Agent R.E.D.

I wasn’t very smiley in these photos, but I actually smile a whole lot. I laugh a whole lot too. I am not very hard to please, but then again, maybe I’m just polite.

Well, there’s a smile!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, my initials are “R.E.D.”. There’s a whole story behind my initials if you care to know. When Rob and I were courting, he used to call me “Red” because of my hair color. I’ve taken on the nickname since then. For some bizarre and unfathomable reason, at the time, he and I didn’t realize that they were to be my initials once we got married!

A few month’s before we got engaged, we realized this possibility/inevitability, and we couldn’t help but giggle together about how amazing it was! Rob even made sure my engagement ring was adorned with rubies in honor of my soon-to-be married name. Here’s to the man that I married who gave me such an unforgettable nickname which later became my initials!

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