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8 Weeks Until Project Redesign

February 10th, 2011

I was invited to speak at one of Project Redesign’s planning meetings early this week, and I was very honored and delighted to be there! I had a chance to talk to some lovely ladies and to tour around an ancient private school. Project Redesign is a fashion club started by the beautiful Miss Maryland Rachel Harkins, who is also a teacher at Mount de Sales Academy in Catonsville, MD. I found out about this neat little project just last year when modest fashion retailer Christa Taylor spoke at the actual fashion show in May. You can read about my thoughts of last year’s event in my past post. I believe for this year’s show, they will be having me speak. I can’t wait to see it all unfold. The show is going to be held in April instead this year. The date and time are on the flyers that the students made with pictures of shoes from a calendar (I just put a few of them together). It would be great if you live around the DC-VA-MD area for you to stop by that night! Do you have a shop or something to promote? You may contact Rachel Harkins (rharkins[at]mountdesales[dot]org) for advertising.

The last photo you’ll find below is a picture of me with Ms. Harkins and the seniors from the club with all gorgeous smiles. I also took some photos of the other hardworking girls while they were making flyers. I have included a video of my awkward self from that day just so I could share with you what I had to say!

In case the video at the end of this post is barely audible, the point I was trying to drive home was that 1) I look up to women with high modesty standards, and I never think that they are “too much.” I will be humble and say that we should all be moving higher in our standards as our understanding of purity deepens; 2) even with the kind of relationship I had with my mom, I still love her very dearly; and 3) yes, modesty starts with the heart and with your motivations for dressing. Even with that said though, I think we need to be aware of covering up what is at least generally considered sexually enticing—cleavage, thighs, back, and silhouette emphasized through skin-tight clothing. I am putting emphasis on this, because a lot of us may be either unaware or choose to be aloof of how our clothing choices affect others. I really can’t stress enough how important it is to keep these areas concealed for the reasons I mentioned in my speech.

It was fun, and I really look forward to getting in touch and perhaps being a part of their lives in some small way!

Rachel Dahl @ Project Redesign Meeting from Rachel Dahl on Vimeo.

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17 Responses to “8 Weeks Until Project Redesign”

  1. Natalie

    Everything about this is awesome!! Way to go! Wish I could attend the fashion show, but hope to see videos of it after!

  2. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    I can hardly hear you but I’m trying to listen. My boys are being loud so it is hard to concentrate.

    That’s cute that they have a fashion club where they have uniforms to wear.

    I agree about the self confidence!! Glad you’re not a Britney fan. You look adorable and it’s amazing to hear your voice here!! I’m with you on how it comes from the heart/motivation with why we are modest!! I lov ehow you were trying to encourage them to read the Bible because it’s a big instruction manual. I’m so proud of you. I hope that you inspired these girls in case they have struggles with purity and modesty. You go woman of God! God has blessed you and hope he continues to. I think a lot of kids get embarrassed and put on the spot when they ask certain questions, which is why I don’t think you got the students asking much. They probably are a bit nervous of how they’ll be looked at by their peers in asking a certain question.

    I had fun watching!

  3. jen lo

    congrats! and i ADORE your pink shirt!!!

  4. Shey

    Rache you look great, I love that shirt and the hue looks great on your skin tone, I’m so excited that you got to encourage these young ladies to dress modestly and I’m glad I got to het your voice! =D

  5. Krystal/Village

    It’s so neat to see you in kind of real life!!! this sounds like such a fun project to be working with, wish I could come check it out !

  6. Heidi

    It was fun to see you talk in real life! LOL
    Love that shade of pink on you! :)

  7. Laura Connell

    At risk of sounding gushy, you inspire me so much! I have only discovered modesty in the last year and now I can’t believe I used to dress the way I did!
    I love your outfit above. It is absolutely something I would wear. Hot pink is my favourite colour.

  8. Rachel @ à la Modest

    Hi Natalie, thank you for your comment! I’ll hopefully be able to take videos of the fashion show. It seems like last year, I was the only person who had anything up on Youtube!

  9. Rachel @ à la Modest

    Hi Laura, you are sweet! Thank you! Hot pink rocks. It’s a great color, and I see why you like it. It’s bold and shows a lot of attitude and strength :) Even when modesty is thought of as “conservative”, I think that since it’s so rare nowadays, I see it more as being rebellious. It’s okay to stand up against something we believe isn’t moral.

  10. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    I don’t remember any nudity at all in Tropic Thunder, just lots of BOOTIES shaking in the beginning. I’ve seen it in theatres and a bunch at home so if there are any, I just didn’t see it, nor did Rob which is good. haha. Honestly a few of my favourite RDJ movies do have some of that content which is annoying. I read the MPAA rating descriptions up on imdb for Due Date and it is really just a lot of language and masturbation stuff (not shown other than a dog doing it to himself which I’m not looking forward to).

    My high school years weren’t hard other than my freshman year really. . .socially they were very easy on me. Funny how my freshman year was my worst when I attended a Christian school. You’d think it would be a public school that would be difficult on me instead.

    I plan to write your letter this week. ;)

  11. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    odd. I have the DVD. haha. maybe i don’t have the unrated version if they made one, or maybe it’s a blueray version? I dont know. I don’t have that on my dvd, so I’m happy about it.

  12. sweet

    I am so behind in all my favorite bloggers posts…I need to catch up pretty soon…this sounds a fun project…I cant play the video because of some streaming problems in the office…

    love the pink shirt dear..


  13. Lyddiegal

    that sounds like it was a great event, and you are looking darling in pink!

  14. My Republic of Fashion

    Wow!! This is such a great idea. I love it!! Those pictures are fantastic. Plus, the outfit you are wearing is gorgeous. Love that pink pussybow blouse. :)SArahD

  15. Sandy a la Mode

    wow! what a fun project!!! you look sooo cute in your outfit girl!! :)

  16. Chandra MoMoMod

    I just got a Modest Solution idea! I love the blouse underneath this style of dress!! Excellent!


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