Alison Mosshart: Rock Girl Layering

All over the fashion blogsophere, I’ve noticed that several of the same female artists have been raved about for their personal style. I hate to admit that I am bored of seeing the same names being talked about over and over again, and sadly, I am not a huge fan of those artists either. Sure, Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine and Zooey Deschanel of She & Him are not too shabby in my book, but has anyone ever paid attention to some of the rare girls in the music scene who rock really hard? I am tired of hearing Feist’s vocal copycats and seeing Inara George’s outfit clones everywhere. I may be missing out on fairly good talent probably because I have an aversion to senseless hype, but I cannot help but overlook the obvious piece-by-piece lack of originality either. Alison Mosshart of The Dead Weather and The Kills is one rad chick with some serious and complex layering abilities, coupled with rockin’ raw talent.

I usually see Alison clothed in layers of the patterned cardigan and graphic shirt combo during the warmer days and wrapped in more patterned scarves during the colder days. She’s almost always piled with necklaces and other nondainty jewelry in almost every outfit, with feathers, studs, skulls, leather, or rubber bands being the most worn. Take a cue from her with fearless pattern mixing, too. Rules do not apply! Although I really like Alison’s layering and pattern mixing (which is what I would like you to hopefully gather from this post), I think her commonly used skinny jeans are a bit too tight, so don’t jump to making her your role model right away. I purposefully didn’t include the photos that show a lot of her bottom half for this reason, but what I probably don’t ever foresee her wearing is a mini skirt or a cleavage-baring top (maybe once). I rest my case. She is cool. I make very minor clothing compromises with artists that have talent too great to ignore. As I am thinking about this, maybe I am giving Alison too much credit for her music, actually. Just so you know, she isn’t your typical female artist—or at least not the type of girl that gets buzzed about in your latest and lamest fashion communities.

Above photo by Hedi Simane.

The two black and white photos below are by Dave Sims:

Scans from Vogue

Here are the Kills live at The Basement performing one of my favorite songs of theirs “Tape Song” from the album Midnight Boom. I like seeing musicians use their instruments—sometimes it can even be more appealing than their music videos:

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16 thoughts on “Alison Mosshart: Rock Girl Layering

  1. Hi Rache I really don’t listen to much secular music because music can be immodest too (I think) I mean, music fills my soul, do I really want to be filled with things that go agaisnt what believe or do I want to listen to music that Glorifies God? I take the second one…I have no idea who these girls are but I guess rockanroll style can be done in a more modest way.

    1. Rache, I’m sorry about the post above, I didn’t mean it to be legalistic, sometimes I still struggle with that, I just wanted to apologize because you’ve been nothing but an encouraging blogger buddy and I don’t want to sound like I’m any better just because I don’t listen to certain music, I’m not any better. Please forgive me. =)

  2. Got the necklace on Saturday! hehe. Thanks. I love love love it and will post it up on my blog outfits probably for next week’s outfit.

    I do the modest features every single week and also hope that it can inspire people to want to be more modest!

  3. Hi again Rache, you are so right on what you said and I totally get it about rock, I was a hard-core rocker before I have to Christ, tattoed and the whole things that come with it. I’m trying to grow as a Christian, unfortunately for the first few years of my Christian life there was no one to mentor or guide me so I just went with what I saw, and I saw a lot of legalism in the place I was, I hated it and thought I would never become like that, and then when I realized it I was what I hated, proud and a legalist. It’s taking me a while to get away from that, from the rules and codes, yesterday our pastor talked about that and he said “We are free” and I still don’t think I can graspt the concept having lived with rules for 3 years…but I like it and I want to grow and be faithful and learn to Love like Jesus did. Sometimes these legalistic thoughts come to mind, but I never want to forget where I came from and where Jesus picked me up, that will keep me grounded. Thank you again for all your kind words and encouragement, there’s so much confusion in my mind and my heart right now but I know that the Lord will take care of me. I’m always happy when I “meet” people like you. God bless! =)

  4. I’m so glad you chose to feature Alison. She is one of my favorite women in music, due to her fabulous performance style. She is one of those magnetic forces in music – she’s not the most beautiful woman in the world, but it’s impossible to stop staring at her! I heard that Jamie Hince’s gf Kate Moss is super jealous of her. At first glance you wonder why a supermodel would be jealous of a woman who clearly doesn’t give a damn about her appearance, but after watching her in concert, you immediately identify the source of Kate’s insecurity! The girl has star power AND sex appeal – a dangerous combo! And it looks like we’ll be seeing more of her with Jack White (my fave) since the White Stripes broke up today :(. Very sad news, but I guess there’s a silver lining in everything.

  5. oh!!! I love her style so bad, she is so sexy not trying hard like other pop or rock stars. I m huge fn of her work, the kills are doing a new tour to promote the new album! the tickets are out now! I m so excited because I never seen them before, I had the chance to see her with the dead weather and it was the best show of my life, she is like a half tiger woman haha :D anyways she is so inspiring!
    Love your blog, so interesting to read, and you are a natural stylish person! xoxo

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