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Hi, my name is Rachel! Welcome to my modest abode.  This blog is my platform for expressing ideas on style that reflect women confident of their own beauty and worth without the need to put out because of public pressure through a creative mix of vintage and modern apparel.

Personal Style

My favorite styles are based on my love of past decades’ pop or underground culture, music, movies/shows, and art scene. I simply love the conservative but shapely women of the 50s and the vibrancy of the 60s. I look to American, French, and Russian beauties for makeup inspiration. The designers that capture my imagination include Pucci, Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, and Helmut Lang.

Spirituality & Faith

I am a Christian. I believe there is one God, and He sent his son Jesus Christ to die for us so that we may have a way to heaven. I am also open to what other ancient scriptures and text, religious or not, say about the condition of the world and how we must act. I find that almost all of them have parallel messages with the Christian faith.

Yoga & Health

Yoga is a way of living primarily. Its detoxification effects and exercise are secondary to me. I connect mostly with the Creator through Jnana and Bhakti Yoga, reason and devotion respectively. I follow the Bulletproof way of eating (high saturated fat + organic + low mycotoxins + grass fed + low carb + gluten free + no sugar). I am a certified fitness instructor.


As for the music, the late 70s and early 80s tunes are my life’s soundtracks. I am obsessed with new wave, synthpop, and post punk—but I like a good variety. The Pixies, The Cure, Metric, Depeche Mode, Raveonettes are just but a few on my list. Movies that I gravitate towards are dystopian sci-fi, psychological, fantasy, biopics, and documentaries of interest—but of course, I also love a good laugh. I am  attracted to postmodern books, but they make me somewhat anxious. Would you like to read my posts on music or movies?

Web & Graphic Design

I started making websites when I was 10 or 11 years old around the late 90s. I went to school for IT (Web Development + Computer Graphics), but now I blog and sell vintage online with my husband Rob. We are both Christians and conservatives.

To learn more about what this blog stands for, here are some of my essential posts from Philosophy category of À LA MODEST:

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