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Take a load at this yoga dork. I have just barely covered my love for yoga in this blog, so here are some goofy photos for proof. I have up a few leg stretching poses here that I kept to a minimum for obvious reasons! The fascinator is from Many Hats Millinery and both skirt and sneakers are from my go-to affordable department store of choice: Target.

I’ve been practicing yoga and Pilates at home for a couple of years now (via Youtube! Yahoo?), and my husband and I rejoined a gym mainly for their fitness classes and sauna. I’ve been going to my gym’s yoga class for about a month now (2x per week), and one of the instructors this week recommended that I audition and train to be an instructor! I was really happy to hear that and excited to take my love for yoga to the next level. However, I learned that I had to be certified in a dozen other things (okay, maybe like 3) to be an instructor. Yikes. I’m still thinking about it! Any Les Mills/Bodyflow/AFAA/ACE certified professionals out there willing to share their experience?

In case you didn’t know who Cammy White is, she is the British character in the retro video game Street Fighter. Despite her sharing exactly my height to the half inch measurement, she also obviously has blonde hair and blue eyes, a way better body, and red accents in her outfit. An approximation of Cammy in an everyday, more feminine outfit would probably look like this, which I happen to be wearing without thinking about the character.


I’ve seen her wear various colors for her leotard and boots. I think these earthy knee high leather boots below from Gipsy Dharma would work well for a variation to Cammy’s look. I want a pair of these, perhaps with some platform? :) However, I don’t think you could climb trees and kick butt with platforms or heels, like they make it seem like in the movies.




beverlyhills90210Disclaimer: The following is a guest post and although have been approved by me, I do not necessarily agree with it 100%.

No one wants to look like a tourist when travelling to new places. Tourists can, and often do, become the victims of inflated prices from the likes of taxi drivers, shopkeepers, and bartenders, but, worse yet, they can also become the victims of fraud and robbery from the likes of conmen, pickpockets, and scam artists.

Even if you are visiting Beverley Hills where those entities that prey on travellers are less of a threat than in other popular destination spots, it is still a good idea to try to fit in with the locals in order to avoid embarrassment. In Beverley Hills, however, fashion is not only a fact of life but is the basis of all judgment.

Defined by those preeminent celebrity fashion designers – such as Adrienne Maloof, Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Dana Wilkey, and Brandi Glanville – who call the town home, the Beverley Hills look is both incredibly unique and always changing. It, therefore, can be nearly impossible – both financially and physically – for anyone besides a celebrity with a personal assistant to keep up to date with.

The Beverly Hills look, however, can be reasonably attained and maintained if one does not do the following:

  • * Buy the latest fashion accessories after they have already been publicly worn by an A-list celebrity
  • * Do the majority of your shopping at the popular retail locations within Beverley Hills itself
  • * Base your fashion purchases off the hottest seasonal styles as reported by fashion magazines and blogs


And, instead, do the following:

  • * Buy the latest fashion accessories before they are publicly worn by an A-list celebrity. Pictured above are glamorous jewelry pieces from Charm Jewel: droplet & hearts
  • * Do the majority of your shopping outside of Beverley Hills itself and instead focus on internet stores and wholesale distributers
  • * Base your fashion purchases off timeless styles that you personally have seen celebrities wearing for decades rather what is HOT at the moment


By keeping these guidelines in mind, you can rock the Beverley Hills look even with a limited budget and a lack of first-hand knowledge. Maybe you have tried to book a cheap flight to Los Angeles so you have money left over to spend on revamping your wardrobe, but as you can see, the Beverly Hills look doesn’t have to cost you an upgrade to business class. No longer will you have to worry about being ignored by the waitress because you’re wearing last Fall’s scarf or earrings popular two summers ago. One only needs to be observant, determined, and willing take chances.

