Hello, my name is Rachel. I am married to Rob who is quite the talented musician. We are proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.

The Blog

À LA MODEST is about balancing our natural feminine appreciation of beauty and sensuality with a degree of modesty, preserving our dignity and integrity as women. I want to encourage women to be feminine, to be in touch with their own bodies in the most natural way possible, to carry out our God-given traditional roles to be sisters, wives, lovers, and mothers.

This website is also about supporting the men in our lives to carry out their natural roles as leaders, to be obedient and submissive, agreeable and loving to them.

à la mode is a French term meaning “in the current fashion or style.” The name À LA MODEST came from combining that term with the word modesty. The blog started out in 2010 as a modest fashion blog but is continually evolving to include aspects of my lifestyle  and philosophy that I believe will help other women.



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Besides clothing and writing, I really like dystopian movies, post punk and new wave music, artsy things, and reading esoteric books. As far as fitness goes, I am a certified hatha yoga teacher and a Les Mills instructor.

I am a housewife,  stay-at-home mother, and home business owner with mostly traditional values which ironically is seen as a radical in today’s ultra feminist world. A “Red Pill Wife” or “Red Pill Woman,” as Reddit would call it.


Rob is a genius. He was valedictorian of his high school and got a full ride scholarship to college studying math. He’s not a complete nerd though. Far from it! I married him because he is incredibly interesting, and no other soul completes me the way he does.

Besides similar interests in music and movies, Rob and I are also intrigued by conspiracies. He also has multiple chemical, food, EMF, and environmental sensitivities which led us to a complete change in lifestyle. We started a blog together on that topic.

Rob and I both work from home, spending as much time with our daughter and the outdoors as possible.


Here are some things I’ve written that might be of interest:

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