Anjolee: Mom-Approved & Conflict Free

When Anjolee asked me to review one of their diamond pieces, the two things that came to my mind were: 1) Are these diamonds conflict free? and 2) If they are, I don’t really wear fancy jewelry except for my engagement and promise ring (wouldn’t really call the plain gold band wedding ring fancy).

To address the first concern, I decided to offer these gorgeous diamond stud earrings I received to my mother-in-law Sandi as an early present for Christmas. It came in a pretty box with a blue bow on it (they have a wonderful gift-wrapping service). She really loved it.

It gives me great pleasure to give people what they actually like as presents (more on this on a future post—hopefully soon). I let my mom pick what she liked from the selection offered to me, and she chose these quad block diamond studs. She really likes simple but striking pieces (such as a dainty diamond stud on her ear), and these just matched her like… peanut butter matches with jelly? Haha, yes, you’d like that too (if not, your mom would). In an effort not to say anything too cliche and commercial (two cc’s I abhor) for a diamond company, I might’ve taken this a bit too far.

The other thing to address about Anjolee is that they are, thank heavens, certified conflict free:

Anjolee fully complies with the Kimberly act of 2003. Under the Kimberly Process, rough diamonds mined from legitimate operations are sealed in tamper resistant containers and certified conflict free by a strict system of forgery-resistant documents and serial numbers. This documentation is re-certified each time a rough diamond crosses an international border. Anjolee obtains our diamonds from diamond dealers who are required to source the diamonds they sell from suppliers who comply with the provisions of the Kimberly Diamond Act only and have documentation to support that the diamonds have been mined and processed by lawful means and are free from any conflict. –

I have successfully made someone that I love and care about happy with the gift of a stud (even though she already has one in her life, her husband), and I’ve discovered a leading American diamond jewelry manufacturer that is safe.

How about you make someone happy today and give her the gift of diamonds?


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    1. Thank you, Nik! I hope to post more soon in the near future. I’ve been really busy offline. Sorry you had to discover this blog when it was in a lull!

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