voting for me on hypeed. I have a lot of peter pan collared things. . or did since I am always selling so much. I have a couple other shirts and a few dresses though with peter pan collars. I love them. I’m more into being “Cute” than I am really fashionable, sexy, or whatever though.

  18. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    thanks for the amazing and wonderfully written comment you left in that interview post! You’re incredible. That’s really great about the guy who has been using money to do things like get a degree and drive even despite the mental disabilities! That’s really wonderful that you have been so encouraging to him!

    I wish we lived much closer to each other.

  19. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    Your shoes are soooo much nicer than mine though. I don’t have that shirt anymore. sorry! no more twin shirts. I did notice that you wore the shirt in this entry again too and I thought about that. Oh well.

    I think a lot of Christians in general get a little freaked out by me. I get told that I’m too intense because I get so convicted about things all the time that they think is going “too far”. I don’t really get why we aren’t all a bit more intense. . .and at least I don’t force people to be like me, I just am vocal about what I am like and encourage people to feed on the Lord’s Word and allow it to guide their lives to see where He puts them or how He convicts them. Jesus was really really intense and I love that his love was the largest intense I could ever fathom. . .and I long for that. It’s what I’m working on now. It is a rough one but extremely important.

  20. Rachel @ à la Modest

    Thank you so much! Your site is very informative! I like that you have a lot of content.

  21. Marella

    Super cute outfit!

  22. Isabella Kiss

    thanks for the comment! I generally focus for the young adult market. I’m in the process of trying to get a young adult fantasy published!

  23. Lisa

    Cute outfit! Love the cardigan and the mixing of prints. I always wear my skinny jeans with a longer top too. Closets??? Be grateful you have any. I live in a Victorian house with a no-so-large wardrobe for my clothes. Looks like you got some great fur things for the winter. I bought some recently that I want to include in a photo shoot some time soon.

  24. Penny Dreadful Vintage

    Hi Rachel, love this outfit – so warm and autumny. Found you via David Gasten’s rec on the vintage network, following :)

    ps also, I am always bemused by the amount of girls who claim to be anti-fur, but have no problem wearing leather or sheepskin – sheepskin essentially IS fur!!

  25. Laura Connell

    Oh wow, that Smiths album cover brings back memories!
    I love the fall look and your seasonless approach to style via layering is actually environmentally sound (better than replacing and buying new every season). I’ve written on the topic so feel good about that choice!

  26. My Republic of Fashion

    I love that long cardi and those coats are gorgeous! :)SarahD

  27. Vanessa

    I love that you mixed this great long coat with a small floral print shirt. The jeans are great, too, and I agree that they look great with the long sweater/jacket.

  28. Iris

    You are so lovely. I especially love your simplicity. In a really great way.

  29. arnique

    You know how I love pattern mixing. This is really my favourite look yet, a little chintzy English rose ready for some horse riding. Love.
    rianne from A + B in the Sea

  30. Katie @ Beautifully Pure

    Ooh! I love your blouse! It’s so pretty! .< Gah!

    ~ Katie

  31. Katie @ Beautifully Pure

    Ok… That was really weird… Something happened to my comment. It cut out almost all of it some how…

    What I said was:
    Ooh! I love your blouse! It’s so pretty!

    I have the hardest time finding jeans. I carry my weight in my thighs, but all the jeans are made for girls who carry their weight in their middle. The pair I have now is two sizes too big in the waist (I use a belt) and still sung in the thighs. Gah! >.<

    ~ Katie

  32. Sarah

    Ummm…I don’t know how I never commented on this post because I absolutely adore your outfit!!! Those are great jeans!! I’m a huge fan of skinnies, but I rarely wear them with shorter shirts. I primarily wear tunics and/or boyfriend cardis, so it works out style-wise for me anyway. I love skinnies/jeggings because they’re MUCH easier to tuck into boots – which never leave my feet during fall and winter. :)
    So I TOTALLY wear my entire wardrobe all year. Well, except for long-sleeves and super summery skirts. I try to avoid pastels so much during fall/winter.
    Hope all is well! Have a WONDERFUL week!!! <3

  33. Mafalda C.

    That hat! <3 <3 <3
    This just proves how casual can be figure flattering too – those jeans really accentuate your figure without exposing it, and you look incredibly cute :)

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