By observing yourself what Beverley Hills look is gaining momentum rather than relying on a fashion blog, you can attain the necessary garments before demand and costs rise. By keeping a determined look-out for knock-off, yet authentic looking, everyday accessories – such as Sunglasses, purses, and hats – at reputable online stores, you can give any outfit the Beverley Hills look. Lastly, by being willing to take chances, you can, with a bit of luck, create the next Beverley Hills look.


Disclaimer: The following is a guest post and although have been approved by me, I do not necessarily agree with it 100%.

The wedding day is one of the most unforgettable moments in a person’s life. It is meaningful and quite significant. As a matter of fact, this day is not just important for the ones getting married, but also for close friends and family. It is a life changing situation that affects everybody involved. Since this event is very important, all details should be properly taken into consideration. From the flowers, the reception venue, and accessories such as wedding bands, everything should be best, if not perfect. Wedding bands are considered iconic symbols of marriage and should be chosen accordingly.

One of the most popular options being used nowadays are diamond wedding bands. The classic appeal of diamonds as well as its timeless feel, combined with the durable quality of diamonds is a good representation of love and marriage. However, the use of diamonds in wedding bands is not available for everybody. Of course, there are other options available. Aside from diamonds, there are other gemstones available that can adorn these bands. While women may love diamonds, other gemstones are more personalized and customized. For instance, you can select gemstones that can match the bride’s eye color or perhaps a cheaper, yet elegant gold or platinum band.

Nowadays, more couples are considering the use of matching wedding bands for their wedding day. For this option, the selection is varied. Most of the time, these bands are personalized according to the personalities of the couple. One advantage of choosing matching bands is that both of you can choose the style and design. Thus, it’s a good practice of working well together. After all, you will be spending the rest of your lives together. There are also inexpensive yet lovely looking bands, perfect for your wedding day.

There are a lot of wedding bands available nowadays. Aside from the style and design, it is very important to select a material that is versatile. It is also important to select one which is able to play any type of genre that applies to both young couples, as well as mature ones. In order to achieve the best design, you may do a little research. It may even need appropriate advance booking just to avoid disappointment. Still, at the end of the day, you do not want to be disappointed. Thus, to avoid such unlikely situation, it is very important to find a wedding band that suits your personal requirements.


Winner of the British Designer of the Year Awards on four occasions and of the International Designer of the Year Award, Alexander Mcqueen’s style has been at times, controversial and shocking— but always intriguing. Perhaps the most memorable of his work was seen in the 2001 Spring/Summer collection, VOSS (video embedded below with non-sexual nudity of a large-framed woman on a couch towards the end of the show). For a whole hour, the audience sits in front of a glass box that, thanks to careful lighting arrangements, reflects back the faces of the people from the audience. The box at this point looks as though it’s completely made of mirrors. Then the lighting changes and the audience sees that the box contains a model reclining on a chaise longue and wearing only a gas mask surrounded by hundreds of live moths fluttering around her. The glass then falls away, smashing to the floor and releasing the moths.

His key pieces have also caused some raised eyebrows, including his famous ‘bumster’ trousers that sparked the trend for low-rise jeans. A signature feature of McQueen’s is skulls, which appear on many of his designs, from scarves to T-shirts (for example, the skull chiffon or wool scarves or even a skull pashmina). His skull scarves are available in the original black and white but also in multicolors. He has also used houndstooth and tartan fabrics throughout his collections, a nod towards his Scottish heritage.

alexander mcqueen

He is perhaps best known for his diversity: from tailored tuxedo jackets to fun skull print T-shirts.

His collections have been peppered with macabre or dark images, from use of jewellery to shackle a black model (which drew criticism for its apparent references to slavery and bondage) to pictures of Russian Romanov children, ‘golden rain’ (which he wanted to call ‘golden showers’) and a giant ribcage.

alexander mcqueen

Yet some of his collections have shown fragility and femininity, reflecting a softer side of McQueen and featuring flowers, tulle and a rainbow feather print that became another of McQueen’s signature designs and featured on several of his dresses.

