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Agent R.E.D.

June 21st, 2010

I wasn’t very smiley in these photos, but I actually smile a whole lot. I laugh a whole lot too. I am not very hard to please, but then again, maybe I’m just polite.

Well, there’s a smile!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, my initials are “R.E.D.”. There’s a whole story behind my initials if you care to know. When Rob and I were courting, he used to call me “Red” because of my hair color. I’ve taken on the nickname since then. For some bizarre and unfathomable reason, at the time, he and I didn’t realize that they were to be my initials once we got married!

A few month’s before we got engaged, we realized this possibility/inevitability, and we couldn’t help but giggle together about how amazing it was! Rob even made sure my engagement ring was adorned with rubies in honor of my soon-to-be married name. Here’s to the man that I married who gave me such an unforgettable nickname which later became my initials!

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30 Responses to “Agent R.E.D.”

  1. Cherry

    Cute! Love the colors!

  2. Crystal

    love the ’70s vibe :)

  3. Sandy a la Mode

    i’m a HUGE fan of black, white and red!! you look great rachel!

  4. Silver Strands

    so cute Rachel!

  5. Lyddiegal

    You look so cute in the mod dress, and I love your ring!

  6. Nina

    I soooo love this dress!

  7. cherie

    i love reading the story behind your initials and oh i love your dress, very mod and pretty:)

  8. Marie

    I LOVE this dress- and the knee high red socks are perfect with it =)

  9. Cheryl

    Your comment on my last post made my belly ache from too much laughing. lol! What a coincidence indeed, dahling! ;)Does that mean that red is your fave color?

    You look so perfect wearing that 70s look. You own it, actually! :)

  10. Leia

    you look amazing!

  11. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    I truly adore those shoes.

    you’re so right about bigger shirts and belts. . but even then sometimes it looks a little funny. I have a smaller bust measurement so it is hard to find vintage shirts that are for tiny people, as if everyone had large bossoms in the past. :: sigh ::

  12. My Republic of Fashion

    Love this outfit. It has a real 60s/70s vibe to it!SarahD:)

  13. dreamylacey

    I love the retro aspect of this it is like the old tv show in french we called it chapeau melon et bottes de cuir!!


  14. Chandra

    Hey, you definitely put the MOD in MoMoMod! LOL

    Good to see a picture of your husband on here, also!

  15. Natasha

    awww, thats so sweet!

  16. Clare

    Love your dress! Such a cute story as well :)

    tweet tweet tweet


  17. Uzis

    So vintage and mod. And that’s a cute story about your hair.

  18. Rachel @ a la Modest

    The New Avengers! Yes, I know the show :)

  19. Lisa

    you look like Emma Peel! And your face in the first picture is SO cool.
    Your husband should be wearing a bowler and a black and grey made-to-measure suit.Oh,that would be fabulous.
    That R.E.D.-story is gorgeous.

  20. Julia

    Mod chic, love the dress especially with the otk socks :)

  21. Style, She Wrote

    Great outfit! Very sixties. Love those knee high red socks! xo style, she wrote

  22. Megan

    Such a great dress! I love this vintage look very 60s/ 70s!

  23. Elaine, clothed much

    Definitely a great mod look!

    That’s such a cute story.

  24. Krystyn

    Thank you :]
    Thank you so much for your visit and kind words. It does actually make me happy to read your post and believe there is such thing as true love for keeps :] It really makes me not want to completely give up lol.

    It really is fate; your nickname and marriage. I hope to be lucky enough for fate to find me worthy enough again. lol heyy, it happened once, maybe it’ll happen again someday.

  25. Caroline

    Awww i love your dress, it’s amazing!
    Thanks tons for your lovely comment by the way, lovely blog you have! xxxxxxxxxx

  26. jess

    Cute dress! And your story is too cute.

  27. Gabrielle

    I agree with Megan! Great vintage look! Very moddish

  28. Marchmusings

    Great post-love the RED story. And love the dress.

  29. Tawny

    I love all things vintage!
    This outfit is so adorable!
    I love the way you added the red! Makes the outfit unique and has a wow factor but it’s still very modest!
    The story behind you initials is so super sweet!
    I love that you have rubies in your ring! How thoughtful!
    Great as always!

  30. Justine

    I love your style!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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