McQueen died suddenly in 2010, leaving his AW10 collection unfinished. It was completed in his absence and was credited as one of the finest and most beautiful of his collections. Since then, celebrities and even royalty continue to wear McQueen, headed up by Sarah Burton who has kept the theme of nature that has recurred throughout Alexander McQueen’s history and coupled it with her own unique style.

Harrods stock a wide range of Alexander McQueen clothing and accessories for men and women, continuing the link between these prestigious and well-known brands.

persunmallalamodestgiveawaySee anything you like? The winners of this giveaway will get to pick ANY item from above! Also, one winner will get a $100 gift card from the people who register on their site through the giveaway. There are other colors for some of the items, so make sure you check out the links below to get more details on each one. My favorites are #1 in black, #8 in black, and #10 in black :) There will be multiple winners depending on how many entries there are, so feel free to spread the love!

1. Stylish Color Block Chiffon Shirt
2. Irregular Neck Chiffon Shirt
3. Wings Heart Cotton Vest
4. Marilyn Tassels Cotton T-shirt
5. High Low Chiffon Skirt
6. Stylish Color Contrast Two-Piece Suit
7. Cow Color Cotton Shorts
8. Irregular Sleeveless Printed Slim Dress
9.  Irregular Net Chiffon Dress

All you need to do are three things. The rest are optional but will greatly help your chances of getting picked!


  • Register on Persunmall
  • Like their Facebook account
  • Leave a comment with your registered name & e-mail (you can also let me know what you want from items 1-9)


OPTIONAL (3 pts each):

Comment on as many non-giveaway post on alamodest.com (preferably on the homepage) and/or Instagram @alamodest
Leave the URL/title of the post as a comment in this post

Contests ends July 15 (VERY SOON)! Open to both US and international readers.

luvsunsketch copyVintage styles are as popular in the West as well as in the East. Unfortunately, a lot of vintage styles for women now are associated with the pinup and burlesque looks. It’s ironic, because that kind of style was definitely in the minority then and not part of everyday fashion. In decades past, especially in the 40s, women were more conservative. It is a shame that we misrepresent and skew the wholesomeness of those decades. We confuse the younger generation and outside cultures by showing only one side of vintage. Thankfully, the Internet and books (and some period pieces on TV or film) are a good source on learning about what the majority of people really wore.

Some burlesque and pin up styles look more like swimsuits and lingerie and have become more and more acceptable and accessible in today’s fashions. As pin up styles become part of daily wear, beach wear has become even more liberal. I did stumble upon this one swimsuit company based in Thailand called LUVSUN that sold retro swimsuits that were surprisingly somewhat conservative. The idea of their swimsuits represent more what swimsuits used to look like in the West. None of the tops from that company look like they are push ups, but the BOTTOMS are really what I’m interested in!


I’m always on the lookout for high-waisted anything—skirts, pants, leggings, and swimsuit bottoms. Besides being conservative and true to vintage, I really like the aesthetic of high-waisted bottoms. I wish they had more patterns to pick from and more neutral and primary colors. I’m not really into (at least now I am not) fluorescent or neon colors so much! I put up mostly the swimsuits with patriotic colors, which is my bright color palette of choice.

What are other good sources of high-waisted retro swimsuits?

As part of a challenge involving colorful outfits, I decided to compile a list of my past technicolor outfits from years 2010-2011. I was greatly MIA in 2012, partly because that was the year I decided to take a break from all the insults I got concerning my decision on modesty. I had a rough time dealing with it all, with little support from people I even knew. I had blue hair and didn’t care in 2012.

This year, I noticed my clothes getting a bit more neutral and toned down but still fun in a lot of ways. My inspirations moved away from 60s pop Parisienne and colorful eclecticism to something else I have yet to fully figure out. All I know is that this year, I’ve been liking a lot of Russian styles, yogis, black & white or neutrals, and edginess— and as usual, all with a “neo-vintage” touch.

Enjoy looking through this post with photos of a woman that doesn’t look like me!


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